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u/EricGarbo · 1 pointr/lewronggeneration

Is he referring to the Sennheiser Orpheus? Because holy crap the mid and hi-fi markets for headphones went through a huge boom since 2007. Stax released the worlds best headphone the SR-009, Sennheiser built the worlds undisputed best dynamic driver in the HD-800's, planar technology took off with HiFiMAN and LCD as the undisputed kings, released such amazing headphones as the HE6's, LCD-2, LCD-3, and LCD-X.

Also, what the hell is he wearing on his head? Looks like a pair of headphones. Based on the general styling I can tell you that those aren't a vintage pair from the '90's. If he wants a pair of '90's or earlier cans so much why doesn't he get some? In fact, if he wants an old pair of headphones with an '80's styling that sounds like they did when they were manufactured get a pair of Koss PortaPro's. The exact same as they've always been, still being manufactured, still the best headphone under $50.

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u/SgtPeppersFourth · 2 pointsr/lewronggeneration

For those of you who don’t know, this is a passage from A Confederacy of Dunces. Its protagonist, Ignatius J. Reilly is the original neckbeard. He is the perfect mix of /r/lewronggeneration, /r/justneckbeardthings, and /r/iamverysmart.

There are so many great quotes from this book, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys this subreddit

u/Raiancap · 11 pointsr/lewronggeneration

It's a bit dated, but I really enjoyed "The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible!"

I found it at a used book store years ago and couldn't put it down.

u/Shelala85 · 7 pointsr/lewronggeneration

the changes presented in 1915 actually started in the 1600s. The Ladie’s Magazine, which included fashion plates, dates back to 1770 and the very first fashion magazine dates back to the same century as the Bible reading woman. In regards to the woman not sitting upright in the chair people started to wanting to live more comfortably and relaxed in the 17th century as well. Reclining chairs were first created in the 1670s.

u/MyOtherPenisIsADick · 2 pointsr/lewronggeneration

Wow, looks like somebody found their parents' Chant CD!

u/EstherandThyme · 2 pointsr/lewronggeneration

Many of the girls actually wanted to keep their babies, but were coerced into giving them up for adoption. This was in the days before open adoption, so a good deal of women never got to meet their children, or took decades to find them. Here is a very good book about the subject!

u/CirqueKid · 1 pointr/lewronggeneration

> BREAKING NEWS: Catchy music when played more times than other music is catchy!

Never mind the fact that in their totally scientific and valid history lesson on payola they completely leave out the obvious flaw in their argument: turntable hits. There are plenty of songs that get hundreds of thousands of dollars pushed into them that go nowhere.

If anyone is actually interested in this stuff without a needless VSauce meets Buzzfeed video and obvious conclusions you should check out this book.

u/Dark_Shroud · 10 pointsr/lewronggeneration

Like these, Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones? I recently purchased a pair to use with my Sansa fuze as I do not like ear buds.

u/consistentlyfunny · 1 pointr/lewronggeneration

I've used these headphones to listen to 128 vs 320 kbps comparisons and I couldn't tell any difference. I don't know what's wrong with my ears

u/TheCykaReborn · 3 pointsr/lewronggeneration

Some with similar production to Real Friends

Something similar to:

aivi & surasshu - Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)

Orphee - Venant du meme rocher - Album as a whole

Anyone know if this is good?

Liquid Swords or Illmatic on vinyl

u/Error8 · 1 pointr/lewronggeneration

Future Shock by Alvin Toffler suggests that in an era where media takes more and more of people's time, the generation gap grows more significant and generations grow closer together. That is, generation 4 and 5 are only five years apart, but have marked generational differences because their cultural identities are bound with the media they consumed at formative ages. Later, the gap between generations 5 and 6 is even fewer years, with even larger cultural differences.

Really underrated futurist.

u/theocritius · 26 pointsr/lewronggeneration

There is! sorta.

It has a bit more of a positive spin to it though. It's about how violence has gone down despite many people thinking otherwise.

u/EdgarAllanNope_ · -44 pointsr/lewronggeneration

We peaked quite some time ago. Our generation is so averse to reading. We've never had such an access to music, but for whatever reason, we are embracing anti-intellectualism. We don't read any more. Why? I have no clue. I'm not going to sit here and blame hippity hop. But this is very real... you might want to read the book the dumbest generation.

edit: I'm going to hold off on this shit until I get more karma to spend.

u/the_dinks · 44 pointsr/lewronggeneration

While I agree that stopping the "Muslim invasion" is ridiculous (unless your name is Charles Martel), almost all of the points this meme made are either untrue or deliberately obfuscating what really happened. Personally, I hate /pol/ and want desperately for Muslim refugees to find a safe home in Europe or America, but bad history is bad history, so here goes:

  1. Do the raiding, enslaving, etc. yourself

    Yeah, this one is accurate.

  2. Wreak havoc on your homelands by constantly attacking true Europeans

    There was no concept of "Europe" at this time. Furthermore, there were no concepts of national identity. People may have been united in a common language but traveling a mere 100 miles might take you to a place where you struggle to understand the same language that you speak!

  3. Byzantium is begging for help... so instead of helping out, sack the capital of Christian Byzantine leaving her vulnerable to Turkish hordes.

    I assume this is referring to the Fourth Crusade? Byzantium was not "begging" for help. The reasons why Enrico Dandolo and the others were led to Constantinople was partly due to bad intel (a pretender to the throne convinced them that he was the rightful ruler, and if they overthrew the Emperor, he would submit to the Pope as the premier religious authority) The crusaders, while waiting in mainland Venetian territory, suffered a horrible plague. Drained of money and time, the crusaders needed to first go to the ERE in order to make connections, loot, or otherwise stock up for their planned conquest of Alexandria (Jerusalem was a wholly unrealistic goal). Oh, and the Pope excommunicated all of the crusaders for attacking Constantinople and tried desperately to have them stopped.
    To be honest, it's been a while, but I'm citing Rodger Crowley here. I'd love for someone more knowledgeable to chime in.

  4. Take credit for stopping the Muslim advance when it was really the Mongol Hordes that destroyed the Islamic empire from the East.

    This one absolutely cracks me up by how wrong it is. The real people who stopped the "Muslim" (in reality, a very specific Muslim dynasty, the Umayyads) advance were the Franks, more specifically, Charles Martel, who stopped the Umayyad incursion into (what is now) France in 732. His grandson is more famous though, being Charlemagne. More on that later. Anyways, the sacking of Baghdad happened in 1258. That's right, over 500 years after the Battle of Tours. Not sure how the sacking of Baghdad in 1258 had any impact on the Umayyad problems in Southern France. As for Baghdad itself, the era of Muslim expansionism had long come to an end at that point.

  5. Call upon fellow Christian peasants to put an end to oppression, yet casually massacre them in my backyard.

    I'm not going to dispute this. However, you have to recognize that at the time, "oppression" meant many different things. It definitely did not mean what it does now. Not exactly uniquely Christian to do such a thing.

  6. Lose hundreds of thousands of men from the Mu..., I mean from myself (Thirty Years War).

    Wikipedia's articles on the TYW are awful. They're written from an English perspective that glorifies the idea of a Protestant alliance vs. the Catholic Habsburg powers. This is simply not true. For one thing, the primary "Protestant" power was France, aka the biggest Catholic nation in Western Europe. Secondly, faith merely acted as a component to the more serious dynastic and territorial ambitions of various groups, most notably the Swedish, the Hessians, and the Palatinate. The war was triggered by the Bohemian Revolt, not overall religious tension in the Empire. Indeed, the war is best seen as a failure of the existing Imperial framework to resolve new disputes. Before the war, the Empire was easily the most peaceful part of Europe. Most disputes were resolved via arbitration, not violence. It was only after Ferdinand II issued the Edict of Restitution that the war took on a more religious flavor, and even then Sweden just abused the "freedom of Germany" to achieve its aim of controlling the Baltic grain trade. What's more, the war claimed around 20% of the population of Germany, not 25-40%, and an overwhelming majority of the victims were from the plague/other diseases. Lastly, the assertion that the TYW somehow left the Balkans vulnerable to the Ottomans is ridiculous. The Ottomans already controlled most of the Balkans, and furthermore, the end of the War marked the beginning of the reconquest of Hungary and the Balkans by Austria. For more, I recommend Peter Wilson.

  7. Rather than take back what the Moorish aggressors had taken in Iberia, decide it's more important to convert the Saxons and spend about 300 years massacring them.

    This one is so misleading that I have to conclude OP is from /r/atheism. I have to assume that OP is talking about Charlemagne, who is largely responsible for the Christian crusades into Germany. Firstly, he did try to reconquer the Iberian Peninsula, but failed. Turns out that the Pyrenees are a bitch to cross. What's more, the successive Iberian rump states were often supplied with crusading knights and funds from various Catholic donors, although I don't know enough to really comment definitively on the subject. Anyways, the Saxon lands, ruled by various leaders, were much easier to conquer than the massive Umayyad Empire. It was also a Karling family tradition to convert Saxons from paganism to Christianity. Charlemagne had his power base in Aachen. A trip to Iberia would take much longer than a trip to Saxony, and any trouble at home could be remedied much quicker. Lastly, the Carolingian Empire was highly tolerant at the time. He even employed Isaac, a Jew, as his ambassador to Baghdad. Charlemagne was devoutly religious, but also a pragmatist. War with the Umayyads would be overly costly and probably not worth it in the long end, and that's if he could win. Saxony was land ripe for the taking for a man of Charlemagne's talents. Oh, and the Pope was into it as well, and considering that Charlemagne's cooperation with the Bishop of Rome led him to being crowned the first Emperor of the West in hundreds of years, I think it was the right decision. The Imperial title lasted until 1806.

    In conclusion, this meme sucks.