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u/xpicassox · 1 pointr/lebowski

Yes, author Daniel Bellino "Z" makes NEW YORK'S BEST BURGERS. No Joke.


Recipes in The BADASS COOKBOOK @

u/foxsable · 1 pointr/lebowski

I bought this at Halloween from Amazon. I've had it for 3 years now I wear it ALL THE TIME, and it's still in as good condition as when I bought it. It may not be quite as warm as the pendleton, but it is as warm as a sweater, and really comfortable.

u/WoefulKnight · 2 pointsr/lebowski

This isn't what you're looking for, but I always like to recommend Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

u/StrangerinthaAlps · 4 pointsr/lebowski

> 4.) A length of cloth to do the bowling-ball polish move (v. important)

It's actually called a See Saw cloth. You can use it to clean the ball and it protects it in your bag.

See Saw

u/withoccassionalmusic · 11 pointsr/lebowski

This is the closest I could find. It is a book from Norton, but it’s about the making of the movie, not a novelization of it.

u/b_a_b_a_r · 2 pointsr/lebowski

Twenty-three The Big Lebowski 24X36 Inchsilk Poster Wall Decor by Twenty-three

Frame is from A. C. Moore

u/hipitywhopla · 1 pointr/lebowski

You need this, it really ties the room together.