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u/mrbaritonefreak · 2 pointsr/lapfoxtrax

I'm not a total expert but this is what I would recommend.


Cheap and good for noisy-ish environments - Status audio CB-1 $79

If you live in a noisy environment, These will give you the best reaults. A lot of getting the most our of this album is isolation. Direct Sound EX-29 $107

Super good closed backed headphones, but impedance is very high - Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro $160

Very good open backed headphones, impedance is relatively low -

Audio Technica ATH-AD700x $109

Super good open backed headphones, but they have a very high impedance - Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro $179


Honestly this is where I personally would spend most of your money, any really good pair of open backed headphones are going to make albums like phwoa sound amazing with the wide sounds stage but a good amp and DAC will make a world of difference. For the price the Mayflower electronics Objective2 is best bang for your buck. I' don't have a ton of experience with amps and DACs but the O2 is properly good, and for $250 you can't go wrong.

Other than that you could look into a tube style Amp but you'd need a separate DAC in most cases plus I personally don't find the tube amps to be a whole lot better unless you spend a shit ton of money on them. They do look cool as balls though.

Favorite setup: California Headphone Co. Silverdos  or Audio Technica with my LG V20 and its beastly DAC and equalizer tuning. Although I wouldn't recommend the California headphones because I personally only paid $15 for them and $200 seems a bit steep for them tbh.

Note: I've owned or at least tried everything I've listed except the CB-1 but I've heard from a lot of well respected sourced that they are pretty damn good especially for under $100

u/rqueenston · 21 pointsr/lapfoxtrax

i have a few recommends! it seems insane, but these cans honestly outperform every other pair i've used under $100. i use them a ton for work and leisure. easily my most used pair. the only downside is that since they are closed and isolating, while they have wonderful bass response for working in the sub frequencies, the sound stage is also a little bit tight. i recommend replacement pads: (they come in grey, white, and red as well) as they're a bit better quality and easier on the ears/head.

next in line: the akg k240s are a standard for work and leisure for many people. huge, wide sound stage and a great flat frequency response. they're pretty open, so you will hear everything around you, and everything around you will hear you. but they do kick a lot of ass.

aside from those, if you want something strictly to listen with, the polk buckle is a wonderful pair of headphones with HILARIOUSLY overblown bass response. a joy to relax and dig on some bass-heavy audio with. great for watching films too!

hope this helped! if you can try cans before you get em, try em! everybody has hearing preferences. but i think the monoprice closed-back cans and k240s combined are a great and affordable way to work and have nice flat audio reproduction. love 'em. i almost entirely work on headphones and will end up referencing whatever i make on my hifi and any other speakers i have in the house once i'm done. i have cheap m-audio monitor speakers hooked up to my work machine, but i don't use them for actual work all that often.

u/ulalsuns · 2 pointsr/lapfoxtrax

Why the link is showing a picture of something else, I do not know. The images I posted of the ERROR EP are linked below as well, in case the other link goes funny.

Image One

Image Two

Also, I was under the impression that this EP was rare and somewhat expensive, but a browse on Amazon suggested otherwise. Actually, through the "Fulfilled by Amazon" seller, it is still kinda spendy for an EP, but the other new and used prices aren't bad at all.

Good EP though! For anyone wondering, Ren (I think it was on the old MGD forums or the old Queenston Tumblr), mentioned this a long while back and probably no one except for me and hopefully Ren will remember seeing/mentioning it.

Also, part of why this EP is so cool is THIS.

u/god_hates_maggots · 1 pointr/lapfoxtrax

Sony MDR-V6s

Some of the best headphones I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and then subsequently purchasing. Mine were 55$ on sale. Amazon currently has them for 90$.

These will last you years.