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u/Scrivver · 2 pointsr/liberalgunowners

I determined a while back that either my basic morality must change (unlikely), or my political position must shift to agree with it. That's how I ended up voluntarist (anarchist) today. I stopped advocating for policies based on what I thought of them at first glance in a vacuum, and started seriously examining my own basic morality, and consequently whether any policies were in conflict with it. Only then did I move on to studies of economics, with which I've become fascinated. For a thorough, yet layman-accessible examination of ethical/moral principle and the legitimacy of the state, I highly recommend Prof. Michael Huemer's The Problem of Political Authority. It is very dispassionate like a good academic publication should be, but I still found it riveting.

So I don't advocate the Libertarian party either, though in my studies I see significant merit to the associated economic policies even aside from their moral benefits. I highly recommend Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson.

I am also against taking one's shirt off on stage during a political convention. However, I of course will not try to stop anyone from becoming as nude as they wish. ;)

Haha, alright, my pitch is over. :)

u/fidelitypdx · 5 pointsr/liberalgunowners

> But what else should I get her? Ammo, sure. How much ammo is enough to practice for a bit? I really have no idea.

For ammo you'll want two varieties: defensive ammo and training ammo. Quality defensive ammo usually comes in a 25-round box, priced around $15-$20. You'll probably want 2 boxes of this, one to practice with and another to keep loaded in the actual/ready magazine for defensive use. There's about a dozen excellent brands on the market, I like Critical Defense by Hornady, but all contemporary 9mm defensive ammo is pretty good.

For training ammo you can buy it online. Just look at and sort by price. There's 3 general types and they'll all work fine: steel case, reloaded/remanufactured, and bulk. You just gotta keep an eye out on the internet regularly and find whatever deal looks good - be aware of hidden fees in shipping rates. Generally ordering ammo online is cheaper than the store, but check with your local gun store as they might sell cheap stuff. There's some puritans out there who claim issues with different types of training ammo, especially steel case - this is because they're confused and think that modern steel case 9mm is corrosive like old WW2 bulk steel case ammo was corrosive. TulAmmo and BrownBear and Wolf should all run mostly fine in your wife's Glock.

Quantity is going to vary - but you certainly can't have too much. At least 200 rounds for the first outing is good. Have her start with the cheap ammo, then before the day is over switch to the defensive loads and fire a magazine or two - this is mostly to ensure if functions in her pistol, there's not a huge difference in how it handles.

If she goes to a class the instructor will recommend or sell the ammo.

> Does it require a case or anything? A cleaning kit?

Generally a "case" for a pistol is the holster. Your gun store will sell some cheap types of holsters, and just start her with a really cheap one. When she moves to concealed carry she'll probably upgrade to one that fits her preferences of how she wants to carry and where to carry.

For cleaning you'll just need a bore brush for cleaning the barrel and a general cleaner/lubricant. Your gun store will sell some, I'd recommend Break Free CLP; it's an all-in-one spray. You actually don't really need to clean Glocks until after ~500 rounds, that's when you'll have malfunctions due to a dirty gun.

> What else is absolutely essential to buy with this gun?

Hearing protection. These Howard Leight ear muffs are extremely popular - they'll work fine for training purposes - they also amplify quiet sounds, so if there is a thump in the night you can throw these on and hear someone breathing in the next room. I've never seen someone disappointed in these ear muffs. If she's spending a long day at the range she'll also want inner-ear plugs as well.

u/illigal · 1 pointr/liberalgunowners

Looks good! Although with your shorter stature, you might benefit from an adjustable stock and a shorter barrel.

For affordable rear sights, I recommend a Magpul folding back up iron sight (MBUS) as it’s nice an compact until you need/want it:

And a primary red dot - I really like the Bushnell TRS-25 with a mid height riser. It’s a good compromise of decent quality and great affordability. Although if you can swing a trijicon red dot or EOTech holographic sight, all the better.

u/exoclipse · 7 pointsr/liberalgunowners

Ammo: I buy Federal white box FMJs for pistols and shit-tier Tula steel-cased for my AR-15. If you don't want to debase your rifle with the steel shit, American Frontier makes some cheap brass-cased ammo.

Gun safe: Here's a primer. I'm getting a cheap locking cabinet from Gander over the weekend - I just want something to keep my kids outta my guns, and the old 'hide it in a locked box on a high shelf' thing doesn't make me comfortable.

Extra mags: Yes. Buy from the pistol's manufacturer, or for AR-15s, I like PMags.

Reloader tool: Looking for like a magazine loader? They're good to have. I've never had a problem manually loading mags tho.

Range bag: yes. Bigger is better.

Holster: Safariland makes best-in-class holsters for all occasions.

Safety gear: I double up my hearing protection (muffs AND plugs). I use these for muffs, and whatever is cheap for plugs. I use my eye glasses as eye pro.

Also - you will want a soft bag for your pistol/rifle for transport to and from the range.

u/Lampwick · 3 pointsr/liberalgunowners

Definitely recommend it. Look for the full collection of all the Isher stories, titled The Empire of Isher. The overarching story feels a bit "rushed", since it's assembled from a series of short stories, but the themes of government and self-determination are interesting. He also does a pretty clever thing where he portrays characters as mustache twirling villains from the perspective of the main character in one story, and then shows the same characters from a different perspective in other stories that shows they're not necessarily the bad guy... Good old classic 50's sci-fi.

u/TheGreatWolfy · 23 pointsr/liberalgunowners

PBS just had a great documentary on the Panthers called Black Panthers, Vanguard of the Revolution which does a good job of giving a broad and balanced overview of the Panthers. If you want more specific information you can read stuff like [this] ( or [this] (

u/Kreiger81 · 6 pointsr/liberalgunowners

If you have access to electronic ear muffs as well, those are AMAZING for first timers. (and, i mean, awesome in general, I find).

Whats nice is that they can still hear you relatively fine, but the shots are muffled.

I got a pair of these and it really, really reduces the "What did you say??" usually accompanied by starting to turn around while holding a loaded firearm.

Highly recommended.

u/BeetleDeetz · 4 pointsr/liberalgunowners

I am lgbt and LOVE that flag. Thanks for sharing cuz I’m off to track one down now :)

ETA: I’m still looking but I think it’s an image created for #shootback in response to the pulse night club shooting, so not sure if they made actual flags. The rainbow gadsen is ok, but I really dig the overall design/message of the shoot back one.

u/followupquestion · 13 pointsr/liberalgunowners

I’d say Trump’s election also pulled in a lot of low income white people as well, anxious to make sure their spot in the pecking order (just slightly above people of color) doesn’t move. Basically some people fell for the same line of BS that worked back in the 1800s, when the system held “white” people were better than the Irish immigrants who were still better than black slaves. Read, “Making Whiteness”
Making Whiteness: The Culture of Segregation in the South, 1890-1940

u/RunShootDrink · 41 pointsr/liberalgunowners

For anyone who wants to hear more stories like this I recommend This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed, by Charles E. Cobb Jr.

Rice's father is far from the only black southerner who used firearms to keep the Klan away and his family safe.

u/TOASTEngineer · 1 pointr/liberalgunowners

I dont think those are necessarily incompatible They're relatively competent plotters who don't give a shit about the country and the system is too big and fucked up to change anything for the better.

There's a book called The Systems Bible that tries to explain why organizations and systems full of competent people who want to get the job done still can't actually accomplish any forward progress.

u/jd_edc · 7 pointsr/liberalgunowners

For the money, it's hard to beat Howard Leight. I have several sets of earpro, including Peltors, several loaner pairs of Caldwells, my gf has Walker's that she likes a lot, but the Howard Leights are cheap enough and quality enough that I both trust them and didn't mind buying a pair to forever live with my HD gun.

u/eyetracker · 2 pointsr/liberalgunowners

OnX is either phone or GPS based maps. You can get 1 time purchase GPS or a subscription. If that's too expensive now a Gazeteer is a brand of paper maps with ownership info.

Mossberg 500 series is the basic and cheap but good pump shotgun. Remington 870 is another decent one (I own one and no major issues) but quality control has been down lately.

Edit: California gazetteer: California Atlas & Gazetteer

u/badwolf1358 · 7 pointsr/liberalgunowners

Read the book This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible I am only a couple of chapters in but so far it has illustrated to me how firearms ownership in the black community kept a lot of people alive during the civil rights movement.

u/Busch_Diesel · 1 pointr/liberalgunowners

You're welcome

I have one that I plan to fly during election season.

u/popcornrevolution · 14 pointsr/liberalgunowners

I couldn’t find a “no step on snek” rainbow flag but here’s this

Wait actually here’s a sticker

u/tausciam · 9 pointsr/liberalgunowners

For another view on this I recommend this book. Large pockets of the South were essentially Pagan (Celtic) and traveling preachers were often run out of town with shotguns

u/winnie_the_slayer · 6 pointsr/liberalgunowners

Here is an article about it. Basically men become more violent when they perceive that they have lower social/economic value than other men. Here is the source book. and here is a podcast about it. please don't kill me for bringing up Jordan Peterson.

u/kingrobotiv · 6 pointsr/liberalgunowners

Without knowing you, I would highly suggest Michael Stephenson's The Last Full Measure: How Soldiers Die in Battle.

The short answer is yes, history is replete with mass murders using clubbing instruments, often with creative embellishments designed to pierce, pummel, and bludgeon. It's a tremendously good book full of somewhat-morbid facts: for example, knights were very frequently mortally wounded by being stabbed in the taint.