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u/Vap0_r · 5 pointsr/kingcobrajfs

I'm currently mobile and can't watch the video. If he doesn't mention the pocket pussy I'm ordering another right now with next day shipping if it's under $10 to do so. (I love Amazon)




> Utimi Emulational 3D Little Butt for Male Masturbation by UTIMI
> Link:
Gstar 16" Long Pear Wood Churchwarden Wooden Tobacco Pipe with Cleaning Tool Kit and Gift Box by GStar
> Link:

u/TorontoCO · 25 pointsr/kingcobrajfs

Also you can order 18000 live ladybugs from amazon. I might send that plus a large terrarium. You know they'd get out and generate hours of hilarity as he tries to rid his house and neighbourhood of them.

u/modrei · 8 pointsr/kingcobrajfs

i think there was a discussion about 10k ladybugs at one point (possibly 18k)

u/CoSOggy · 6 pointsr/kingcobrajfs

If you want some nice hot sauce to try, you should buy either Psycho Juice or Blaire's Mega Death Sauce.