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u/daraand · 27 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

Hey guys, I was one of the (many) production artists on the show. We took great care to make this city detailed and follow Speer's plans.
If you're curious, there is a great book of all of his drawings and plans that we used to study what the city would ultimately look like. You can find it here: (yeah it's pricey)

Glad you all liked it :)

u/sofaraway731 · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

If you have Amazon Prime (which if you're watching the show, you more than likely do), you can stream it for free on Prime Music, which comes with your subscription and has around 2 million songs I found out. Amazon Music Unlimited is the extra $7.99/mo (with prime, $9.99/mo w/o) that has the full library.

Here's the link:

u/The_Sven · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

Well if you haven't yet, I'd encourage you to read the book for Man in the High Castle. If you like Dick's style you should also pick up a book of his short stories. This is the one I got about fifteen years ago, albeit an older edition. Check with wikipedia and after you finish a story you can watch the movie that was based on it (so many of them get turned into movies)).

u/RomeoMyHomeo · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

In any case I would recommend the Kindle version ($9.99) of the book

u/PurpleTeapotOfDoom · 2 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

The Small Change trilogy of books by Jo Walton. It's an alternative history series set in the UK. The first book, [Farthing] ( starts out like an Agatha Christie style country house whodunnit and gradully there are reveals about the alternative history.

u/barbiie94 · 4 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

If you have amazon prime just download the app Amazon music here is a link

u/NPC200 · 2 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

You might be interested in Bitter Seeds the first of The Milkweed Triptych.

Telling you now, it is pretty fucked.

u/Mutch · 3 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

It won't at all.

I'd say the show ran through the book material before season 1 even ended.

If you're interested in some other alternate history / Scifi, I can recommend a series more in the style of Tom Clancy than Phillip K Dick. Axis of Time Trilogy. It's more action orientated and there is time travel involved, but I found it checks a lot of the same boxes MITHC does in keeping my attention.

u/voluntaryamnesia21 · 3 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

Don't try watching from always redirects you to region/eu/ (it redirected me (from India) to there even when I was browsing normally)

Start from here and then change to USA

u/mahason · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

Try the English version Here
or torrents!

u/MishkiGammi1 · 2 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

Here's the link to the 4K version of season 3:

I would add it to your watchlist so you can easily bring it up on the device you want to watch it on. Amazon's interface for finding the 4K version of a title is unbelievably bad.

u/Lars_El · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

The Plot Against America by Philip Roth. Roosevelt loses the presidential election to Charles Lindbergh who negotiates an understanding with Hitler.

u/its · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

Have you read “Ordinary Men” ? It describes very well the banality of evil?

u/Max2000Warlord · 3 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

From Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze:

"Even if the war had not intervened, developments up to 1939 made clear that the entire conception of the 'people's car' was a disastrous flop."

u/CySurflex · 2 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

Actually...this reminds me the point of the book "Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. The whole book describes situations where a small change started a snowball effect and created a huge change. In fact many of the stories are about political situations with a conquering power and resistance where a small group of people where able to make such a difference where they eventually beat the big powerful controlling government.

One of the stories was about how the IRA was able to fight back against the British for so long even though the British army was so powerful. Another was in France when it was controlled I think by the Nazi's (don't remember exactly but sounds right). How a small group of locals where able to oppose the controlling power.

This is the description from Amazon:

> The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate. This widely acclaimed bestseller, in which Malcolm Gladwell explores and brilliantly illuminates the tipping point phenomenon, is already changing the way people throughout the world think about selling products and disseminating ideas.

On the flip side the book explains why so many dictatorships are so concerned about anti-government speech and want to control all the media.

Anyway I guess the point just have to get enough of a momentum behind an idea so that it starts spreading and can topple entire regimes.

So I think that part is actually very realistic. Hitler understands that all of his subjects have to think that they are absolutely controlled and that there is no alternate way except death.

These films show an alternate way.

u/tominmoraga · 6 pointsr/maninthehighcastle

I too found the BCR to be an interesting subplot and was expecting/hoping to see Angela Davis, Eldridge Cleaver, Huey Newton, and the whole Black Panther Party integrated into the storyline. For a completely unique alternate universe mini-series, someone should do Archangel by Michael Conner. The backstory is that a biological agent used in WWI is killing white people, but leaving black people unscathed. The plot revolves around a black detective in Minneapolis investigating a string of weird murders.

u/trekkeralmi · 1 pointr/maninthehighcastle

The death toll and scale of WWII was the greatest in absolute numbers of any war in world history. It wasn't the largest relative to the size of world population, but it was up there. This article and accompanying video demonstrate that while perceptions of worldwide violence have increased since 1945, absolute and relative fatalities have decreased drastically.

My point is, while Western Europe and N. America won't have a decisive victory, neither will ISIS, because the whole conflict is actually very small in terms of numbers. We'll never have to worry about ISIS taking over the world; it's not possible.

More information here and here.