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u/Renders · 2 pointsr/localmultiplayergames

Riptide GP2 Is a great budget racer that reminded me of generic old console racers that used to come out in droves. I bought it just for the 6 player novelty on xbox one but ended up liking the game a lot more than expected and finished the single player progression. Sadly, it is only 4 player maximum on PC but at $5 I'd recommend it.

Already mentioned in this thread is Blur which has 2-4 player split screen and is a lot of fun in my opinion. Sadly, it was delisted from steam so tracking a copy down is more difficult than it should be. It is a fun racing game with powerups so it has the mario kart fun of screwing your opponents and allows for those who are behind a better chance of catching up than just a straight racer does.

u/WNW3 · 13 pointsr/localmultiplayergames

Xbox 360 wired controllers are very plug-and-play. Up to 4 Wireless controllers are also plug and play as long as you get one of these:

You are likely to find 360 controllers far cheaper than current gen controllers.

u/GeorgeMaheiress · 3 pointsr/localmultiplayergames

Venom charging stands are great, takes much less space than leaving the controllers lying about, means they have a dedicated place to live and are always charged. I have one for my 360 controllers and another for my PS4 ones. Haven't found anything that will do my Switch Pro controllers though :(

Venom Xbox 360 Twin Docking Station with 2 x Rechargeable Battery Packs (Xbox 360)

u/Rorwig123 · 1 pointr/localmultiplayergames

This is the one I used for my laptop:

Idk about the one you were looking at personally, but I can vouch for the one I just put up there. However, I have since switched from laptop to tower gaming and have been using this one since the power adapter didn't matter to me:

I have never tried an extension of the USB cable, but I have actually used a longer HDMI cable. You could potentially get a longer HDMI cable to plug your laptop into a central location or a location near your chairs and then plug the controllers in that way. Unfortunately I have no experience with USB extensions so I don't want to misguide you with any guesses.