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u/mojaki · 0 pointsr/mariokart


It's manageable, but the shoulder buttons won't give you as much tactile feedback when you press them and the overall size is something to get used to. I did a couple of 150cc grand prix's with them and while I definitely do better with double joycons or a pro controller, they work just fine and I think in local multiplayer busting them out will be okay since i don't think you're going for maximum competition in those scenarios haha (then again you might be, then just learn to use them :P)

u/Albert_dark · 1 pointr/mariokart

For me the best option for fighting games is the playstation gamepad, i bought recently one of those adapters:

Works really well on mario kart, and i'm waiting to test SSB with my Ps2 controller. If you like the Ps4 / Ps2 controller problaby will work well for you.

u/Matsurosuka · 11 pointsr/mariokart

You can use these to play MK8 with Gamecube controllers. I've had one since MK8 came out and it is still working great.

u/divided_by_0 · 2 pointsr/mariokart

I've used the Gamepad, Wii Remote and Nunchuck, tilt controls, and now the Hori Battle Pad. I was really good with tilt controls on Mario Kart Wii but couldn't get into them now. Between Remote/Nunchuck and Gamepad it's really a tossup for me, but the Gamepad can be a little more comfortable/ergonomic. I'm really enjoying the Hori controller, as it is extremely similar to a Gamecube controller, just acts as a classic controller that plugs into the Wiimote.

u/itsmine91 · 2 pointsr/mariokart

If you do want a gamecube controller which works with other games you could get one of these and hori makes a similar controller that you could try out as well.

I have one of the pdp controllers and the only difference between it and an authentic controller is that the c stick is a normal classic controller stick, and that it plugs into a wiimote making it wireless.

u/huskylover4u · 2 pointsr/mariokart

If you don’t, I found it on amazon (US). Here you go! Mug

u/ghostkid825 · 1 pointr/mariokart

I don't know of any places where you can directly download the songs, but YouTube has several clean versions uploaded to the site. I've used this conversion site anytime I need music from YouTube, and I haven't come across any sort of negative effects from using it.

Also, Nintendo HAS produced Mario Kart 8 soundtrack CDs before, but in the tradition of American Nintendo fans getting nothing cool, it was only in Japan. You can find people selling them online (here's a link to an offer on Amazon). It has all the same music that MK8DX has minus the new Battle course music tracks. Good luck finding the CD at a reasonable price, though...