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u/youAreAllRetards · 6 pointsr/klr650

Height should be your biggest concern.

I'm 5'11", with kinda short legs, too. I couldn't ride this bike if it were any higher. You can get lowering links, and a different seat, and you should be OK - right about where I'm at, but it may never be "like a glove" comfortable.

It will totally get the city job done. Little box on the back, and you're good to go. When they hit potholes, and nearly lose it, you'll float over like nothing. Mine is a daily commuter and a weekend warrior. There is nothing this bike won't do "pretty ok".

Riding is riding. Unless you're trying to keep up with people doing 80+, you'll be just fine. The bike is as much fun as any other bike on the street at <60mph. I've ridden with groups of guys on harleys, groups of older guys on Can-Am and Goldwing trikes, adventure bike groups, groups of kids on dirtbikes, families on atvs, and in giant packs of streetbikes on weekend evenings.

Travelling far distance ... don't do it unless you're comfortable on a bike already. Riding for hours on end can play tricks with your concentration and whatnot. If you must, and you're not that experienced, plan on a 15-20 minute break for every hour riding. Just do it.

Here's some shit that I learned the hard way:

Change the oil/filters before you go, and check the plug. Check your air filter after 1000 miles of highway/trail. Plan your trip to avoid interstate. You will be much more relaxed on smaller highways, and you won't have as many trucks and their drafts to contend with. Calculate your gas mileage at every fillup. Little problems can show up as dropping mileage before they become big problems. Put some flat stop in your tubes. Give the tires a push check before starting every time. Bring rain riding gear, and hope you don't need it. Get a throttle lock. Either a good one or a cheap one. The KLR will vibrate your hands numb, you will need to get your hand off the bars for a bit. Wear a camelback water bag. A good GPS/phone mount that offers visibility without having to look away from the road is really nice when going through unfamiliar towns. Make sure you have a usb charger if you don't have a 12v socket. for your gps/phone on the bike. Carry extra cheap eye protection. One of those ATV seat pads can help if you get a sore ass easily. Don't beeline it to your destination - make a point to include a side-trip up a mountain or something as often as you can.

I think you'll end up liking the bike, and you'll end up going on that "adventure" ride sooner than you think :)

Lanesplitting is as easy as you want it to be, with no panniers. It starts to get hairy above 60, because after that the KLR just doesn't have the instant go that you need to zip through smaller spaces. So at those speeds, you're more like a cruiser bike. But at city speeds, once you've been in the saddle a few months, it feels really small in traffic.

u/MontyZari · 4 pointsr/klr650

I just made my first camping long road trip(1000miles) in march and had a great time. First let me say that nothing about a motot trip is comfortable. I have modded my KLR every which way and while it helped a lot it was still miserable at times. That being said I cant WAIT to do it again. SO WORTH IT.
This is in no way an official list, this is just MY list:

  • TOOLS - Along with the KLR tool kit bring a socket for every major bolt as well as allen keys and Channel lock pliers big and small(imo)
  • If you dont know how to remove\change a tire LEARN BEFORE YOU LEAVE
  • Seat. I have a bony butt and have problems with long hours on the flat KLR seat. I tried several seats and ended up keeping the SeatConcepts commuter. The pan offered a variety of positions that would change pressure points and i stayed on the bike all day.
  • Highway pegs to go with the seat.
  • A proper windshield - I bought the KLRDash(love it, im 6'3") to mount charger and phone and it works really well with my medium Kawasaki windshield i got from the dealer
  • Throttle lock - i have this and with a zip-tie it works great
  • Some way to charge your stuff(i have a usb plug wired to my batt)
  • Phone mount for gps
  • Tank Bag- map, microfiber, chargers, snacks, knife, firearm(with proper licensing) ect..ect..
  • I bought tusk panniers but there are a hundred ways to pack gear that don't require purchases
  • A long cord lock of some sort to secure your gear. Sometimes you'll leave your bike and you cant bring all your stuff with you. i use a Walmart bike lock and honestly surprised i haven't lost any gear lol
  • EAR PLUGS - Headphones are nice, helmet Bluetooth is better but there are just some times when NO noise is the best noise
  • Prepare for colder temperatures than you're expecting. I've only had to make this mistake once lol
  • bring a qt of oil and check your levels OFTEN.

  • 16t front sprocket
  • Proper tires for terrain you expect to encounter
  • lowered pegs(if needed)
  • handlebar risers(if needed)
u/iresolve · 2 pointsr/klr650

The best cover I've used is the only cover I've used. Bought 4 different ones. One for the wife's bike and 2 for my KLR (one for my Versys).

Here's the link

The XXL size fit even with my huge booty top box on my KLR. I'd size one down to the XL if you have no luggage. The XL size fits my Versys 650 and my wifes F700GS perfectly.

It's super thick and waterproof. Has what I'll call "heat-resistant" material on the lower edge near the exhaust/engine area. Comes with bungee hooks to secure the cover under the bike. It also has a ventilated cutout on the side.

My first one I had on my bike year round and the sun got to it. Eventually it just broke down and ripped once it got so thin and faded. If it's not shaded I'd probably treat it every month or so to get the most out of it. As it stands the first one lasted me well over a year.

u/mr_patsy · 2 pointsr/klr650

Hey, congrats on the new bike! I've got a 2014 as well, and this is the case I have on mine. It's lockable and big enough to fit a jacket, groceries, tools, etc. Once unlocked and you are home, it comes off the back easily to be carried inside. You'll have to drill some holes to mount the base, but it's not that big of a deal. Good luck, brother!

u/omfgtimmy · 2 pointsr/klr650


Did this to mine last month, worked great. Don't forget red loctite on the helicoils

Edit: and a 21/64" drill bit to clean out the old threads

Shoutout to /u/MetaKLR for telling me about this

u/LordoftheLollygag · 3 pointsr/klr650

I've got the progressive springs and I love them. Dive reduction on hard braking is the most noticeable feature. I don't think it will affect the wobble issue though. If you have the stock fender, try taking it off and do a run down the highway and see if it makes a difference. I replaced mine with the Acerbis Supermoto fender and noticed a big difference in wobble at highway speeds.

If you're replacing your windshield, you might look at the Zero Gravity ST. I'm using it and love it.

u/DaemonXI · 2 pointsr/klr650

Sure thing, here ya go.

On my '93 rear rack, two of the holes lined up perfectly – I only had to drill two more to get it mounted securely.

u/astro5391 · 1 pointr/klr650

I rode the TAT last year on my gen 1. I absolutely fell in love with this tool- you can use it for most trail side adjustments and it can replace a few heavier tools. I also carry a small plastic syringe measuring tool and some small tubing that i can use to activate the vacuum petcock so i can drain fuel into a bottle and put it in a buddy's bike. Have fun and watch out for mud

u/Bone_Saw_McGraw · 3 pointsr/klr650

I can't say for sure but it looks like the standard ATV one that a lot of us have. ~$20 on Amazon. It improves my comfort for sure, but it's still not a great solution if you're uncomfortable on the stock seat.

MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector

u/throw_away_232332 · 2 pointsr/klr650

Here's a link to the same bolt I bought: (comes in pack of 5).

It's the same type of bolt except a bit oversize, so you can re-thread the aluminum pan -- just do it slowly and be careful on the first try, perhaps even back out a few times.

I was in the same situation and found this to work. I haven't changed the oil again yet, but I'll make a point to be extra careful re-torquing next time.

One piece of advice I found was to use high temp sealant ( on the bolt at every oil change, as insurance against any lose threading. But just judging form the feel of bolt, once you rethread it seams to be a pretty tight fit; you'd have to be careless to mess it up.

Good luck.

u/LittleBigHorn22 · 2 pointsr/klr650

If you want something cheap, my KLR came with this when I had it. It's not 100% waterproof but can survive downpoors pretty well.

u/crandall2 · 1 pointr/klr650

The saddle bags are Hamilton Versa Packs. Actually make for horses! 😂 They were bigger than I thought they'd be and they come off into backpacks! Got them off Amazon for about $30 I found a reference to them somewhere in the depths r/klr. My bike came with plastic protector bars (not specifically for panniers) that I secured them to, probably not necessary if you have something in them but if they were empty they'd flap around at highway speeds

Heres a link for those who are interested.

u/SuperTuff · 3 pointsr/klr650

Dude these are what I got, and they are SWEET.

I would call them a SUPERIOR product. I'm a complete cheap-skate too and I do not regret the purchase at all. They are sturdy as fuck.

u/Al_Kydah · 5 pointsr/klr650

I've been moto-camping for awhile with some pretty good/compact gear. I got [this]( tent because it packs down to a little bigger than a football (7"x7"x14.5") and weighs approx 6.5 lbs. The tent poles are all strung together (the rain fly pole attaches to the top) and it is really easy to set up. I love that I can pull back the rainfly as far as I want and "sleep under the stars".

[This]( sleeping bag packs down to about the same size as the tent and only weight 3.5 lbs!

I also have a [this]( sleeping pad because the bag is not too fluffy.


[Here's]( a pic of my big bike loaded up for a week long trip thru the Blue Ridge/Smokies and Appalachians, notice my buddies Harley, while I got room for a rider or cooler if necessary.

[Here's]( the tent with the rain fly pulled back, that's my KLR in the background.


The bag is rated to 25F but I've only used for fall/spring riding in the Southeast and winter in Florida.


Edit: What happened to hiding the links?!

u/smackrage · 1 pointr/klr650

I have the MadDog GearComfort seat protector
Did 10 hours straight and my legs more sore than arse. Also did a few weeks in the Australian outback with it. It is great, and hasn't been removed since. My bike is ridden hard and put away wet regularly, so far it hasn't got any tears or started fraying. It also doesn't hold to much moisture which surprised me, that said you will end with a slightly wet pants if get rained on... but the KLR is an adventure bike after all.

This also looks the same thing just with a different name

u/HuggyBear79 · 2 pointsr/klr650

A guy on here told me about it $65 locks to the bike plenty of room I love it

u/ski-bike-beer · 1 pointr/klr650

I’ve had pretty good luck with this atv seat cover:

The straps required a bit of easy modification to negotiate the plastics on my gen 2. Iirc, I had to cut the buckles off the middle straps and use a bit of cord to lash then together under the seat. It ends up not being a 2 second take on/off thing like I imagined it would be, but I don’t mind leaving it on all the time.

I’ve also found that what I’m wearing makes a huge difference comfort-wise... any seam stitched into the ass of your pants, you’re going to feel.

u/Econolife-350 · 2 pointsr/klr650

Instructions are unclear on most places, but if you cut the spacer tubes to 2.5-3" and put 12-13 oz of 15wt fork oil it works great.

u/_tanith · 1 pointr/klr650

I spliced in a larger, generic small engine one that was at Oreilly. It's nice because it's larger and you can see what gets stuck in it more easily than the tiny stock one. Similar to this:

u/mnkjoe · 2 pointsr/klr650

Here yah go it's not gel but it helps. MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector

u/JohnDoe045 · 2 pointsr/klr650

Does that rear stand lift the rear wheel? Which one do you have? I've been looking for one for me 06.


u/OldDirtyRedditor · 1 pointr/klr650

Here is the one I got... I don't know if it is "good" but it fits and works with my 12

WIX Filters - 24951 Cartridge Fuel Metal Canister, Pack of 1

It came with the oring as well and I hear that's something to look for.

u/AllThatYouTouch · 1 pointr/klr650

I found These on amazon, anyone have them?

u/batmaniam · 3 pointsr/klr650

Unless you are dead set on hard-case panniers, I can't recommend these saddlebags (which are actual saddlebags) enough:

They clip/unclip from a harness that you'll attach by removing your seat and running under, so you'll avoid doing the rear rack altogether. I've had them for 3 seasons now. Some shortcomings but they are very durable and get the job done. They also have shoulder straps on par with a school backpack. Wouldn't recommend taking them for a hike but it's a nice feature.

edit: Re: Tires, +1 shinko 705s per below. Just bare in mind the more offroad the tire the quicker they'll wear out on pavement. I was able to find another whole set of wheels for a steel ($100). I keep on/off road on one set and street on another and do the 15 min of swap depending if it's a trip or cruising around town. Keep an eye on craigslist for KLRs being parted out.

u/just_mosin_around · 4 pointsr/klr650

Are you mounting the tire yourself or are you taking the wheel (or bike) to a shop? If shop, just buy the tube there and have them mount it.

For size, you need 90/90/21 front or 2.75/3.00x21

if you're doing a lot of offroading and deflate your tires, use heavy duty tubes to prevent pinch flats

if you're using it as a commuter and it mostly sees highway and 70mph speeds, get regular tubes.

u/warhols_ · 3 pointsr/klr650

three options:

  1. Order P/N 27004-5322. A dealership won't be able to help you, even if you give them your VIN. The number you need is the key code tag that was given with the key at the time the bike was purchased new from the dealership.

  2. Have a locksmith make a key. this key might begin to suck over time.

  3. PM me with with instructions on how to hot-wire it (i won't disclose that info publicly).
u/Lamosas · 1 pointr/klr650

These, but I did bend them just a little bit and rotate the front brake lever a little bit down. 2017 model

Tusk Aluminum Handguards Silver

u/Kanilas · 5 pointsr/klr650

I went with this for the front fender, which really helped to cut down wind pull (and just looks cooler, honestly.)

These are the front turn signals that I traded out, still plenty visible, but not huge like the stock ones.

Add these lights to the front fairing for a whole lot of extra visibility, both at night and for daytime rides too. Easy to wire up, and just takes two holes. Make sure you get the spot beam, not the flood.

I've got this bash plate + crash bar combination on mine now, it's already stood up to one test on a dirt road.

Here's a picture of mine as it stands now. (and a detail shot) Apologies for the garage picture, and dirty bike.