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u/EveryWind007 · 2 pointsr/lootcrate

I read it a couple of years ago but when I got a copy in my LootCrate, I was so happy, if anybody else is reading this comment, yet another redditor recommends Ready Player One.

I believe the cover has a critic describe it as "Willy Wonka meets The Matrix" and it's very accurate.

That being said, it also has tons of awesome pop culture references and has a great feel to it.

Also OP: If you liked RPO, you might enjoy Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. I read it right after RPO and it had a similar vibe to it.

u/McIgglyTuffMuffin · 2 pointsr/lootcrate

It's 10 dollars on Amazon.

It's a real book, not some Lootcrate exclusive. I'd give you my extra since I owned it already, but I already gave it away. But really if you love Sharknado buy the book, support SyFy and give them more money to make fun movies like this!

u/Conneris · 2 pointsr/lootcrate

$25 + $9.95 shipping on amazon, if you can't find anyone to trade with. Good luck man.

NOTE: The Groot figure from July was an exclusive glow in the dark version, which the Amazon version lacks. Just so you know. :)

Other ones that are cheaper:

Dancing Baby Groot - $10

Rocket Racoon - $14

Drax - $10

Gamora - $10

Star Lord - $11

u/Khaluaguru · 3 pointsr/lootcrate

I got a Megaman Replica Mini Helmet at New York Comic Con 2015.

Looks like this:

Although the price is pretty bogus. It's typical lootcrate $9 swag...pretty cool in my opinion

u/pwbue · 0 pointsr/lootcrate

I have posted this before in a similar thread, so ctrl+C ctrl+P:


>Ocarina - $13

>Downloadable playlist - $7 (estimate $1/song) featuring themes from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Nintendo, Star Wars, etc.

>Exclusive T-shirt - $15 Made to look like a stereotypical rock band tour T-shirt, only featuring the Cantina Band from Star Wars. Includes galactic tour stops

>Drumstick Pens/ Desktop Drumsticks - $6

>The magazine would cover iconic composers, or tell the story behind some of our most recognizable songs. There would also be instructions for playing the ocarina including the Zelda themes.

>So that is four items totaling $41. I need some help with the other two. They should be small and under $9. (I think a $50 crate is more realistic to hope for) I was thinking small LootCrate exclusives like magnets, keychains, or another well-designed usb drive. Thoughts?

u/YankeeBravo · 1 pointr/lootcrate

On phone, so I'm not sure this'll work, but this one.

It's the only one I saw eligible for Prime.