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u/BlueNoseReindeer · 1 pointr/mangaswap

The ones that are listed might be, but I got a set off there for $65 in January (this set would be a Christmas present for someone), and considering you can get it new off Amazon for about $100, I don't think the people that pay more for used is the best yardstick.

u/FoolOnThePlanet91 · 1 pointr/mangaswap

The Scryed set would be standard as well, maybe 30 shipped for the set? Evangelion same. One Piece 60$ shipped, not including the art book.

But again, I'm flexible.

The Cowboy Bebop boxset isn't on eBay, and on Amazon it's ridiculous, I don't know what I would charge, I guess best offer?

u/earlgrey0 · 1 pointr/mangaswap

Just an fyi, Amazon has some of the volumes for super cheap new if you don't get the response you're looking for

u/ninjapirate101 · 1 pointr/mangaswap


Bought this one and its working really well. This one came with all the plugs so you can just use the outlet in your home.

u/sj_mmoc · 2 pointsr/mangaswap

Just FYI, this series is going out-of-print because they're re-releasing it in omnibus format starting October 31st.

u/PandiReddits · -1 pointsr/mangaswap

Bakuman box set for $112

Deathnote box set for $67

u/trieu26 · 6 pointsr/mangaswap

A brand new box set is currently $66.93USD on amazon. I would reconsider.

u/Thisvthat · 1 pointr/mangaswap

Unless I'm mistaken, that's for the S.A.V.E. Edition, which only includes the blu-ray discs, but the one I have is the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.