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u/indecisivemonkey · 14 pointsr/kpop

The K-Pop

  • f(x) - Ending Page - The final track of their new album Pink Tape. This song is the reason f(x) is currently set as my flair. Pretty much any song that has acoustic guitar usually gets a nod from me. I love the harmonies and just about everything else about this song. The lack of a rap part also sold me, I get tired of there being a rap part in seemingly every K-Pop song. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I really recommend this album it's one of the best I've heard in a while.
    Physical Ablum | Digital Ablum

  • Ladies' Code - Hate You - This is another one that's been on repeat since I first heard it. Has a little bit of the same vibe as Lee Hi's Rose As you might have guessed the acoustic guitar is a contributing factor to my love for this song, but I won't discount amazing vocals, even if the chorus is a mite repetitive. Ladies' Code is easily my favorite rookie group of the year so far.

  • Exo - What is Love - All jokes aside (I'm looking at you nasties) this is one of my K-Pop songs of all time. I think it does this style of music great justice. Physical Album | Digital Album

  • Ailee - U&I - In my top 3 songs of the year so far, maybe even the top (I tend to waffle a bit on this matter). Her whole mini album is done very well IMO and does a great job of showing what Ailee is capable of. Physical Album

  • Miss A - Over U and Lips - Both of these tracks are off of the Touch Mini Album. Lips has been my favorite Miss A song for a while. As for Over U I've been loving this song the last couple days and it's playcount has been steadily climbing.
    Physical Album | Digital Album

  • Lee Hyori - Amor Mio (Duet with Park Ji Yong of Honey-G) - This a beautifully put together duet. My favorite song of her MONOCHROME album. I know a lot of folks avoid ballads because many of them tend to feel a bit melancholy, but I try not to, while I don't like all ballads I have found a lot of great songs by not avoiding them. Physical Album | Digital Album

  • G-Dragon - That XX - Do I.....Do I dare mention acoustic guitar again? This is a really beautiful song, and the Music Video video is just as beautiful. I tend to like most of GD's music. Even the stuff I don't like at the outset tends to grow on me. The man knows how to make good music. Physical Album | Digital Ablum

  • Tiny-G - MINIMANIMO - I think I've stated in the past that this song is super cute and fun. A lot of people didn't like their self titled debut track, but I like it just as well as I like this one.

  • U-Kiss - Standing Still - This is my favorite U-Kiss song that I've heard. Not by much but it is my favorite, and has been on my playlist for quite a while. Physical Album | Digital Album

  • 2PM - 하.니.뽄. (A.D.T.O.Y.) - Another one that has been steadily rising in playcount. I haven't like liked everything that 2PM has put out, but this one I feel is them at their best. Physical Album

  • M.I.B - 끄덕여줘! (Nod along!) - I don't always like the mixing of rap and singing, but I think this song does it very well. Physical Album

  • Crayon Pop - BAR BAR BAR - A lot of people don't seem to understand the buzz around CP (not necessarily those in this sub). Their songs are catchy, and the dances are easy and fun. I think the biggest draw to them is that they don't subscribe to the, "You must show as much skin as possible without revealing everything to be successful" bit that seems to have infected K-Pop as of late. I love that they do their own thing. Physical Single | Digital Single

    The non-K-pop

  • Ikimono Gakari - Kaeri Taku Natta Yo - Probably my absolute favorite song by this J-Pop/Rock Band. There are several different versions of this song. I chose this version from their Ikimono Matsuri concert in 2011 because I think it captures the essence of the song the best. The whole concert is pretty awesome. Physical Concert DVD

  • Ikimono Gakari - Warattetainda - Another of my favorites by them. Sorry the Video is so low quality, had a hard time finding one of better quality. I'd really recommend the whole album this song is from, it's one of my favorites. Physical Album

  • Abingdon Boys School - Down to You - This is the group that Jaejoong's Mine reminds me of. I listened to them a lot when they were first getting started. This song is from their first studio album. Physical Album

  • STEREOPONY - Stand By Me - I was devastated to find out this band broke up late last year, as I just discovered them. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs that I've listening to thus far, and has seen it's fair share of playtime since I discovered it. Physical Album

  • Coheed and Cambria - Mother Superior - I don't think this song will ever leave my playlist. I just love it that much. Physical and Digital Album

  • Ne-Yo - One in a Million - This song caught my attention from watching Dream High. It's the song that Wooyoung dances to in the hallway at the audition and Taecyeon dances to it later on the rooftop. Physical and Digital Album

    That about wraps up what I've been listening to lately for me. I'm sure there are a few that I'm missing, but I'll just have to leave it at this (As if this isn't long enough already anyways).

    EDIT:Here is a link to the first time I did this
u/vanade · 9 pointsr/kpop

Nichkhun (2PM) recently did an interview (translation by @Daffodil0624) and his answers both warmed my heart and made me feel kinda sad. lol, this one though:

>Nichkhun: I will just keep working. If I meet a great person or great opportunity comes, I will reach for it.

>Reporter: Is it because you are concerned how your fans would feel?

>Khun: Not really.😂 I am close with my fans. They even told me to have a girlfriend. 😆 Some fans told me to get married and have kids. They wanted to see my babies. 😆Ultimately my fans understand that if I am happy, they are happy. It's not like I will disappear after I get married.

>Reporter: So at your age, your fans are not possessive anymore if you get married? 😂

>Nichkhun: My fans are the ones who should get married. You guys are not young anymore. 😂😂😂


Last week I was like, "even though I'm interested in Link's Awakening, I probably won't get it because Destiny 2 shadowkeep is coming up on oct 1st", and then a couple hours later amazon shipped my preordered copy of Link's Awakening... that I'd preordered during E3 and totally forgotten about lmao.

I watched ep 254 of I Live Alone (Simon Dominic), and his parents are so fricking cute. He and his family in general are so wholesome, and now I feel like I understand where he gets certain traits from.

u/GlowStickEmpire · 3 pointsr/kpop

I use the UltraPro comic bags. They come in a few different sizes (I use the current size but that's because I do have a small comic collection as well), but they're acid free and archive safe. For signed albums, since I don't actually look through them that often, I end up "folding" them in the bags similar to what this person does. Keeping them tight like that helps prevent rubbing and wear.

u/Ashyne · 8 pointsr/kpop

LOL if you want to speak at least conversational Korean with the ability to construct sentences correctly and properly as well as know the right usage of grammar and honorifics, don't use K-Drama/K-Pop!

I recommend this book called "Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean". It's a short book with only a few hundred pages but by the time you finish you will have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of how to speak/write/understand/converse in Korean.

You can do self-study with this book (it's what I did), but if you want to improve more, you can go on English-Korean student exchange forums to converse and learn with native Korean and English speakers.

u/randomneeess · 5 pointsr/kpop

If you need a transcription for whatever reason:

> [Pre-order notice for ARMYs in the US and Canada ]

> Online pre-order of [LOVE YOURSELF: Her] is now available at Amazon for BTS fans in North America. Suggested retail price is USD $21.98 per CD and S&H is free for Amazon Prime members.

> Release Date : 2017.09.18. 5AM (EST)

1 CD (Random) + 100p Photobook + 20p Minibook + Photocard (Random 1 out of 28 photocards + 1 Special photocard in limited quantity) + Special Stickers + Folded Poster

> * This is the official release and will be counted for Hanteo/Gaon/Billboard Chart.

Love Yourself: Her on Amazon

u/torywestside · 107 pointsr/kpop

Here's the link to BigHit's tweet about this, and here's the link to the Amazon page where they're selling Her. It's for a random version, comes with a poster, and is available via prime shipping in the USA and Canada. You'll receive it on the day of release if you order it!

Personally I'm hoping they'll release a 4-CD set for this, it's a great deal. Considering how big their fan base is in the North America and how cost prohibitive shipping prices for kpop merch can be, this is a really smart move.

u/lavender_airship · 1 pointr/kpop

These ones are around $14 on Amazon, are these right?

Because I'd love to get some decent ones as well...not only for concerts, but maybe for migraine days at work... :-D

u/kaylakoo · 3 pointsr/kpop

The political impact of kpop is so fascinating to me. Have you read The Birth of Korean Cool? Its not perfect, but still its really interesting.

u/ray9 · 1 pointr/kpop

The song title was familiar to me because it was a movie, but I didn't know it was an adaptation of a published memoir. But since I never really read the book or saw the film, all I could provide will be the meaning of the book title which was explained in this review and here's a description from Amazon that might help you figure out the signifance of the song title.

u/amiaheroyet · 4 pointsr/kpop

Euny Hong wrote "The Birth of Korean Cool".

You should read it and it will give you a very clear idea about what areas and sources you can explore.

u/captainawesome7 · 7 pointsr/kpop

I don't know how fast they are but they're on Amazon as well.

u/NewbieSone · 1 pointr/kpop

The Park Chung Hee Era: The Transformation of South Korea is a more nuanced take on what exactly transpired in South Korea in the middle and latter half of the 20th century politically and economically, written by both native and Western commentators. Worth the expense and time so far (I picked it up a few months back and got through about half so far).

u/aerowick · 3 pointsr/kpop

Converse Unisex All Star Chuck Taylor II Hi Fashion Top Sneaker Shoes Teal (4 D(M) US)

u/wonderfullyedible · 5 pointsr/kpop

There's only one official listing that counts for Billboard right now, the other sellers with the different versions/sets are third party. I assume we get a random version? Tbh I am not sure how it will work but I ordered anyway

u/CookieCatSupreme · 1 pointr/kpop

I got these ones! (recommenting without shorted URL)

u/Sal611 · 32 pointsr/kpop

Why do that when you can just pre-order their official merch?

u/dunechka · 3 pointsr/kpop

Well damn I'm here for this contemporary Watchmaker of Filigree Street concept.

u/xKairu · 2 pointsr/kpop

I know I can get binders locally, just have never seen card holders or comic sleeves.

Would these card pages and these sleeves work? I do have some signed albums, some prepurchased in sleeves and some not, that would be easier to store in sleeves rather than padded to shit with bubble wrap.

u/karodean · 1 pointr/kpop

There's a really great book called Odd Girl Out that explores how, because girls lack cultural permission to directly express anger/competitiveness within friendships, they are socialized to express these feelings through indirect/relational aggression (aka the 'passive-aggressive' type of behavior you're referring to, and the type of bullying people are claiming occured in T-ara).

I agree that that behavior is more common among girls than guys, but my problem with EYK's statement is that they say girls are just generally catty rather than considering the factors that cause girls to typically express anger differently than guys. It's caused by social expectations on women, not an inherent female quality.