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u/PacoPunter · 1 pointr/maschine

So first step to improvement is self examination. As long as you are hungry and looking for ways to improve it's going to happen with practice. All things considered you are doing pretty well for doing this one year and not having a background in music(saying your self taught is I guess what this means) is. So right now what is the difference between you and most people on soundcloud. Frankly not much. But out of let's say 1000 people who are at the level where you are how many say, "Yeah what I got is pretty good" compare to yourself who says "Alright, what I got is fair but how do I take it further". There are people out there better than you but if you are hungry and want to learn you will eventually pass them.

Now regarding your product. Beats are fine. If you were collabing with someone who wanted a simple beat for them to burn on its fine. But fine doesn't cut it with so many people out there. You need to learn how to use equalization, compression, filtering, delay, reverb. These are just as important as what you compose. You have a vision right? You hear other people's beats that you want to get close to. The more you learn the dynamics and effects the better your will be. And yeah when it's appropriate automate your tracks man. Not to a point where you step all over an artist but enough to engage the listener. Rule of four, if something doesn't change in four measures people check out.

I highly recommend this book for someone like yourself.

Lastly yeah you should be collaborating. You will touch base with people who are ahead of you now but like yourself there's always someone trying to come up. The more you practice w people the better. Keep at it man. You will get better it's just part of the process.

u/KINGCLVN · 1 pointr/maschine

Keys are plastic and unweighted, but that doesn't bother me since I'm not a pianist. Pads are not as sensitive as Maschine's pads, but they are still pretty good (I hardly ever use them though).

If you want a really cheap, strictly keys midi controller, then you can get something like this:

Akai Professional LPK25 | 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller for Laptops

The only reason I got my Akai MPK mini MK2 over the LPK25 is because I thought it would be a cool portable midi controller that can kinda do it all. In reality, I only use it for the keys so just get whatever you prefer, both are fairly cheap.

u/aaaaaliyah · 1 pointr/maschine


Okay in that case I would need one of these to go from the MK3 into my computer's output, right? And then this from the MK3 into my Pioneer?

I want to be able to record my computer's output into the MK3 as well as the Pioneer (for things like CDs and Tapes).

u/jonathantee · 1 pointr/maschine

I don't have time to provide a walkthrough right now, but yes, you can use a USB keyboard with maschine. I have the little tiny M-Audio Mini guy and it works well.

You can play the Maschine instruments or trigger samples with keys.

u/PanchoOfficial · 1 pointr/maschine


sounds like I should return it and safe up for a real interface and midi cable, thanks!


u/dsn0wman · 1 pointr/maschine

Just go to your local music store, and try some different flat response headphones.

Personally I still use my old school Sony Headphones which are not flat response, but I am just in it for the fun. Not going to be mastering anything, or trying to make a living out of it.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/maschine

Riiiight guys. Let me show you my tools.


  1. Pledge Duster, with disposable "fluff".


  2. Pledge Dusting Cloths.


  3. Compressed Air. Per everyone elses advice.

    I use the duster across all my studio. I use the Cloths to clean in nooks and crannys with Toothpicks. Absolutely perfect, no liquid, nothing to build up.
u/Fancy_Acanthocephala · 1 pointr/maschine

Not sure I can explain it in a single comment, but instead I'd recommend you to keep this book for weekend reading The Mixing Engineer's Handbook

u/ELEVATEDINDIGO · 1 pointr/maschine

would i be able to use this ?

if so i might as well go for the mk 2 cause im more used to seeing my samples on the hardware its self right.

u/murdermaschine · 2 pointsr/maschine

Steinberg UR22 - Can sample whatever I (hear) live into Maschine. You know, play a Youtube video and you can hear it over your speakers/headphones and hit the sample button and do it live. That was the main reason I bought it: I use it on Windows 10/64

u/mittenstock · 1 pointr/maschine

I can tell you what I use -

This holds my MacBook Pro, my MKII, power adapter USB cable and an iPadPro 12.9

You could back your car over this and still boot your gear.

u/kid_sleepy · 3 pointsr/maschine

Use this for your Maschine, keep your laptop on a table nearby or something, and clamp it onto a double-braced Keyboard stand like this.

u/MisterOuchie · 2 pointsr/maschine

Yup. This is the cable I use: Hosa STP-202 1/4 inch TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Insert Cable, 6.6 feet

u/Very_Good_Opinion · 1 pointr/maschine

Nah man just buy adapters. They have all kinds, a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter plugs on the end of your cord.

Example. There are tons to choose from and should only be ~$5