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u/AlfLives · 4 pointsr/lgg5

I've had this case for about a month now. I love it. All of the buttons work well, including the fingerprint reader. The audio and usb-c openings have ample clearance. I also had this case for my Galaxy S5 for around a year and it held up remarkably well. Good case, great price!

p.s. you've gotta smile!

u/whenredditagain · 1 pointr/lgg5

I have and love this one. Great grip, great coverage, removes easily & quickly. Buttons & fingerprint reader are still very easy to use.

u/nromer11 · 2 pointsr/lgg5

If you like thin minimalistic cases the OBLIQ Flex Pro case is really nice and feels great. Build quality is very good almost feels like a full plastic case

In case someone was interested

u/reddude7 · 2 pointsr/lgg5

I'm using an Obliq case that's pretty thin. Thickness was one of my main concerns with a case too. I worked it down to this and an incipio case.

Only gripes with this one are that it is a tad slippery, and that the cutout for the charger port is actually a bit sharp on the edges and is annoying when I one-hand the phone and it rests on my pinky. I'm going to see if I can sand the edges down or something though.

Other than that it's a great case, very solid feel, good-feeling texture on the back, buttons work great, port cutouts are large, and the cutout for the fingerprint reader is perfect.

u/rj1st · 2 pointsr/lgg5

I've been using this case:

Since launch. It's super thin, plenty of room for a screen protector, metal buttons on the side, easy on/easy off. Probably the best case I've had for a phone... ever.

u/DaRe_ViPeRzZXx · 5 pointsr/lgg5

I think you may want to look into another tempered glass screen protector or just go back to a normal one? If you are looking for a good normal one I recommend this as it covers the top curve bit and will definitely work with the case as its Spigen

u/drkztan · 1 pointr/lgg5

> Would you care to explain better the gps stuff you talked about?

I'll try. Qualcomm (the CPU manufacturer) has a technology called iZat which the phone probably asked you the the set-up if you wanted to enable (or you can find a toggle in location settings). It's just a small improvement over assisted-gps which uses wifi networks and bluetooth devices around you to provide a more precise location inside buildings or low gps signal areas (or well, at least try to lol) while knowing when it's futile to listen to the few gps satelites it can see and just poll the wifi network's location settings.


I got this one. It's made from TPU in the bumpers and a harder, more durable plastic for the actual rear. If by colored bumper you were talking about cases like this Orzly or this VRS cases, they share the same concept: the bumper is TPU/whatever flexible, shock absorbing plastic and the clear part is usually harder. With cases on such an expensive device, I usually don't even look to save money on them because I don't find the risk worthwile. Stick to reputable brands like Orzly, Spigen, VRS, Caseology, Ringke, etc. (by rule of thumb never buy a case that does not advertise their brand haha). I got the clear one because this is the first non-black phone I have, I got the gold G5 and wanted to show off the pretty color for a bit. My next case might be this spigen "modular" case because I like the design.

>screen protector

I bought a tempered glass protector because I don't want to risk cracking the screen. I got it from ORZLY because that's the same brand I had on my G3 and it was very durable, never cracked in well over a year and it was not too expensive. My g3 survived too many falls, and I'm 100% certain the G5's won't stand that kind of abuse without tempered glass. That said, I still have not placed it because I'm testing out the unit for a week just in case a defect pops up. It had minor screen bleeding on the bottom left but loosening the screw in that point has slowly made that spot dissapear.


I can't tell if the glue on the protector will be strong enough, but the plastic protector that already comes stuck to the phone ocassionally peels off a little (very, very little) if you grab the phone too hard. Since this is a "stock" screen protector I'm sure the glue quality will be worse than spigen's protectors, and since they also make cases I don't think it won't fit well.

u/ociffer_friendly · 1 pointr/lgg5

How To:

Product I bought:

The method worked great, I endorse that. The replacement cover was just fine, but you could go any number of routes on that I'm sure and be okay.

Either way, it saves $100+ if you were to go the warranty route.

u/LeifCarrotson · 3 pointsr/lgg5

Yes, with this cradle:

Was $30 from LG, or $15 on Amazon for a long time, but now $45.

You can't charge the battery with just the "chin".

If your phone is going through a boot loop of seeing the charger, trying to start up, and then discharging the battery and shutting down, you either need a better charger or new battery, or patience.

Also, LG, if you're reading this:

  1. Please don't turn the phone on whenever it's plugged into the charger! Wait for the power button, that's what it's for.
  2. Don't show a giant full-screen maximum-brightness white-background animation on startup. A little LG logo on black with low brightness is fine.
u/stratoglide · 1 pointr/lgg5

Hey don't buy that shit of

Spigen makes quality products I would highly recommend their cases as well have inn in my G5 and it's really slim yet has protected my phone so far from a couple drops.

u/abagle0514 · 2 pointsr/lgg5

I love mine

Spigen Style Armor LG G5 Case with Soft-Interior Scratch Protection for LG G5 - Black

u/citypanda · 3 pointsr/lgg5

I spent ~$32 total repairing it, all I needed was a youtube video, this toolkit, this opening tool, and this new glass. That first tool kit was not totally necessary because all the tools I really needed were included with that glass, but it was nice to have nonetheless.

You do need a hairdryer also, I already had that.

Edit: Not sure what to say about the motor, I didn't touch that. Maybe you need a whole new camera unit.

u/Fadiiiiiiii · 3 pointsr/lgg5

I bought this from Amazon on jan 11 2017, haven't had any issues and hold up way better than original. There's some kind of blue coating bs on it, not sure what that mean, but I haven't noticed negative effects in the pictures.

u/miden24 · 2 pointsr/lgg5

i got the large one

Honestly I never used a gorilla pod before and I didn't know what to expect. I actually got this yesterday and still currently playing around with it. Sorry.

u/YellowJello4 · -1 pointsr/lgg5

Instead of a battery case, I would recommend a second battery with a battery charger:

I got it, and it works SO well. I haven't put my phone on the charger ever since I got it a week ago. If my battery is low, I just swap, or if I'm about to go somewhere I swap so that I can leave with 100% battery. Then by the time that is at 50% the second battery is already done charging at 100%

u/Chronicondition · 1 pointr/lgg5

LG G5 Case, Diztronic Full Matte TPU Series - Slim-Fit Soft-Touch Thin & Flexible Phone Case for LG G5 - Full Matte Black

u/Bystronicman08 · 1 pointr/lgg5

I Have this one and it works fine with the Spiegen Tough Armor case.

u/notfromhere23 · 2 pointsr/lgg5

I plan on getting one of these for recording quick demos with my band, it has decent reviews.

u/EthanS1 · 1 pointr/lgg5

I use a Handleband for my G5. Only water resistance is what your case gives. It stretches over the whole phone and case as is, and holds it snugly.

u/mr-prez · 1 pointr/lgg5

It's not sold here because it's the international version. You can get it on Amazon though.

u/robocopkerr · 1 pointr/lgg5

I have this case and the bottom comes off with a button exactly where the button is to take off the bottom and replace the bottom.

u/Ubel · 2 pointsr/lgg5

Are you serious ...? That's one of their THICKEST cases, it's similar to a damn OtterBox Defender.

I was going to recommend a real thin case, the Spigen Thin Fit

u/msd94reddit · 2 pointsr/lgg5

I ordered [] (this) and its working fine, looks like a Korean set (all kr writing first) but I'm having no issues.

u/Hadrial · 1 pointr/lgg5

I've stickied this thread because it's pretty damn useful and would cut down on dupe threads.

Also, throwing my vote in for the Spigen Thin Fit. Feels sturdy enough that I'm not going to worry about it breaking when I drop it, but slim enough not to increase the profile too much.

u/Havitech · 2 pointsr/lgg5

I would never trust a handlebars mount for my cellphone. Even with decent suspension, any fixed mount is going to take a beating over time, and may eventually fail from the fatigue. I've already had both a lock mount and a light mount crack after a year or so of regular use.

I recently saw this, which I think looks like a really good alternative.

u/striator · 1 pointr/lgg5

I didn't have the G4, but from what I've read they didn't include a QC 2.0 charger with it. The G5 stock charger (at least in the US, I've heard it varies overseas) is maybe only a QC 2.0 charger, I don't think it's certified - it's a big failure on their part to include proper chargers. QC 3.0 should have a lot more volt/amp options as that's how the the technology works, this certified Aukey charger has outputs of 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, and 9V-12V/1.5A.

u/driver_irql_not_less · 4 pointsr/lgg5

That sounds like all of your problems are due to a bad battery, and exacerbated by a shitty charger. Lithium cells can withstand roughly 500 charges before their capacity is significantly affected, which for most people is right about after a year, having charged it slightly more than once a day. A new battery will fix the percentage issues, but not the slow charging. You need a decent charger for that, preferably a QuickCharge 2.0 or 3.0. I've had the phone from day one and still go from 20% to 100% in less than an hour.

Quick Charge 3.0 AUKEY USB Wall Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/Edge, LG G5 | Qualcomm Certified