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u/BScatterplot · 5 pointsr/lasercutting

I own both a gen 4 and a gen 5 FSL hobby laser, and I really like them both. There's a decent community forum here:

You'll get some good answers there.

For 1), I don't know; I don't have their exhaust fan. They didn't have it available when I bought mine, but it looks decent enough. Without seeing it in person I can't comment on if it's worth $200 or not, but I use this one on one of my lasers: and it's loud but works well. On my other I use this one: and it's much quieter and also works very well. Granted my ducting is 6" to match, but I like it.

For 2), what diameter items? I got my rotary for free from some promotion/preorder/I can't remember and I actually have barely used it. It's hard to fit into the machine, as it raises items up off the floor of the laser, and there isn't much vertical height left over. I'd estimate you could only do roughly 1/2" diameter stuff without removing the floor of the laser (which isn't hard), but even then you'll likely only get to 1" or so. You'd need to remove the floor and set it up on something to get anything bigger. The removable floor is pretty nice; I took mine out and haven't looked back.

For 3), I can't comment on the cost of the 45W tube, as I didn't get one with mine, but I don't see it being worth it. You can get a whole second tube from LightObject for less than the cost of "upgrading" that first tube: Note that, despite being labeled as a "40W" laser, most of these small machines are actually about 30-32W. 40W refers to the peak pulse power when starting up; it's not a continuous run rating.

As far as compressors go, I haven't ever run without one. It helps TREMENDOUSLY when vector cutting and helps a LOT to keep your lens clean. Their compressor is OK but it's a bit pricey; I'd look around and see if I could find a continuous-duty-rated compressor for cheaper than that.

Don't get their water chillers either. The $600 one is just a radiator and a fan, and won't chill your water much. You get WAY more bang for your buck from a 5 gallon bucket. If you run it for a long time, freeze gallon jugs of water and put them in the bucket. I've run 100% power vector cutting jobs for 2 hours at a time with a gallon of ice in there, and it's just about right. You might need another half gallon; it's been a while since I've used that method. Their "Advanced chiller" looks decent, but it's WAY overpriced. An equivalent unit from here: is $425 for a brand new one, and less than $300 for a refurb, and it's actually a refrigerant based unit. I installed an 80W tube in mine (not their official kit) and use that chiller and it works great.

Last, don't get their 90W upgrade kit either unless you have a REALLY good reason to. A tube and PSU cost around $1100, so you're paying nearly $2000 for brackets and a wiring harness. It's just not a good value, but then again installing your own 80W tube isn't exactly a walk in the park if you don't have some fabrication tools handy.

I hope that helps. For what it's worth I really like my lasers and they have served me well. If I get another laser it'll probably be a direct import from GWeike, but that's only because I've been using the FSL lasers for so long and have learned a TON from them.

u/spidertech1 · 1 pointr/lasercutting

I have the smaller k40 and the first upgrade I did was printing an exhaust adapter and getting a new extraction fan since I didn't feel like potentially burning my house down with the included fan. I had to fix the wiring out of the box since the fan wiring is crap and would have definitely caught fire at some point after firing it up.
I went with a 440 cfm 6" fan from amazon. The adapter I printed for the back of the k40 was a 4" so I also got 24-6" adapters from amazon to connect it to the fan and then from the fan to the window. I used it on both sides since I had already bought a good length of 4" hose and didn't want to also buy 6" as well. I put weather stripping on all connections in the exhaust line so I have virtually no smell in my office when running it.

I got an air pump on Amazon and3D printed an adapter I got from Thingiverse for it to direct the airflow in line with the laser. I bought my tubing for the air assist at Home Depot.
I also added a drag chain to keep the hose out of the way. I bought mine on Amazon but you can print that and adapters yourself if you're up for it.

The next upgrade I did was to add the mA meter since I have a digital panel on mine. That gives a much more accurate read on the power when using the laser.
I then upgraded my control board to the Cohesion 3D Laserboard ($200)and started using Lightburn ($40) for the software. That software lets you do a LOT more with the machine and you can also add a camera to get a view of the print area in the software to help with laying out materials.

Because the new board has power management built-in I set the k40 to the max power I would want to use on a project and then control the power levels from the software. This also lets you do true grayscale images and 3D engravings.
Because I don't like to have the exhaust and air pump running all the time I also got some wifi smart plugs. Each plug has two outlets and each of those can be controlled individually. They can also be controlled by an echo so I have that setup as well. Since you can also group smart plugs in the Alexa app I have one set up for everything and when I'm done working on a project I can either tell my echo to shut off power to the group or hit the button in the app to shut it all off at once.

For water cooling I'm using a home depot bucket however I have hose couplers installed in the lid for the water lines so if I want to move things around I don't have to completely disconnect everything and pull the pump out of the water. I just pull the hoses off the top of the lid and the pump stays in the bucket. I have the plug for the pump also going through the lid with a rubber seal around it. Depending on how hot it gets in the workspace a water chiller might be recommended.

The latest item I bought is a lab jack which I'm going to use to make a manual adjustable bed. If you can make one yourself or buy one at an affordable price an automatic Z bed would be great if you want to work on larger materials. A manual adjusting bed is fine for me now though.
I still need to purchase a new bed for it and get rid of the crap that came with it. I might try to salvage it though by drilling holes in it and installing metal spikes to rais the material up off the surface.

On my list of to-dos is to get a better lens and upgrade the mirrors. I haven't had an issue with what I have now so it hasn't been a priority.

I hope this helps with your project.

u/wtullos · 1 pointr/lasercutting

I've got the exact same machine.

- I run my Air pressure at about 100-120 PSI.

-Be sure the keep your lenses clean. I cracked one in my first week due to stupidity.

-Be sure your air is on. The machine wont run if the chiller isn't running, so you don't have to worry about that.

-Be sure to pull your collection tray before it is full, otherwise you are going to be pulling bed slats to get the excess out.

-Spend $100 bucks on amazon and get a different blower for exhaust. The one that comes with it is super loud. I got one like this:

-If you are cutting metal, be sure you are using oxygen and not compressed air

-Have Fun. The boss is a great machine. Just start playing and learning and if you get really really stuck, boss laser tech support is awesome

u/phatelectribe · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

Firstly, welcome to the club!

You're absolutely right - buy the accessories and consumables elsewhere. FSL don't make these and are having to mark up things due to providing a warranty and service.

Here's a good quiet fan that will do the job and is a legit 200CFM (a lot of them lie about capacity).

It does come with basic optics which will be fine until you need to replace them in a few years.

You'll need a bucket and some tubing for the distilled water (that's what the pump is for). You'll also need an air assist which is nothing more than a airbursh or large aquarium pump.

Something like this:

That's it really apart from materials to laser.
Good luck and don't forget to hear over to the unofficial full spectrum laser forums for more specific help.

u/NilsDougan · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

Mine is a generic Chinese 80W. Perhaps a properly built machine has more power draw but mine is nowhere near 2500W. I have something like this for exhaust. My chiller is overboard for sure (1/2 HP cooler) and sits on a separate circuit. My original circuit still has enough free amperage for me to run a hand sander occasionally though, so I know I'm not at the edge of tripping it, and if I had a more reasonably sized chiller would all fit together.

u/ili-lil-ili · 3 pointsr/lasercutting

I bought a laser cutter and the stipulation was that I must have excellent fume control if I were to get one put in the warehouse. I didn't want to pay the crazy costs of a fume extractor. So, over the weekend I designed and cut this one instead. Here are all the parts necessary if anybody is interested in the costs. I chose very expensive filters - almost the most expensive I could find - and still came in way under the cost of a typical fume extractor:

(1) 8' x 4' X 1/4" Sheet Baltic Birch - $30

(1) 3-set medical grade air filters with pre-filter, activated carbon, and hyper hepa filter - $290

(1) 10lbs of Activated Carbon - $25

(1) 8 " Inline Fan - $80

(1) Wood Glue - $5

(1) Super Glue - $1

(1) 25' Duct - $30

(2) 8" Duct Starters - $8

(1) 8" x 4" Reducer - $8

(LOTS) of Clamps

Total Cost $477

So I'm ready to finish the assembly, but now I want to engrave something funny or cool on the door. Any good ideas?




u/ShreddinPB · 1 pointr/lasercutting

So, I have a smaller compressor at home for tools and the such, this guy
and I have attached an airbrush regulator with filter

Will these work good for air assist? I rarely use the compressor and would love to make it more useful ;)

u/robot_mower_guy · 1 pointr/lasercutting

I just got this jump house blower today. I plugged it in and turned it on for a bit and was extremely impressed with just how quiet it was. I was easily expecting it to be 2-3 times louder. I just need to 3D print some parts for it and I will be good to go. Thanks for the post.

u/Pubcrawler1 · 1 pointr/lasercutting

This is what I use. Can't really say it is good or bad since I don't have anything else to compare it to. It does suck up most of the fumes but not 100%. Some always escapes when I open the lid.

I keep the original fan just for the housing and easier hookup to the 4" vent hose.

u/megashub · 1 pointr/lasercutting

Considering how dangerous the stock K40 seems to be, I'm trying to preemptively plan and budget my upgrades before it even arrives, and just want to make sure I make the right purchases.

For lasercutting n00bs who are visual learners like me, would it be possible to get some pictures of your ventilation configuration featuring a typical bounce house blower (like this one)?

Right now, my upgrade list is prioritized thusly:

  • Safety: Proper ventilation (and air assist), eye protection, interlocks, upgraded water pump
  • Quality: Better optics and lens
  • Flexibility: Expanded cutting area, motorized Z table
  • Ease of Use: Upgraded controller (Smoothie)

    I freely admit I know nothing (Jon Snow)... yet. So please speak up if I'm missing something yuge. I plan on tackling everything on the above Safety list before I ever do anything more than a basic test fire.
u/ThrudTheBarbarian · 1 pointr/lasercutting

So I actually posted this as a thread about 20 minutes ago but it was removed without telling me why... Maybe it fits better here anyway...

So I'm about to set up the laser in the garage - after drilling the hole for the venting I'm hoping to have it up and tested this weekend. And then I thought of something....

I'm going to have a glass tube filled with water in an unheated garage... There's a server-rack in the corner, and it's not likely to get below freezing in there, but it's possible. I really don't want the water freezing in the tube.

I have a CW-5000 chiller sitting in the box waiting to be installed. There doesn't appear to be any protection against freezing built into it either, so I'm wondering what the options are:

  • Antifreeze. This seems to be problematic. According to 'lasergods' (really?) the conductivity is an issue, and RV antifreeze - which has the lowest conductivity - is prone to "excessive" bacterial growth. I've seen tig welder coolant suggested as a low-conductivity alternative, but that seems to be corrosive to some things, and I'm not sure if it would be a problem for the cooling system loop components.

  • Warming the water. The tank of water is contained within the CW5000, so I doubt that's an option. If I get an inline heater, I'd still have to pump it through the system, and I'm not sure if the CW5000 would allow that (depends on which type of pump it uses itself)

  • Draining the tube/chiller at the end of every session. That doesn't seem like a great plan.

  • Warming the garage up. I guess I could put a space heater in there, but I'm not overflowing with enthusiasm for this idea either. Those things have been known to go on fire, and we do go on vacation in the winter...

    All this assumes there's a temperature-monitoring system that can control an external pump/heater, but aquarium monitors have that down pat, and some temp. monitors can control relays like that too.

    So, in a plea to the wisdom of crowds... What do y'all do ? :)
u/inu-no-policemen · 3 pointsr/lasercutting

I see blue light on the wall.

CO2 lasers emit long-wavelength infrared. It's pure heat. Getting that in your eye is like getting a blowtorch in your eye. There is a chance to restore some of your eyesight with an operation.

Diode lasers are in the visible spectrum. It fries the retina directly. There is no way to undo that.

Take this more seriously.

The fume extraction is about right. Ideally, the extractor fan is as close as possible to the exit in order to keep most of the ducting negatively pressurized.

Use a plank, cardboard, or whatever to cover the rest of the slit.

You can also buy that kind of thing on Amazon: (just the first one which popped up, not the cheapest one)

u/odd84 · 1 pointr/lasercutting

Gorilla Super Glue. I'd probably use E6000. I use it on acrylic all the time now, though I've never tried it on cork.

u/HanMain · 1 pointr/lasercutting

More research points to this being pretty quiet

But that perhaps the laser would be louder than the fan anyway? Or that I could build a wooden enclosure to lower the noise? And buy a 6 inch hvac of 240 cfm?

And maybe this would be quiet and powerful enough:

u/Griefstrickenchicken · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

I use this stuff. It sucks as a transfer tape but sticks just enough to mask pieces for cutting. Since it’s so wide, it’s easy to cover entire sheets of material.

u/thomas000001 · 1 pointr/lasercutting

This is what I use: Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump, 12 Outlets, 112W, 110 L/min Seems sufficient for my needs

u/fishingfreak00 · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

Cermark is fairly expensive though ($100 per spray can) so I buy this version which is about half the price last time I checked. Some people even have success with dirt cheap moly lube such as this

u/Tall0 · 1 pointr/lasercutting

This fan

This pump

Right now it's venting outside but I'm looking into at least some filtration to not upset the neighbors.

u/doktorinjh · 1 pointr/lasercutting

I'm using this one. It's also loud, but I have it on a separate switch so that I only have to have air and exhaust running when I'm actually lasering. Works fairly well and it was recommended in another forum, which is why I got it.

u/42N71W · 1 pointr/lasercutting

Maybe I just need to get the real stuff, but I'd read that dry moly works.

The other guy is telling me I need to do 2-3 coats. I suppose I just need to keep trying settings.

u/ExplodingLemur · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

I use a 6" duct inline blower with a vent to the roof.
On the laser itself I have a rectangular to 4" adapter that slots right into the back of the laser (sealed up with aluminum tape), a 4" flex hose, and a 6" to 4" reducer to connect to the blower.

u/solrael · -1 pointsr/lasercutting

Baltic birch plywood.

Here is what I buy:
3 mm 1/8" X 12" X 12" Premium Baltic Birch Plywood – B/BB Grade - 45 Flat Sheets By Woodpeckers

u/jjredd1 · 1 pointr/lasercutting

Before you go through all that trouble, I would suggest upgrading your exhaust system. I have a k60 which comes with a huge exhaust. I cut acrylic, engrave wood, and even cut ABS. I hardly ever smell anything even though I'm in a 600 sqft garage.

Here is something similar I found on Amazon. Not sure if this as big as the k60 exhaust, but it is a start

Hurricane 180 CFM Blower

Edit: this works really well if you exhaust outside. I would highly recommend venting outside rather than filtering. Leather fumes aren't any different than grilling steaks, so no one should fuss.

u/Amish_Rabbi · 1 pointr/lasercutting

I’d go with this at the smallest

(Canadian link)

I have one size down for my 40w epilog and would like a bit more flow. Of course my run is not efficient so I will see how I feel after fixing that.

You can never have too much exhaust flow IMO

u/CaptPikel · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

I bought these. Eye and ear protection are things I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money on. The thought of going through life blind or deaf due to a stupid mistake or something seems worth the money. But yeah I think normal safety glasses can stop co2 beams. Some people don't wear any. Up to you to decide how valuable sight is.

u/Dark_Alchemist · 1 pointr/lasercutting

I would be very interested in that. Tell you what my lens always has air from hurricane force to just a smidge (put finger on it and release and the air rushes out) YET the lens still gets dirty. I was reading for the k40 type machines and that lens is bad for actually sucking up due to the venturi effect because the cone is so long. I did by a new fan earlier today so we will see how it goes.