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u/Darqueling · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

I am using colored sleeves:
and Deck Boxes:

I use these to "color code" my decks that I prebuild, as I only have 3 decks and do not for see myself changing them for quite some time, it works for me. Yeah you lose the back art, but it is useful when keeping track of items that are equipped to other players when cleaning up. I liked the FFG sleeves with the ring art on them, but they were a bit expensive for my blood.

Storage wise for cards that are not being used as well as encounter deck stuff, check out this post we have on our site:

I am doing something similar with the tabs (downloaded from BGG) as they will bit perfectly into the core set box, but I am going to laminate them to protect the tabs. Cutting these out takes a LONG time btw, but worth it.

u/Egen79 · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

Question on those - I like to keep my character cards in a standard binder with these pages. I want to sleeve them, but at the same time, I like to have them in this format so it's easier to display / find them when building decks.

If I had those perfect size sleeves on them, how thick would they be / and would three of them still fit in one of those pockets?

u/sunnyandtony · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

If you are worried about space or you want to overprotect your cards, like if you play daily, I would suggest putting on the KMC Perfect Fit sleeves and then putting your Dragon Shields on. It makes the cards a bit thicker, but they are well protected. When you do it you put the KMC sleeves on upside down.

u/jreilly89 · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

Personally, I go with an extended mouse pad, something like the following which is about 36" x 14". A standard Magic the Gathering mat is only 24" x 14", and I feel like having the extra 12" wide leaves you plenty of room for your deck, your heroes, and to play all your allies.

u/Ixiv · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

2nding the BCW boxes. I bought a bunch of them and printed out dividers and they work wonderfully.

I ended up getting the 800 count boxes. With nightmare cards, you can easily store 2 full cycles in one box. Without nightmare cards, you can store 3.

800 is also nice for player cards as you're able to store all of them in two boxes. I have green and red (and the ring/bilbo cards) in one box, and blue, purple, and neutral in the other.

You can get 10 boxes on Amazon for $16. That's been enough so far to store all the cards including anything upcoming from the Rhovanion cycle.

u/Ender82 · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

I sleeve all cards in Dragon Shield Clear and store them in BCW boxes. All the player cards together, and scenarios in another box.

I also printed these dividers on card stock and use them to separate the cards. They are very good.

I do all deck building in Building is simple, then you just go to the right box to find what you need once you are ready to play.

u/MDivisor · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

I've been pretty happy with using these Dragon Shield storage boxes. They're cheap and widely available at least in Finland where I am.

One of those boxes pretty much exactly holds one full cycle (deluxe + APs) of encounter cards sleeved. I've made simple separators out of cardboard for the different encounter sets. Fair warning: for most cycles it's a little bit of a tight fit so getting the cards out of the box for play can be a bit inelegant. For me it's not a big problem.

This of course makes the original core set box not really useful, but I have almost every expansion by now and they're not going to fit in there anyway.

Player cards I have in binders (or smaller deckboxes for decks I've built with them).

u/Chknfngers · 5 pointsr/lotrlcg

For those in the US this ends up being ~$27 USD after standard shipping rates


On US amazon it's $20.83 USD with eligible free shipping!! It seems book depository is selling more stuff cheap. On mobile or I'd post more

"Land of shadow" saga expansions and "heir of the numenor" deluxe expansions are similarly priced. That's all I saw and there are only a few <5 left

u/bosteen · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

Penny sleeves have been my LotR LCG mainstay for a while now, but my head has been turned by the slightly more expensive 'inner' sleeve packs. Made for obsessive M:tG players to doublesleeve their cards, these are like penny sleeves that fit the cards precisely. No gaps, snug fit.

Scuse the UK amazon link, but these are the ones I have bought:

I may, slowly, use these to resleeve my character cards, as the flabby overhang on the penny sleeves just looks and feels terrible by comparison. These perfect fit ones have ruined the others for me! Get them at your own risk!

u/Locclo · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

Have you considered using something like these? Buy one for a few dollars, buy some dividers, you can split up everything.

Edit: Here is the Amazon page for the dividers. Less than $10 will buy you a pack of 10 plus a deck box that holds 100 or so cards.

u/makaelin · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

I keep player cards in an Avery Heavy Duty Binder and Ultra Pro Platinum pages -

The encounter cards I keep sleeved in a BCW 1600 card box, with BCW dividers between each set -

I don't keep the player cards sleeved, since my decks for this game rarely change and I tend to use expensive sleeves for my games (KMC Hyper Mat Clears). The Encounter Decks I keep sleeved in cheaper FFG clear sleeves so that I can set up a game quickly.

u/LukeG47 · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

This seems to be the English Version :)

If you want to invest the time: You could also check out other online shops in Germany / Austria. Usually, they have some English versions (some of them have either a picture of the English box or they are marked with a country flag). As they are imported products they sell for about 10 bucks more than in your country (+shipping), but usually they are not sold out that fast.

u/LH99 · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

Oh sorry. These. Theyre not flimsy. Good quality.

200 Ultra-Pro Clear Deck...

u/RansomMan · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

I have most scenarios in a Go7gaming box insert (make sure you order the correct insert if you decide to go with this one; apparently there is a newer run of Lord of the Rings Card game Core boxes that were a slightly different size. The lgc-006 insert fits both sizes). I love it, but I have mostly replaced the acrylic dividers with card board dividers in order to pack as many cards as possible. Also, I don't sleeve my encounter cards.

My player cards are in a large binder with Ultra Pro, 9-pocket card pages with colored dividers for each sphere.

I have my current deck/s and scenarios along with Team Covenant Adventure Tokens and various dice (for threat tracking and willpower counting, etc.) in this deck box called the Pro Tower.

u/TheSharpestPencil · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

Amazon in the UK have some stock: Not sure about shipping costs though.

u/pokie6 · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg

I use two of these for all the encounter cards.

And two 1600 count boxes for player cards and custom player cards. I print my own dividers.

u/spon000 · 2 pointsr/lotrlcg says the Khazad-Dum expansion is going to be in stock September 23rd.

I've been waiting for this expansion and can't wait.

u/drewpdoane · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

You could go uber-tactile and get a tally counter like umpires use. Just imagine that satisfying click when you raise your threat level (or, I guess, the annoyance of having to do it about 30 times at the beginning of each game).

u/SkipsH · 1 pointr/lotrlcg

This item will be released on January 30, 2015.

No UK date though. Not sure whether to try and get it shipped from the states or not.