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u/EMERAC2k · 2 pointsr/lansing

"The high cost of land in urban areas is one of the primary reasons that we can’t “build our way out” of the current crisis by slashing regulations and giving huge tax breaks to private developers, like a lot of liberals and conservatives claim. The only way for developers to make good profits in this circumstance is to invest in high-end housing whose sale or rents will make them profits beyond the massive costs of land, materials, and labor for construction. The only way to engineer affordability in this kind of housing market is for governments to heavily subsidize capitalist developers and landlords. Wouldn’t it just make more sense for governments to cut out the middleman and construct or finance that housing themselves, pledging to provide it at affordable rates to anyone who wants it?"

u/radi0raheem · 3 pointsr/lansing

Unfortunately I don't have anything to say regarding keeping them out, but in terms of removing them this has been the best thing ever:
My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher

u/linux203 · 1 pointr/lansing

For local channels in East Lansing, you don't need amplification or an extremely directional antenna. I'm near College and Dell and pick up Grand Rapids stations without amplification from a roof mounted directional antenna.

Look at the RCA ANT751R antenna. It comes with a mast and is affordable. is a good resource for antenna TV.

u/mikedom722 · 2 pointsr/lansing

Hmm, when we lived in Ann Arbor, there was a guy at the farmer's market that sharpened knives. However, I haven't seen anyone doing that at the Allen Street market yet.

We have a pre-angled sharpener that works well. We have this one

u/emjaysea · 4 pointsr/lansing

It's not true that we sharpen our own knives here in Michigan. Most of us just have dull knives. But you don't have to, you can buy one of these instead., and then watch this video showing how to use it.

Seriously, it's easy!