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u/JohnLeMont · 2 pointsr/lyftdrivers

I think it's very possible. My strategy (considering I already have a full time 9-5 job) is to drive only at night during the week. On the weekends it's a bit different. I work Saturday morning, take a break mid day, then start back up later in the evening when I'm re-energized to catch the people heading out to dinner or the bars/clubs. I don't like staying out too late on Saturdays because I like to be up early on Sundays because traffic is very light and you can get around town quickly. Sunday believe it or not, is my most profitable day, where I usually bring in $150-$200 easy. Traffic in my opinion is public enemy #1 for us drivers so I recommend staying off the road during high congestion hours and busy city centers. I hardly ever accept rides to pick up at sporting events or music venues because of the time wasted getting to the passenger. I stopped going to the airport this week for the same reason, it was an absolute nightmare at LAX. Also, I'm very picky about who I pick up. Anyone with a 4.7 or less rating I won't pick up, my acceptance percentage is usually in the 35-45 range. This strategy might not work for everyone, but it works for me. Another way I make more is by just being friendly to my passengers, having the basics like multiple universal phone chargers (buy a good rated one on Amazon that won't damage people's phones), and a clean car (most of the time). I don't wash it every week but I vacuum it if it needs it and have my black ice air freshener that leaves a good scent in my car that most passengers positively comment on when they get in my car. In regards to my interactions with passengers, just trust your gut and talk to the ones who look like they don't mind conversation and leave the ones who don't alone. Just yesterday I got a $7 tip to a person I only said hello and goodbye to. Some people just want to be left alone. I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that. DM me if you want more tips.

Here's my rating if your curious.

u/brothenberg · 2 pointsr/lyftdrivers

I think that you are doing it right from what it sounds like.. the golden rule to rideshare is really only speak when spoken too.. When I first start doing Lyft in 2013, people were more chatty and less on their phones, but now its more 20-30yr olds who just screw around on their phones, play their own music and never talk, I've had several 30mn rides lately with just an hello, and thanks for the ride, nothing in the middle, I just see the bright glow of their cell phone on their face in the rear view mirror. I also recommend the pikubu mirror for any rideshare driver to see the full view of the car, make sure people are putting on their seatbelts, and it's also awesome for having a conversation as you can see the person next to you's head in the mirror with the panoramic view without being "unsafe"..


u/scorchnoma · 1 pointr/lyftdrivers

The problem is that no matter what regular cleaning product you use, you still have biological material / bacteria down into the fibers of the fabric and/or carpet. You need to remove that contaminant from the material, otherwise you're just trying to neutralize or cover it up.

Buy a hot water extractor upholstery cleaner, they can be found for about $120-$150. Every time someone does something like that from this point forward is profit, plus if you do this once a month your car will always smell fabulous.

This is what I have:

I also own a proper high pressure steam cleaner for getting harder items out of carpet.


The steam cleaner isn't as important, but it can help. I bought it to remove melted crayons out of two cars with black carpet (I have kids, it happens), worked great.

Source: I used to be a professional detailer a long time ago.

u/civilseacow · 2 pointsr/lyftdrivers


I am reminded by your post to share this stuff as well: Optimum No Rinse

It's for the outside of your car, but it requires no water and works WONDERS. Every time I use it I'm like, "I need to spread the word on this shit!!!" (It's also highly concentrated, and a single teaspoon makes a GALLON.)

I put it in a spray bottle and mostly use it for touch-ups, and it's better than Windex for windows.

u/Lezlow247 · 1 pointr/lyftdrivers

Adams Automobile Log Books (ABFAFR12) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GAZP9A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_HytizbGCKWZFX

Seriously, you can't go wrong with this. Just write monthly expenses (car, phone, insurance etc) in there as well and it's all in one neat spot come tax season. Plus if you're a few miles off from tax write offs its easier to fudge a few miles here and there. Can't do that with the app. :)

Not saying I do but it's a nice unintended feature.

u/katieeeb · 1 pointr/lyftdrivers

The Original Orthopedic Firm-Yet-Flexible Comfort Seat by RelaxoBak, Molds to Body, Ideal for Tailbone/Coccyx & Lower Spine, Posture/Alignment Support, 16.7” x 13” x 4.5”, Holds up to 300lbs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001R1Z060/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_3py-BbHA7S5EA

u/InfDisco · 1 pointr/lyftdrivers

This vacuum is amazing. You will need to charge it at home but it's a very powerful little vacuum.


u/realmp06 · 4 pointsr/lyftdrivers

I watch YouTube or steam Google Play Movies. . . while having a cigarette in my car lol. Don't worry, I have a 4.9 rating and nobody seems to notice the smell. Remedy? I use the car fresher Ozium and over nights, I put the Ozium Gel Packs that way when I get in the car in the morning, there isn't the slightest smell of smoke.

u/Sylithis · 2 pointsr/lyftdrivers

Buy a reader like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005NLQAHS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_WCZwDbNNHPTVQ and the torque app on your phone. Figure out the problem by diagnosing yourself and save a lot of money.

u/foodbucketfanpage · 11 pointsr/lyftdrivers

Everytime I get one of those on-fire-for-the-Lord types, they end up buying a copy of my book Televangelist that I have prominently displayed in my car.

I don't tell them I'm an atheist since that wouldn't sell the book; instead, I explain that I grew up in a Pentecostal church run by my family and know how things operated behind the scenes.

I tell them the book is critical of televangelists but ultimately has a Christian message that a "liberal-minded" Christian would enjoy.

They always buy the book but are probably horrified by what they end up reading lol.

u/seinman · 1 pointr/lyftdrivers

You have zero understanding of privacy laws regarding photography and videography.

I recommend this book to get you up to speed.

u/Vtrossi · 3 pointsr/lyftdrivers

The app really has nothing to do with signal reception. All GPS will struggle downtown because of the buildings blocking the sky. Here are a few tips: when you start your route take 10 seconds to look over the route, and take a screen shot so if you lose signal, you still know where to go. Or you can buy one of these. It drastically improved my reception downtown.