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u/dragon_rckr · 11 pointsr/lgv20

Android takes a little getting used to but you'll see that you can do sooo much more out of the box.
Get familiar with the 2nd screen as it's a big help. It takes a bit of time to get used to it... I sometime forget it's there and still unlock to skip songs and whatnot. You can set different apps for shortcut, a set of setting, music controls, etc. If you're sticking with LG's home screen then go settings>home screen>select home screen and choose Home & app drawer to have the way Android was meant to be used XD. The factory style gives more of an iOS feel with all apps on the home screen which to me is a lot of clutter. I have Nova paid (aka prime) and haven't switched to it yet...
Headphones... get a good pair to take advantage of the HiFi DAC. Good pair doesn't mean high impedance or pricey. I use Meze 12 Classics and they sound so freaking good with this phone! They're also sexy af imo lol They'll set you back $59 which to me is a good price point for everyday use IMEs. Another that is being recommended a lot are the 1More Triple Driver IMEs. These set you back $89. The HiFi DAC only works with wired case you didn't know.
Another thing to consider is either getting LG's battery pack and cradle combo or a battery pack. I have Anker's 10000mah QC 3 battery pack and it gives me around 3 charges on my V20. Prefer this to be taking off the case, cover, swapping batteries and putting everything back together -___-
That brings us to cases... get one ASAP if you haven't already. There's a lot of choices out there. I have the Spigen Tough Armor with kickstand and it's been great. Sleek and the kickstand is pretty functional with my only gripe with it being plastic....Spigen, Rinke and Urban Armour are three of the most recommended cases. Check reviews and pick the one that best suites your needs. Haven't gotten a screen protector as of yet... there hasn't been one that covers the whole screen or wraps around the edges with the V20 having a slight curved screen.

Another thing I always do is settings>fingerprint and security>unknown sources to On. This will let you install apps out of the play store.

Also, Reddit is a great community to get good and quick answers.

FYI - Links provided above for the things I recommended on Amazon.

u/TriggyTrig · 3 pointsr/lgv20

Like many others have said, get a launcher, LGs stock launcher is OK, but Nova is just simply better.

I have been using a [Spigen Rugged Armor case](Spigen Rugged Armor LG V20 Case with Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design for LG V20 2016 - Black since I got this device and it is great. It doesn't take away from the feel of the device, but I am comfortable handing it to my two year old to watch videos or play around with the screen.

I'm not a huge audiophile but I would like to say that from my experience, the headphones from the promo are nothing special, I actually think the Samsung ones that came with my Note 7 sound just as good with the DAC. Hopefully someone can be of help to you here, I'm going to be keeping an eye on the thread for this part as well!


Edited to add link to case

u/AllMyName · 2 pointsr/lgv20

No problem. Buckle up, get a cup of coffee or take notes or something.

TL;DR Buy this unless the Perfine is back in stock soon.

I have 2 main ones that I cycle through right now, a Perfine 4100 mAh battery (out of stock on Amazon) and a Taeozi 4200 mAh (delisted). I've purchased more, I'll list them and their fates below, kinda chronologically, especially because I'm going to make a bigger post soon outlining all of them once two packages come in.

  • OEM LG Battery #1

    The one that came with my phone. I used it once - when I initially got the phone. Drained it to 40% and put it back in the box, for when the inevitable batterypocalypse happens.

  • OEM LG Battery #2

    It's good, it still works. I keep it at my parents' place charged to 50% as a spare. Finding an actual OEM LG battery is another story.

  • "OEM" LG Battery #3

    Complete shit. Bought it on Amazon. Degraded faster than any of the other 3rd party batteries, like literal weeks before it was shit. It was actually cheaper than all of them too. Phone lags below 50% charge, probably due to voltage sag. Recycled. Was either a fake, really old, really used, or all 3. No recourse or refund with something like this - the 3rd parties on Amazon all honor their warranties in my experience.

  • 2x TQTHL 3300 mAh (delisted)

    Came with one of those black wall chargers. One battery gave random "invalid battery" errors out of the box upon booting and would just shut the phone back down. I contacted the seller, they gave me a 50% refund, no questions asked. Bizarrely enough, after really cleaning the contacts on Invalid Battery, it works great now. ~2800 mAh real capacity. The one that was "OK" out of the box degraded, I recycled it after a few months of use.

  • aexpower 3300 mAh battery (delisted)

    Same deal as the now dead TQTHL, barely 2000 mAh actual capacity after ~6 months, slowdowns if it's below 50% charge, etc. Contacted them, they offered to send a replacement or a prorated refund based on the 18-mo warranty. Pretty sure aexpower and SHENMZ are the same "company".

  • 2x Perfine V20 Battery BL-44E1F 4100mAh Replacement for LG V20 H990 H910 VS995 LS997 Removable Battery - Out of Stock

    I'm about to RMA one of them because I get random "High temperature warning ⚠" screens but only with that specific battery installed. It was the 1st one I bought, and I may or may not have rolled over onto the phone, plugged into a USB-PD charger, with the brightness on max. The 2nd battery I bought a few weeks after that when they were back in stock still works great and AccuBattery estimates 3800 mAh capacity on it. The wonky one has also always been much harder to get the battery cover to close over, so it was probably a dud on Day 1 that's just now manifesting.

  • Taoezi 4200 mAh - Delisted

    Tough to get the cover over, but it doesn't give me any trouble. Only bought it because it was a good deal cheaper than the Perfine at the time, and was also in stock.

  • Upgraded LG V20 BL-44E1F Battery Replacement, SHENMZ 4200mAh Li-Polymer Battery 24 Month Warranty

    Almost free, I bought it using the refund from the aexpower. Voltage sag below 50% charge after 6 mo, not going to bug them for a refund tho, will recycle it next time I go to Best Buy.

  • TAYUZH LG V20 Battery | 2X 3200mAh Replacement Li-ion Battery with Wall Charger for LG V20 BL-44E1F | V20 Spare Battery - 24 Month Warranty

    They legit seem identical to the very first set of TQTHL batteries, from the packaging, to the charger, etc. These Chinese battery "companies" are all just different names for the same shit in my opinion lol. I keep one in my desk and one in the car, and tbh I bought them for the charger. They're probably safer to keep lying around than these sketchy LiPo packs anyways.

  • [Upgraded TAYUZH 2X 4200mAh Replacement Li-Polymer Battery BL-44E1F with Spare Charger for LG V20 24 Month Warranty] (

    On the way because Perfine is out of stock. Technically the cheapest LiPo on Amazon right now. Technically what I'd recommend.

    Special Mention

    3 wonderfully ridiculous 3800 mAh "Gold" batteries are on their way from eBay. It was like $24 for 3. I bought them just to see what they were.

    There are a few more ridiculous sounding brands of battery on eBay, including one that doesn't even appear to have a "brand name" but has a Chinglish message printed on it about ["Supporting US Taxpayer Company"] ( and boasts a 4520 mAh capacity! Make BL-44E1F Great Again. And then this 4200 mAh "LOSONCOER" that is more expensive than all of the 4200 mAh batteries on Amazon but ships from China. No thanks. Others include a "Sporting" 4520 mAh and an ACESOFT 4520 mAh, and one that's completely unbranded, possibly the elusive "original" battery that all of these fuckers are buying boxes of to slap labels onto. They're dirt cheap though, $12 or so.

    I also bought a MAXXJUICE to see what that's about. I doubt it will be any different from the other 4Ah batteries, and it's a great deal more expensive, but it comes with a case. Also no sales tax because lol Singapore. Yay.

    OEM Batteries

    If for whatever reason you want an original LG OEM battery, I've only found 2 legit sources, neither are cheap.

    The first is easier, local, quicker, but way more expensive. Find someone selling the retail BCK-5200 package - the battery inside is real and unused. Buying an OEM battery from someone selling the loose BCK-5200 (cheaper) is hit or miss.

    The 2nd is an Israeli eBay user that appears to be operating out of a cell phone shop in Bnei Barak. They also still have the LG Quick Cover in stock lol. Everything I ordered from him has a little sticker on it - they were accessories imported for a carrier over there. That's "OEM LG Battery #2" from earlier. It's over a year old. Still works fine.

u/sliight · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Awesome, you'll love it. Once you get it hunt down the Google camera at XDA (I need to go download new version as they've now combined both). Although, the stock camera app is still incredible.

If you're not using Nova Launcher, it's a must also... I've been using that for years now and couldn't fathom using anything else. Having the ability to have more rows and columns and more control over primary desktop screen totally worth it.

Good luck and have fun!

P.S. I love this case:

This was best screen cover I found after trying two others:

u/wordstrappedinmyhead · 1 pointr/lgv20

I've tried 2 cases so far - - Ringke onyx "Resilient Strength" case - OBLIQ Flex Pro Case

They're both good to go, my opinion is purely objective but I prefer the Ringke because it just has a better feel in my hand to me.

I can honestly say that either of these along with the dozens of similarly styled cases should be perfectly adequate for the average v20 owner.

If you happen to be someone who beats the shit out of their phone on a routine basis and expects to expose it to severe environmental conditions, then I'd say the OtterBox Defender for the v20 is probably THE case to get. I'm basing this on having used OtterBox cases on previous phones, so take it for what it's worth.

u/Hussar305 · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I agree. I love my UAG case. It's small enough that it doesn't make the phone much bigger and it offers great protection. I have a screen protector on it and it's been keeping the phone like new.

I'm using a Zero Lemon standard spare battery as well. It's been working great. I can't find them on Amazon anymore. It looks like if I need another one it'll have to be an oem lg battery.

u/t1m1d · 5 pointsr/lgv20

I've been loving my Yishda batteries. I've been using a single one pretty heavily since I got it, and have even charge it externally many times. I've never gotten the non-OEM battery warning, and the capacity is still as good or better than my original battery. I easily get a full day of reasonably heavy use, at around 75% brightness.

I bought this bundle for something like $27, it's a great price IMO since it comes with two batteries and the external charger.

u/Nahuel1988 · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I had about 8 cases for my V20. From Spingen to VRS Desing, few cheapos too. To me this is the best one I had so far : it looks great and the back just feels amazing to hold. It's hard to explain but it gives a texture that's doesn't slide easy from your fingers, feels really great and definitely gives a bold look. It's on sale now, for 13 buks you can't go wrong.

u/x0AshKetchum0x · 1 pointr/lgv20

[2-Pack] LG V20 Screen Protector, PThink [Full Screen Coverage] Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG V20

I prefer these. I've seen them recommended here before. I wouldn't call them the most durable glass screen protector, they might crack, but they have always protected my screen, and they look and feel great! Comes with 2 pieces. Perfect glass texture. Easy to install. Oliophobicso there fingerprints aren't too bad. Covers the 2ns screen Cut out camera and light sensor. And the black edges guarantee no halo effect.

Only concern is that there is an "air" pocket where the LG logo is, and it can collect dust.

u/PostalFury · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I use the Tech21 case. It's absorbed all the falls my phone has taken pretty well, not too thick, easy to take on/off, and the branding is pretty subtle.

I'm not a huge fan of the volume buttons, but it's not a deal-breaker in recommending it.

My friend uses the Spigen Tough Armor case and it's held up pretty well so far. Kickstand is a nice addition, as well.

u/aceofpayne · 3 pointsr/lgv20

Ive got the other tough armor spigen case (as I did with my g3, and g5 that was recently lost) this case personally I like it more just because of the kickstand. Also if you haven't already gotten one for yourself or op needs a micro sd card this one is the best for the money since it has a higher read write speed then a ton of the other cards on the market and it helps save the pictures faster when taking them at such high definition. Also great when apps are stored on it since nougat brought back that beloved feature

u/RAMASO · 1 pointr/lgv20

Due to the top and bottom of the screen edging into a curve it makes it not perfectly flat. Therefore glass screen protectors are sized not to cover the full-screen glass and some are made too short (and ugly) on both ends. I see the image for the Spingen glass screen protector (link below) just listed yesterday on Amazon as an example of what manufacturers are best able to do. The glass protector leaves the last 3/16" uncovered at the top and bottom of the V20 screen.
I ordered a plastic full-screen protector, yet to arrive, from Amazon, the link also below. It's a wet installation screen protector for what you need a very clean dust free environment and a lot of patience. Note that this one is described as case friendly, which to me means the case will not mess up the edges by leaving an uncovered gap around the screen for clearance.

u/mjsnyder15 · 1 pointr/lgv20

So I had a Dbrand for my V20, but only around the top, bottom and back. I had it on the camera but for me it messed with my wide angle so I removed it.

Then I had the rest of it on for only 2 more days before removing it all. The first night I had my V20 in the Dbrand and put it on the nightstand, my cat caught the charger and pulled it off the stand and it fell and hit the bedframe. I wasn't too worried about it. The following day, the top and bottom pieces weren't holding good so I removed it and now there's scratches from where it hit the bedframe. Nothing too serious but I was kinda hoping it would protect better than it did. I then just went ahead and removed everything and bought this case which has treated me great.

I can't claim this for everyone, but for me Dbrand wasn't the way to go.

u/jeromek · 5 pointsr/lgv20

I love the ringke onyx for this phone. Good grip on the sides, and pretty good durability and protection. I've used mine everyday for a year, and it looks great. Granted I go into an office everyday, and I'm not out on construction sites.

u/nullx · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I've had the best luck with these screen protectors, no bubbles, halos, or gaps and fit the screen pretty perfectly. This is on a VS995.

u/captnkerke · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I don't know if you would consider it heavy duty, but I use the Ringke Onyx and am very happy with it. I think it offers a good combination of protection and grip, without too much bulk. It's also easy to remove and install.

u/Goopadrew · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I would actually recommend a thermal pad like this one I used when I replaced the thermal paste, because the gap between the heatsink and the body of the phone is pretty large and would require a lot of thermal paste to bridge the gap. It's pretty easy to take the phone apart if you just follow an ifixit guide, and all you need is a small screwdriver and maybe a little plastic pry tool to make disconnecting a couple connectors easier

u/danaholic86 · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I have this case and love it. Not thick at all, and very comfortable. Spigen Rugged Armor

Also basically any USB C dock will work. Just pick one with great reviews and you shouldn't be disappointed.

u/Jynxmaster · 1 pointr/lgv20

ROM: (NOTE: I just checked and it was discontinued two weeks ago! Still usable of course.)

  • AlphaROM on xda. Comes with audio tools such as viper4android which let you toggle all sorts of improvements & effects for your headphones. LineageOS is also a decent universal option.


  • Anker Powerline+ Cable - Super durable usb cord with support for high transfer speed & charging speed (Quickcharge 3.0)


  • Spigen Tough Armor or Rugged Armor Case - Simple solid cases with good protection and usability. (Not as beefy as an otterbox though)
u/xerostatus · 10 pointsr/lgv20

I can't speak on the long term life or reliability, but for about a week I've been rocking the 4100mah li-po battery from perfine ($17). Accubattery is showing at least 4100mah on each full cycle charge. I know the Qoo10 one was one of the first and "legit" li-po ones to come out, but perfine might be a cheaper and easier-to-buy alternative. Meanwhile, Shenmz also makes the 4200mah li-po battery ($19) which i think other users here are reporting pretty positive feedback on.

u/jag986 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I picked up this one

Very thin profile with a lip over the front and extends beyond the camera bulge and holds it about a millimeter or two above the resting surface. Cutouts are super accurate and it feels good and grippy in the hand.

u/SmaugTheMagnificent · 1 pointr/lgv20

I can't speak about those, but like what most military grade things they're probably cheap.

UAG also touts "military' something or other, but I've used them in the past and in my research outside of the Otterbox Defender case (if you take the plastic film out) are some of the best cases available for this phone.

u/nickthaskater · 4 pointsr/lgv20

That's a polycarbonate case, not a replacement battery cover. That wouldn't do anything other than promote heat retention relative to running a bare device.

There isn't much you could do to the battery cover to improve thermals aside from turning it into a cheese grater with heatsink fins, and even that is going to be pointless given there's no direct contact between the heat source and the battery cover.

Best thing you could do would be to open the device and replace the thermal compound with a high W/mK thermal pad like this one:

u/quazmang · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Spigen Glas tR Slim

Went OCD on the first of the two in the pack and ended up redoing it with the second and it went on perfect. Covers the main and second screens with a cutout for the camera and proximity sensors. The protector only covers the actual screen , not the entire face of the phone so there's a gap between the protector and the edge of the phone. I have a Ringke case on mine and the gap is never an issue. I actually like the way it looks when the screen is off, too. The protector is lined up perfectly and the cutout is not cover gmthe camera or the camera housing but the wide angle on the camera lens picks up the edge of the screen protector in certain pictures under certain conditions. Doesn't affect most of the picture but it is a little annoying. Otherwise the glass feels great, I dropped the phone on its face and no scratches at all. Glass is very strong and clear..I no longer have to worry about scratching up my phone.

u/vectorvitale · 3 pointsr/lgv20

Yes. Both the BCK-5200 Battery Charging Cradle (Charging via USB-C) and any given 2x Battery and Wall Cradle will work. I have both and I find both very useful. I have the White cradle mounted to the wall near my bed with a command strip, and I can just come home from work, pull the battery out and put the new one in. I use the wall cradle at work to charge a battery and my Sony WI-1000x headphones, becuase the wall cradle does actually have an additional USB port on the side. I find that charging the battery and something via the USB does take longer on both, so keep that in mind. I'd try and find a BCK-5200 on Ebay or Swappa or something and get that, and grab a wall cradle. You can put the wall cradle in your backpack or pocket on the way out the door and basically always have full battery, it's really nice. The same can be said for the BCK-5200 though - I occasionally would use it in the car to charge my second battery as well, or use a portable power bank. It's slimmer and nicer looking, and I could be mistaken but IIRC also support QC3.0 + PD, so it'll charge faster. /u/JeromeZilcher will be able to confirm that.

u/JRD761 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I've had my V20 since it's launch.
This screen protector has been amazing. I originally had the Verizon Wireless screen protector, as it was pretty much the only one out when the phone launched. The case kept peeling up the edges.. I had it exchanged 3 times, still hated it.
Got the screen protector in the link above thinking I was never going to find a decent screen protector and would end up replacing it every month.. and didn't want to spend $20 each time. I've had that screen protector for about 3 months now and it's been great. Never once lifted up or moved around, even with my case.

As far as a case.. I went with the ZeroLemon battery which has its own case (also on Amazon). Battery life suckeddddd on the original battery.. couldn't get more than a couple hours use out of it before I was running for a charger. Now the battery lasts my entire 12 hour shift without having to be recharged.

u/BDestroyer8418 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I bought this Anker been great ordered a 2nd one.

I believe the code still works 3Ft AKUSBC3F $8.99
6Ft AKUSBC6F $9.99

Just look up Anker in Slickdeals and the thread towards the top 6' Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB Cable. Code say good til the 4th sometime haven't check though.

Here it is

u/theperfectwatermelon · 1 pointr/lgv20

What's your battery life like? Screen on time you usually get?

Also have this case and it's pretty nice, I also wanna get a dbrand skin skin they're cheap and have a lot of options.

u/Calisael · 1 pointr/lgv20

Using Ringke Fusion and i love it so much. It has enough protection but still see the beauty of a v20

u/Illuminatisamoosa · 1 pointr/lgv20

Here's my 2cents. Advice above regarding cases is sound. The curved screen makes it hard to protect. So I initially ordered the uag rugged case. You can drop the phone from anywhere and it will be 100s. However, it was too much. The phone was just to bulky, my pockets were getting ruined, and the aux and charging ports were too much of a mission to access. So I have changed to this:

And it's amazing. I'll risk the screen for the slim fit.

Battery- I got this 2 weeks ago and have been swapping it daily with my original battery. So far seems legit and works better than the original:

u/teslasagna · 1 pointr/lgv20

Greenify, ffox, Snapseed (A MUST), Autodesk Sketchbook, Reddit is Fun, Duolingo, Elevate, John's emulators for retro games, Drastic for DS, Gif-editor, Pocket Mortys, Google Calculator, Convert Units, and, of course, Meme Creator! You should probably quickcapture this - put it in your second screen tools 👍👍

A uag case (rugged af, totally worth it)

Uhh I snagged this screen protector, it just arrived today but I haven't put it on yet -

Some actual corded earbuds, cuz holy shitballs, you will be all-out amazed!

u/milkybuet · 1 pointr/lgv20

Google's Pixel Camera is a must have. It offers drastically better image quality. You don't get manual mode, burst shot and wide angle shooting, but not like you have to throw away the stock camera app. Use both for different situations.

The removable battery and back allows for HUGE batter like this 10000 mAh ZeroLemon battery. I don't think it's a everyday thing, but if you need extended period without having to rely on battery packs or swapping battery, going hiking maybe, this is the thing. If 10000 mAh is too bulky for you, there are other smaller options that can used for same situations.

u/motlaghreyhan · 1 pointr/lgv20

I would recommend anker's USB 3.0 to USB C cable if you aren't able to find OEM ones ( ) it has been tested by Benson to not fry your device and is a good quality cable. Combined with Anker's quick charge brick ( ) I have had no problems, and the relatively inexpensive price of the cables is awesome considering how good they are.

u/JeromeZilcher · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Not OP, but here's a link for anyone who wants to have a look what kind of case this is.

u/pyrocompulsive · 2 pointsr/lgv20

here ya go bud. on sale for $799. silver isn't coming untilt he end of the month..i wanted silver initially, but i'm impatient lol besides if i ever wanted silver, i'd just but the top and bottom parts and a bakc plate and change it to silver myself! haha

u/argumentinvalid · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Mine is titan and my case is below.

The case fits really well, gives the camera bump enough protection and feels good grip wise.

u/Gemini365i · 1 pointr/lgv20

Well maybe if you followed the reply, then you'd know what I was talking about.
Someone says post a pic, a pic is posted, from what I REFERENCED in my first gawd damn reply detailing how I did't like the TG for the v20, and that I was going to use the one for the v10 because I thought it was a better fit. Just receiving the v20, I didn't take into account that their screen dimensions were actually that much different.

Why would someone post a pic of the v10, when the discussion is about the TG on the v20? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, there is a new discussion going on, if you hadn't noticed...there are new Spigen TG protectors out for the v20...

u/clintswift · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I got my phone under the same promotion, I picked up a Ringke Onyx from Amazon.

Its great, it thickens the phone a little bit and makes it much easier to hold.

u/itsjellybear · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I have these for my v20 and they are perfect.

Spigen LG V20 Screen Protector Tempered Glass / 2 Pack / Case Friendly for LG V20

u/Quetzalcoatlus1 · 1 pointr/lgv20

Agreed. I would suggest the Spigen Tough Armor case as an alternative. I use the Spigen and it's appearance conveys quality and durability. It feels good in the hand.

This can be supplemented with a belt clip from Encased that is specifically made for this Spigen. Belt Clip for Spigen Rugged Armor - LG V20 (case not included) (By Encased)

u/MntyBntz · 8 pointsr/lgv20

I'm using a Spigen tough armor/ tempered glass combo. The case has a metal finish and it matches the V20 which I like, whereas the tempered glass is crystal clear and it covers most of the screen and the second one. I highly recommend Spigen. I spent $25 on both accessories from Amazon.

Tempered glass

Tough armor case

u/JNobes86 · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I got this one and love it. It is a hard plastic, transparent back with a rubberized bumper for shock absorption. Very low profile but protects the screen and camera.

LG V20 Case, Ringke [Fusion] Clear PC Back TPU Bumper [Drop Protection/Shock Absorp...

u/h_m123 · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I bought this and its full coverage no bubble or rainbowing but one issue i have being not so big is dust get in the lg logo area but not under the screen itself and its been great so far

u/mmcooljam · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Love my UAG case. Shop around and you can find better pricing.

UAG LG V20 Plasma Feather-Light Rugged [ASH] Military Drop Tested Phone Case

u/ClearAvenues · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I've been using this PThink one. I am pretty satisfied with it so far. Tempered glass 2 pack. Comes with guide tape.

u/itscostas · 1 pointr/lgv20

I was using this one and replaced it with a Spigen that I've had better luck with, and also picked up a Spigen tempered glass screen protector.

u/rusrslythatdumb · 3 pointsr/lgv20

$45 is a lot for a clear slim case. Any idea what makes it better than Ringke's $10 version?

u/pilotharrison · 1 pointr/lgv20

I wanted to buy the Spigen one when I got the V20 back when it was released, but Amazon was out of stock so I settled for the Ringke one.

It's survived multiple drops from shoulder level to gravel without barely any scratches to the case...

u/ImaginaryCatDreams · 1 pointr/lgv20

I was about to make a post on the same thing I found three different batteries on Amazon and can't make up my mind between them

The third one has caught my attention since it's 10,000 milliamps however it's a larger battery and would double the size of the phone it does come with a case if you were anyone else has an opinion I'd sure appreciate it

(Upgraded) LG V20 BL-44E1F Battery Replacement | AexPower 4200mAh Li-Polymer Battery for LG V20 BL-44E1F H910 H918 LS997 US996 VS995 | V20 Spare Battery (24 Month Warranty)


LG V20 Battery,6600mAh (More Than 2X Extra Battery Power) Replacement LG V20 Extended Battery BL-44E1F with Black TPU Case for LG H910 H918 V995 LS997 Phone | LG V20 Battery Case [18 Month Warranty]

Perfine 10500mAh Battery v20 BL-44E1F Replacement for LG V20 H990 H918 VS995 Li-Polymer Extended Battery with Protective TPU case

u/tek_thetech_tap · 1 pointr/lgv20

I use this Ringke Onyx case for $10, it's highly durable, it provides protection for camera bump and also raised for screen protection. It also fits perfectly while also being easy to take it off. I use this case from the day I bought my V20 until today. It's already take quite a beating but still looking sleek. I also like the side grips this case provides.

u/Grayson73 · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I'm looking for a replacement battery that fits in the stock case. Can you recommend one?

Also, I've been using this Aukey QC 3.0 wall charger:


Is that bad? If so, can you recommend a charger for me?



u/anomoly · 1 pointr/lgv20

Replaced my original battery in March (owned 2 years in Feb) with a "YISHDA LG V20 Battery 3200mAh" ordered off Amazon. Haven't had any issues since the replacement and the order was a two pack; so I'm hoping to get a fair amount of life out of them barring any major catastrophes.

u/KaHOnas · 2 pointsr/lgv20

This is the one I ordered. It seemed to be the best reviewed on here.

u/yourname146 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I'm using a glass stick-on type, which I tend to favor over the plasticy wet-stick ones. Works out fine, it just can't cover 100% of the front glass due to the slight curve at the top and bottom.

*Just noticed the poor reviews. It's like any other cheap things, I guess, hit or miss on QC. Mine is holding up well after about a month so far.

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/Delici0usFlav0rs · 1 pointr/lgv20

I don't have the ability right now, but search the subreddit if you really need a user taken picture. I will like the amazon link here for you to see. It really is close to the display on all sides, but covers it entirely.

u/terekkincaid · 1 pointr/lgv20

> 3.0 version: AUKEY PA-T9 USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 for Galaxy S7/S6/Edge, LG G5 (Qualcomm Certified)

I just bought this one this week. It works great; just this morning I went from 19% to 89% in about 50 minutes.

u/jman240sx · 1 pointr/lgv20

I picked up this bad boy just a couple of weeks ago. I only have about a weeks worth of driving on it, but so far it is fantastic. Daily driving is now back down to just 1 charge a day.

u/d4491 · 3 pointsr/lgv20

After much research,I found the Spigen Tough Armor Case ( ) to be the best bang for my buck. I've dropped it multiple times already and it has held up quite well,just a bunch of minor scuffs.
Also the kickstand comes in handy more often than I thought it would!

u/Used_Taco · 3 pointsr/lgv20

This Caseology Parallax is my favorite, followed by this DGtle, this Ringke, and finally this Ringke, though it's a little bulky for my taste.

u/Hotwinterdays · 1 pointr/lgv20

This is the one I and many others have also had success with: mod/smart Fujipoly Extreme X-e Thermal Pad - 100 x 15 x 0.5 - Thermal Conductivity 11.0 W/mK

u/sk0man · 1 pointr/lgv20

I have This one since I have a sticker on the back of my phone. Works great so far, though the hard plastic back is smudgy in feel after using for a bit.

u/Sjhester · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I have this one
Bought a few more expensive ones, 2 Spigen ones. This while not as cheap as you may be looking for, had good protection and the back was grippy, which is important to me.

u/PeterQuinn21 · 6 pointsr/lgv20

I had this case for more than a year, survived plenty of drops and it still looks pristine

u/Relik · 1 pointr/lgv20

You didn't say the total charge put in last cycle on the history screen in comparison. All I can tell you is that you need more cycles in the history for it to be more accurate. Look at my estimates in the Health tab :

They are all over the place when the phone is charged for 1% to 70%. To read the chart, at the 20% X-axis, that shows estimates using the calculation in my previous message - arrived at when the phone was charged from say 20% to 40% or 66% to 86%. The reason it's SO inaccurate is that the percent charge indicator goes by battery voltage and is calibrated by LG to be semi-accurate ONLY with a stock battery size. Luckily AccuBattery throws out values under 20% but in reality with this huge battery difference between stock, it should throw out values below 70%.

Only when it is charged for 80% or more (basically when the phone was under 20% charge) was the estimate accurate on that chart. (approx 10k mAh)

If it continues to be at the 8000 level for another 5-10 cycles then I'd start to be concerned.

Could I also ask why you decided on the ZeroLemon by the way? (I'm just curious) The Kranich is nearly exactly the same for $28.50 :

Compared to Amazon :

It's exactly the same case, but ZeroLemon put their name on the back. The reason I ask is that the ZeroLemon had several 1 star reviews complaining about your possible situation - rapid capacity loss after purchase. 1 star reviews :

I'm not saying every Kranich battery is perfect, just that I've had zero problems.

EDIT: My last charge : 36% to 100% , +64% , +6,402 mAh. So take 6402 divided by 0.64 and you get 10,003 mAh. Mine is still at exact specification after 10 months of use.

u/Archanir · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I have the Ringke case and my phone survived being dropped from the back of a moving forklift.

u/caeruleusblu · 1 pointr/lgv20

LG Electronics V20 - Factory Unlocked GSM Phone - Titan Grey (U.S. Warranty)

That should be it :)

u/shimile · 1 pointr/lgv20

If you think this is a tank, try the ZeroLemon 10Ah battery :)

u/UndeadArmy314 · 2 pointsr/lgv20

i love ottebox cases because they have a built in screen protector on the defender series

they are also a good company to go with. i had an s7e with their case and it worked great! itd be cheaper to get this case and a screen protector.

i currently have the otterbox and love it but might switch because i just ordered a second battery and the otterbox is a bitch to take off sometimes but we shall see

u/messyentrepreneur · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Just ordered this one. Spigen Glas tR Slim LG V20 Screen Protector with Tempered Glass 2 Pack for LG V20

Looks like they cut it short to fit the curve. I'll find out Tuesday when it comes in.

u/TheMainVeinGiver · 1 pointr/lgv20

Yes, even the adapter for micro-USB to USB-C need a 56k ohm resistor, this is still used to determine power requirements/output. As seen here Anker even states in the article that it uses a 56k ohm resistor in the adapter to meet requirements of USB-C.

u/Anarchaotic · 4 pointsr/lgv20

I've bought two cases but keep going back to this one:

It's very low profile, protects the back of the phone and the camera lense since the case is slightly elevated, and doesn't add too much heft or width to the phone.

The other case I have is a Spigen one that's much more solid, but it adds a lot of weight and makes the phone too big in my opinion so I keep going back to the fusion

u/speed_rabbit · 1 pointr/lgv20

Stormtrooper, yoda, bounty hunter and Vader skins (not case) for the V20:

Otherwise, this actual case is clear and comes with a template so you can print and cut out your own images to put on the back and customize your case. Works well.

u/AC53NS10N_STUD105 · 1 pointr/lgv20

Heres what i would go with. Its a film full coverage screen protector and as far as i can tell is your best bet. Its a bit costly, and isn't the easiest to work with being liquid application, but if you have the patience to properly apply it, its probably the best for general purposes. Just be very thorough and careful applying it, as once you mess up its a pain to retry.

u/eDamko · 5 pointsr/lgv20

This is the best fitting screen protector I have found. I tried a few others, but none fit nearly as well and I ended up chipping them all. It's a bit difficult to install, but comes in a pack of 2, so you have two chances to get it right.

u/GoogleAndroid8 · 1 pointr/lgv20

The Spigen glass ones here:

I like it. Cheap, you get 2 of them, and it has a decent anti-fingerprint coating on it.

u/littlepresman · 6 pointsr/lgv20

I like these: [2-Pack] LG V20 Screen Protector, PThink [Full Screen Coverage] Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG V20

u/moose0003 · 3 pointsr/lgv20

Found this on Amazon. Thought I would share.

Spigen w/Kickstand

u/robbybobby123 · 1 pointr/lgv20

Got the spigen tempered glass 2 pack. It covers the second screen down to just above the LG logo. Working well so far

u/BigDavey88 · 2 pointsr/lgv20

As someone that always has a case that makes me feel better it kind of negates it. I just picked up this one. I got it because of plastic covering over the camera lenses but I suppose that's overkill.

u/PaulMcgranite · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I've bought Zero Lemon off of Amazon in the past and they've been good. I think they stopped selling them though, so you might just have to try other ones. I'd probably give these guys a shot, but buy at your own discretion:

u/fried_clams · 5 pointsr/lgv20

Spigen. I really like it. I stuck on their universal kick stand too.
What are the yellow parts on your phone?

u/WhiteSnake91 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I'm still intrigued on trying this. I know some users said they were more dangerous but another user posted some stuff saying they were actually safer than lithium ion "regular" phone batteries, and those are certainly dangerous too if they're punctured or blow up. It said li-polymer were actually used throughout the years in phones with no problems, and somebody said the zero lemon batteries were li polymer too? I personally don't know since I found them to be overpriced when there were way cheaper 10k batteries for sale.


started the refund on my lackluster ipossible 3300 mAh that, honestly, performed the same or worse than the oem worn out LG battery. I could baby it and get like 4:10 SoT with power saver mode turned on at 20%...I could get like 3:35 on the LG one with no battery saver at all just using it with lots going on. Today, I was on par for getting what the old LG battery could get. Only showed about 2800 capacity after several full cycles on accubattery too


says the seller is sold out. Back to my Kranich 10k I go. It was kind of nice having a more lightweight spigen case on, but honestly, with the weight of the 3300, the metal back, plus spigen case, it wasn't THAT much lighter than the 10k battery and its case


edit- it appears the zerolemon actually is li-polymer

u/Heretic04 · 1 pointr/lgv20

If you want a tight USB-C connection, buy these:

This adapter clicks into the USB-C port and locks into place and they work with any standard Micro USB cable and Quick Charging works with this adapter.

u/maximalx5 · 2 pointsr/lgv20

This is what i have and I'm quite happy with it:

LG V20 Case, Spigen Rugged Armor - Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design Soft Case for LG V20 (2016) - Black

No integrated screen protector though

u/snake1118 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I use this anker qc 3.0 charger. Since i have around 20 microusb cables, I got Anker Usb-C to MicroUsb adapter and I haven't noticed any issues, charges fast and works well.

u/telekinetic · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Can you try it out with one of those keychain usb c adapters?

[2 in 1 Pack] Anker USB-C to Micro USB Adapter, Converts USB Type-C input to Micro USB, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2 and More

u/bignoseduglyguy · 1 pointr/lgv20

Came here to say the say the same

u/lichnor · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Seconding this. Though, I found it easier to install than my last, ill fitting screen. YMMV.

And I use this case...

u/holdontosound · 1 pointr/lgv20

Mentioned it on imgur but here is the direct link to it. It's the Spigen one.

u/basiliskfang · 2 pointsr/lgv20

He said zero lemon, last i checked it was out of stock.

Edit - not anymore LG V20 Battery Case, ZeroLemon LG V20 10000mAh TriCell Extended Battery with Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case - Black

u/evoLS7 · 1 pointr/lgv20

LG V20 Battery Case, ZeroLemon LG V20 10000mAh TriCell Extended Battery with Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case - Black

u/JackCloudie · 5 pointsr/lgv20

ZeroLemon has a case out for the v20?? I've looked around and not found one? Link please?

Nevermind. Found it. For anyone looking Here

u/nstarz · 3 pointsr/lgv20

I use

It last about 10hrs SOT, 2.5 days average use.

I can't find a warranty website for Perfine. I think I got their smaller battery.

u/onefix · 1 pointr/lgv20

I have had mine for about 8 months.

I regularly carry mine in my pocket (with keys) and still haven't seen the glass around the camera lens crack.

Here is the case that I have for mine:

u/MrLethalWeapon · 6 pointsr/lgv20

Two weeks ago I used Arctic Silver thermal paste, and had a similar result.

I tried it again with a lot more paste and finally got a better result.
Understanding what went wrong, I bought a thermal pad and tried again. This time the results were very even better.

Use a pad instead of paste.

This is what I used:

[mod/smart Fujipoly Extreme X-e Thermal Pad]

u/Kariru · 2 pointsr/lgv20 I have this one on my V20 right now. Don't really need a super bulky case on this particular phone since it's more resilient to drops than most flagship devices.

u/bluewalletsings · 2 pointsr/lgv20

> Tempered glass

not available in my country, shipped it from US. totally worth it.

shame its not full cover like they used to make it in G3.

u/berzerkiing · 1 pointr/lgv20

I haven't thought about it but I doubt it's the case, I bought this Spigen one.

u/cobbb11 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I had the problem with the battery cover staying on with this one. Can't speak out possible explosions and shit:

The left side would never stay secure and always pop out slightly when I took my phone out of my bicycle saddle bag to/from my work commute. All I ended up having to do was rip the sticker off it. That teeny-tiny layer was all I needed to remove to make the back cover stay as secure as the stock battery. It's been several months now and the back cover as never popped off unless I wanted it to.

I would make sure you peeled off any stickers you can.

u/sharpshout · 1 pointr/lgv20

I'm rocking this Spigen case and a glass screen protector. I can say I've dropped my phone dozens of times on many surfaces (including concrete) and the worst that's happened is the screen protector needing to be replaced. Other than that not a single scratch on the phone.

Spigen Tough Armor LG V20 Case with Kickstand and Extreme Heavy Duty Protection and Air Cushion Technology for LG V20 - Gunmetal