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u/SiameseDiaries · 2 pointsr/lgg4

I've got the Diztronic TPU case and a glass screen protector. The case is smooth, but non slip in the hand and the screen protector keeps relatively clean and smear free. I like the combination for being able to use a phone tripod for photography. No idea how protective the case is as I'm super careful with phones, so I've never dropped mine. Phone is scratch free though :)



u/Eudicot · 3 pointsr/lgg4

I got a glass screen protector. It has good reviews, but all my previous phones did fine with plastic screen protectors (especially considering I dropped them a bunch. My Moto X fell down the stairs at least 3-4 times, landing on tiled floor without a single crack. What I do like about glass screen protectors is the feel: your finger doesn't "grab" the screen as often as it does on plastic.

As for the case, I found a first party circle case on sale so I got it. I love the case in that it preserves the shape and feel of the phone, adding minimal bulk while also protecting the corners. I've dropped it from normal usage height against wood and carpeted flooring and it hasn't failed me yet.

u/monkeypoo63 · 1 pointr/lgg4

This is the one i got, purely because it had good reviews and was the biggest I could find:

LG G4 Battery Case, ZeroLemon LG G4 8500mAh TriCell Extended Battery + Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case (Compatible with all LG G4 variants) (4897010519648)

There are however some other alternatives if you don't like the price or bulkiness of the zerolemon;

PowerBear LG G4 Extended Battery [6500mAh] & Back Cover & Protective Case (Up to 2.15X Extra Battery Power) - Black [24 Month Warranty & Screen Protector Included]

Kranich Only Fits for LG G4 BL-51YF 8200mAh Extended Battery Replacement with Specialized TPU Protective Cover Case

And another thing, it's not widely stated but the LG G4 supports quickcharge/fastcharge so it's totally worth every penny to scoop up a quickcharger if you don't have one. I like the company Anker as I've been using them for years.

Anker Quick Charge 3.0 39W Dual USB Wall Charger, PowerPort Speed 2 for Galaxy S7 / S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5 / 4 and PowerIQ for iPhone 7 / 6s / Plus, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini, LG, Nexus, HTC and More

There are some other anker quickchargers as well if you only want 1 USB socket or if you want something like 8. And they vary from quickcharge 1.0 to 3.0 which is pretty much just different charge speeds.

u/RacerXNFS · 2 pointsr/lgg4

TL:DR: It's not about the case, but about the battery itself. And there's more than one option on the market, but the ZL is the undoubted king in single-battery size and proven reliability.

The ZL kit isn't about the case, but the battery itself. It's so big in capacity and design that it has to come with the TPU case it comes with. However, there are other big-battery options out there. The batteries themselves are smaller in capacity, but fit well enough in the battery compartment that they get away with using different rear backs instead.

Here's the PowerBear battery as an example.

And an MPJ-branded model:

One from Hyperion:

Coincidentally, I also found an actual battery case too. This is more in line with what you have to get for a fixed-battery phone like the Galaxy S6 and iPhone.

And, of course, the tried-and-true ZeroLemon.

Honestly, looking at prices you could get two of the PowerBear/Hyperion/MPJ for the same cost as the ZL and wind up with 12-13000mAh instead of the ZL's 8500, but you do lose the convenience of a single battery. And I can't vouch for those smaller batteries because I haven't seen many reviews/input from others. I'll keep looking, because I'm genuinely curious.

Oh, one last tip. If you go big-battery, get yourself a charger that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. The one that comes with the phone doesn't support it, but the phone itself does. And because big batteries mean long charge times, that QC charger will be quite the helpful little thing.

u/ChronicMassDebater · 1 pointr/lgg4

I have This and it's great, does the job doesn't add much bulk and the price is great.

As for a VR headset. Go with google cardboard to start. I tried some of the more popular headsets on Amazon and they were disappointing to say the least. Cardboard is nice and cheap, it gives you a good intro into what VR is all about.

u/mozilla2012 · 1 pointr/lgg4

My first thought was "just get a case?" But then I saw your qualifier there at the end.

I don't have any other suggestions, but look at this case.

I know quite a few other people on this sub use it, and I love it. It adds almost no bulk, has a good feel, and provides good protection.

u/DubbuhDubbuh · 3 pointsr/lgg4

I personally like Diztronic's cases more than anyone's right now. They're $10, incredibly durable, easy to remove and put on, comfy and look great because they add no bulk to your phone. It also has a small lip over the screen so you can set it facedown or drop it facedown without your screen coming in contact with the ground or surface. My mom, girlfriend, and dad use them and I have for my past 2 phones.

Edit: I actually don't use a screen protector because I don't like how it feels. I think the lip over the screen gives it a perfect amount of protection that I don't need to worry about it.

u/Rebel5615 · 4 pointsr/lgg4

I personally like the Diztronic cases and have been using them since the LG G2. They're cheap, protect the entire phone, and look great.

u/Goofballz93 · 1 pointr/lgg4

You ever thought about getting an extended battery? It's not the prettiest solution but it will definitely get the job done. and if you don't mind having a bigger phone on hand you could get
The Zero LEmon Battery:

u/aeroshep1 · 2 pointsr/lgg4

This is the one I ordered.

Replacing it took all of 5 minutes. All you need to do is remove 2 screws and gently pry the old lens out. Just make sure there is no dust inside when you put the new one on. I had to remove it a second time because of a dust particle. Good luck!!

u/Pizza-Thief · 4 pointsr/lgg4

For the love of...get a case to protect it!
what I use

u/norule6 · 1 pointr/lgg4

Agree the Unicorn beetle is excellent.
Also still available at Amazon.

u/asianbison · 1 pointr/lgg4

[This](Tech21 Evo Tactical Hardshell Cell Phone Case Cover - LG G4 - Black is the case I use. It's thin and light and feels almost as good as the leather back (it's soft matte). LG skin is very light and the software is efficient on its own, so the only recommendation is to buy a fast charging brick, or spare batteries :-)

u/FunyunsAreTasty · 1 pointr/lgg4

I'm not very familiar with the g4 case market, but after reading a handful of reviews I can say this seems to be well received:

Hope that link works out, first time commenting on mobile.

u/TheRabidPigeon · 2 pointsr/lgg4

I got a UAG case for mine and it has been great so far. I have dropped my phone a couple of times and the case has completely negated all damage to the phone and has extremely minimal scarring. It also looks cool, which is an added bonus.

I would suggest getting a glass screen protector in addition to the case though.

u/Velrix · 3 pointsr/lgg4

I use this one and it has saved me with a few drops already. Its extremely thin however so its really easy to handle.

u/eo92015 · 3 pointsr/lgg4

I would recommend a tempered glass screen protector and a solid case like an Otterbox.

I went through many cases and a few screen protectors before settling on a tempered glass from Tech Armor and Otterbox Commuter case.

u/Contivity · 3 pointsr/lgg4

Got this from AMZN:

Simple and easy with clear back to show my leather

u/sqygrene · 1 pointr/lgg4

Okay, I might as well just get this one on amazon then (2 day shipping).

I'm just concerned about the negative reviews... Some people are complaining about screen quality, but perhaps they are incorrect\

Do not buy this lcd display...mine started lifting on the sides after a week. And the display had a yellow warmth display to it, not crisp bright display at all.

Compared side by side with my son's brand new LG G4, this screen is washed out, white-washed (especially wallpaper), as if GAMMA is cranked up too high. I'll assume this glass display


Double tap does not work, bad color saturation, erratic touch sensors, can't even hang up the phone in the middle of a call. The list goes on.

u/BenDaGreat · 1 pointr/lgg4

Diztrionic case that I have. You'll find it mentioned a lot for good reason as it's pretty thin but grippy with decent protection.

u/didyouknowivape · 2 pointsr/lgg4

Cheapest and best option
iPosible For LG G4 Extended Battery BL-51YF [ 6700mAh]

And there's another brand that's $12 more idk what the difference is other than branding PowerBear LG G4 Extended Battery [6500mAh]

I'm using the cheaper one. So far it's been life changing . And its not too bulky .
And if you don't care about bulk at all you can get the tank 8500mah
LG G4 Battery Case, ZeroLemon LG G4 8500mAh TriCell Extended Battery

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/lgg4

My emails and such come through fine on my G4, also using 5Ghz wifi. Here's what I use for charging:

charging sticker + "leather"? back

micro usb cable

wireless charger

u/felixgolden · 1 pointr/lgg4

I'm using this one. The Yootech that looks like a guitar pick.

u/CubeCraft751 · 1 pointr/lgg4

It should be. Something like this is what you're looking for, then just plug in a mouse and transfer your files. If you can't put them on the computer for some reason, I'll show you another method.

u/tdlab · 2 pointsr/lgg4

A bit late, but I would recommend this It was what I used when mine broke, and it is easy to replace with two little screws.

u/blueapplepiedude · 2 pointsr/lgg4

It might be a bit more expensive, but the ZeroLemon 8500mah battery is AMAZING. At the time when the 3000mah battery would die, my 8500mah battery still has 70% left on it!

u/bitemark01 · 2 pointsr/lgg4

Tempered glass protector, and UAG case, which is the toughest case this side of an otterbox, without the bulk of an otterbox. Plus it looks badass.

u/Rapidstrike · 3 pointsr/lgg4

This 2 battery and wall charger package by Trend on has gotten good reviews.

Also I've been using the stock charger/phone for about half a month, but I've already noticed that the charger metal end has some noticeable bend to it.

u/SunofMars · 2 pointsr/lgg4

It was a two pack and external battery charger pack I got off of Amazon. The brand is TrendOn. My phone has bootlooped once and I got a brand new LG G4 and the specific link to the battery pack I'm talking about is here

I rotate between the 3 batteries and haven't actually charged my LG G4 for a while now( a month or more)

u/Kaffein · 1 pointr/lgg4

I use this.

However, I removed the BS plastic screen protector with a razor blade.
It came off easily w/o any residue whatsoever, you may not be as lucky.

I put a proper screen protector on it and called it a day.

u/officialxian · 1 pointr/lgg4

I got 2 batteries and a charging cradle off Amazon from TrendOn for about $20, I will link to it in a minute.

Update: it's $29 now. LG G4 Battery : TrendON LG G4 Battery Kit

u/turtle352 · 2 pointsr/lgg4

I replaced the screen on my roommates phone cost 65 from amazon and took a half hour to replace. We walked back into Verizon store and they could not tell the difference .

u/oppoman56 · 7 pointsr/lgg4

> zerolemon 8500mah battery

I would assume it is this

u/mikejudge · 1 pointr/lgg4

Yootech qi wireless charging pad. Amazon

u/rockstar_wannabe · 2 pointsr/lgg4

I use a case and glass protector.

u/CokeCanNinja · 1 pointr/lgg4

I use this case and it works well, but the kickstand broke off after a few months. To be fair, I was rough on it.

u/Alpha_Cake · 3 pointsr/lgg4

Diztronic has always been my choice of cases for almost all my phones.

My mother didn't like any other colors and opted for a red case:

u/BigPenisJohnson · 2 pointsr/lgg4

I purchased this
It's 3rd party but from what i can tell they get the same battery life as OEM. The only downside i have noticed is that the percentage may be 1-3 percent off on the phone.

u/danksause · 1 pointr/lgg4

I have this case and the only thing that I have to complain about is that it adds width to the phone.

u/AbsoluteWeapon · 2 pointsr/lgg4

it says "slim" but I'm not sure why. Definitely not slim. Feels safe though

No screen protector. I've dropped it a few times and never scratched the screen

u/aredubya · 2 pointsr/lgg4

I've successfully used a magnetic holder with a rubber case + magnet plate, and this leather case with a built-in plate (this case:, and have seen no problems any functionality (Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, mobile data). I don't use wireless charging or NFC though.

u/My_Broken_Wings · 1 pointr/lgg4

Man, that's a damn steal. But I just ordered the water resistant case for hers, that I'll be using I guess till it dies.

Now if this allowed the actual back to be put on the outside of the case. Then that would be pretty damn cool.

So it won't really show. And since we're going to Disney land. From Bullhead City AZ. I'm tapped out this month. God so broke can't afford $10 and shipping. How pathetic is that?

We're gonna be paying minimum $300 + $20 for parking. just to get into Disney land by itself for our 5 yr old. Why they raised the prices so damn high is mind blowing.

About 8 yrs ago you could get a yearly pass that included parking. For $140 a person. That same exact pass now is almost $400. Insane man insane.

But that is an awesome deal. You probably could get $10 a piece for them if you craigslisted them or something.

u/UM4DBRO · 1 pointr/lgg4

Hey sorry for late reply. I did freeze it when the phone was off. The reason being it was overheating so fast that I needed to give it any advantage I could.

I used a USB OTG cable and actually used my phone in the freezer I plugged a little USB drive and dumped all the important info from my phone memory (thanks SD card)

I did cut some losses with stuff. I backed up what was necessary and said fuck it.