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u/redeadpanda · 2 pointsr/littlespace

Well for some stuff thankfully dressing cutely ie lolita/anime stuff or wearing superhero shirts is in now.
Also if you like the harajuku scene,punk or goth it's easier to get away with leather dog collars or spike chokers.

amazon and some other online shops have these onesies with are hidden by a pleated sailor skirt so it looks like a kawaii sailor uniform.

activities you could try are video games riders of icarus has this cutesy anime class class called the trickster who wields a teddy bear and magical girl looking wand, cartoons/anime you both enjoy.

If you in a legal state and you both enjoy cannabis that might help loosen him up to the idea or give you the courage to explore more of yourself with him in conversation.

As someone with social anxiety it helps me at times.

Other things you might mull over depending on how you both feel if you're not looking for him to be your caregiver would you consider maybe both of you being littles/middles whatnot together if he finds he could enjoy getting in touch with his inner kid via games or anime or other stuff?

link to that onesie I spoke of

u/hatt3r5_girl · 2 pointsr/littlespace

It is a Munchkin 360 cup :) with this type of sippy you can drink from any side. Not as “little” feeling as a true sippy, but definitely does the trick for me and keeps from spilling my juice (good for clumsy me). They sell smaller ones in stores, but this is the biggest I’ve been able to find!

Munchkin Miracle 360 Tritan Spill Proof Water Bottle, Pink, 24 Ounce

u/msktty89 · 2 pointsr/littlespace

As a kid, I always really loved Stellaluna and Verdi. Another favorite was Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse (and other Leo Leonni books in general!).

Big Brother has never read to me, though I've never asked him to. I'm more of a Middle most of the time anyway, though taking a bath and being read a story would be sorta silly and fun. ;P

u/Little-Slime · 1 pointr/littlespace

Boru has twin brother and sisters, you can find them here he would be really happy for more of his family to have a good home😺

u/leelslovesit · 1 pointr/littlespace

Color My Bath Color Changing Bath Tablets, 300-Piece

For any other littles or caregivers who love to make bath time fun!!

u/Littleunicorny · 2 pointsr/littlespace

These are.... BY FAR... My most favorite!!!!

International Arrivals Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens (132-14)

u/Lsp4thewin · 6 pointsr/littlespace

Amazon here's the link Fucking Adorable - Cute Critters with foul Mouths

u/Onimixam · 4 pointsr/littlespace

I found this one on Amazon in 5 secs. Cool looking dragons and great reviews.

Edit: Cheap too at $3.19 with prime shipping.

u/anon72c · 3 pointsr/littlespace

Daddy found it here :)

Ratties are the cutest!

u/juxtalittle · 5 pointsr/littlespace

You could probably find some at thrift/dollar stores, but, the 10$ adult coloring books on Amazon are all very well worth it, for what you get!

The ones by Johanna Basford are incredibly detailed, and I'm surprised they are so cheap for the quality and quantity (80-96 page books.. front and back of each page..!) that you're getting. I have this one, and I've only completed 2 1/2 pages from it... in the 5 months I've had it (granted I don't color that often cause my thumb goes numb, but it would take me at least a few hours to finish one picture!)

u/LonavaSchoolForGirls · 1 pointr/littlespace

Lord of the Rings is a little more adult themed. The Hobbit is more kid friendly. Other great sci-fi/fantasy stuff includes:

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Witch and Wizard / Maximum Ride series: James Patterson
  • Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Bobbsey Twins
  • Go the Fuck to Sleep
  • Ella Enchanted and Bedknobs and Broomsticks (yes, both were books first)
  • Short story books like these

    We should collaborate on a book list for littles, and add it to the sidebar resources
u/yellowelephantears · 2 pointsr/littlespace

There's so much!
They're all so cute! <3
I'd love to see other littles stuffs on their lists too!

u/Daddy_C · 1 pointr/littlespace

OMG, you totally need a sloth stuffie. It's over $10, but just barely ($11.24), AND it's eligible for free 2nd day prime shipping! :D

u/FerociousVixen · 1 pointr/littlespace

I drew in the cave system behind the beholder but everything else was already there. Here Is a link to the coloring book on amazon :]

u/royalpurpleprincess · 1 pointr/littlespace

Oooooooooo~ I love The Little Prince. I actually found a coloring book based on the Little Prince and I am dying to just go out and snatch it up. <3 <3 <3

u/alittlebitsideways · 2 pointsr/littlespace

It's called "The Swear Word Coloring Book", here's a link to it on Amazon. ( :)

u/LittleStori · 2 pointsr/littlespace

I have a friend who reads me stories sometimes, and this is my favoooorite to be read:


u/fulloffantasies · 2 pointsr/littlespace

Oh my gaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd!! I'm getting that one next after I finish the fetish one though when I bought this it was only like $12 lol

u/ShyChiBaby · 2 pointsr/littlespace

Here are my top contenders.

Unicorn Party

Unicorn Sippy Cup *Etsy

Sass & Belle

Orange Volcano

Moonite Viking Skull

So the last one maybe not a sippy, but it kept coming up in searches as a sippy.

u/PBBabe · 1 pointr/littlespace

I would suggest one of those hanging stuffie holders maybe? Either the tower ones or the ones that hang in the corner.

u/giggleds · 3 pointsr/littlespace

These are the ones I got! 100 big tablets, 200 small ones. :3

u/Lillrawr · 1 pointr/littlespace

P.S. If anyone wants this coloring book, it's this one!