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u/vinsneezel · 5 pointsr/massage

First, you will have better search results if you don't look for "couples massage" as this term usually applies to a couple receiving simultaneous massages in the same room.

Second, a Registered or Licensed Massage Therapist may or may not be certified to teach massage, but that doesn't mean you should rule them out. If you find a therapist you like, someone who you like receiving work from, they may be happy to give you a lesson. You're not looking for a full education here, just some pointers. If one of my clients asked, I'd probably charge them a comparable price to what I charge for a massage now.

Last, if you're looking to make it a more sensual experience, well, us pros kind of try to eliminate the sexual component. You may find better advice from an instructional DVD like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Sensual-Massage-Made-Simple-DVD/dp/0974853585

u/zhiface · 1 pointr/massage

Are you interested in becoming a massage therapist, is that what you mean? What sort of self care are you talking about?

I don't know of any books or packages of information describing specific self care techniques for therapists, but maybe there is one out there. I just use the knowledge I have attained over the years and apply it to what I do, and what I need to fix with myself - and what I help my clients with.

Having knowledge and having awareness in nutrition, physiology, anatomy, remedial exercises/kinesiology ect. is all very important.. I could list text books which pertain to these areas, but I highly doubt you'd want to spend the money or time haha D:

There are some good stretching books out there here is one for example - I was told to buy one similar to it when I was in school, but I never did :s

If you know all the muscle oia's of the body, you shouldn't need a stretch book. This is a good book for a muscle visualization

if you are wanting to become a massage therapist though, I recommend you go to a reputable college and take the course, even if your area isn't regulated or not. It's totally worth it.

u/jadebear · 2 pointsr/massage

I don't know about the MBLEx, but Orthopedic Physical Assessment by McGee, and Clinical Massage Therapy by Fiona Rattray are fantastic. Grey's anatomy is always excellent for another anatomy reference if you need it, and the Netter Atlas and flashcards is what saves my butt time and time again.

Even if you don't need those books for your exams, they fantastic references to have in practice.

u/bombadil1564 · 2 pointsr/massage

Yeah, some tai chi teachers focus too much on the effortlessness part. If you were to do Push Hands with them, you'd find they actually don't have much power. Effortlessness without power is impotence. Power with effort = strain and drain. Power without effort = Tai Chi Chuan ("grand ultimate fist")

For the obliques, Pilates can help you learn to activate them. Also, Thomas Hanna's "cat stretch" has done me wonders for learning to use my obliques:

(Do this!) Full body "Cat Stretch" demonstrated by Eleanor Criswell-Hanna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0ZY-2uGj70

(Optional theory) Thomas Hanna explains the cat stretch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cWnoZqJZ8g

The KEY to these exercises (and pretty much any therapeutic exercise) is to do them much more slowly than would be your natural tendency. You should experience no pain while doing them, or afterwards. Only move as far as you can without pain, even if it's a very tiny movement. If you feel pain that you can't relieve, stop doing the exercises and give your doctor a call.

The exercises might seem "too simple" at first glance, but trust me, it's the cat's meow, pun intended! If you want to read more about how and why it works, Thomas Hanna's book is a very good read. The first 75-or-so pages are the essential pages to understand his methods. https://www.amazon.com/Somatics-Reawakening-Control-Movement-Flexibility/dp/0738209570

u/JPeze · 2 pointsr/massage

Those exercises are a great start. You can also search youtube for videos for exercises, this video series seems to do a good job. I would also highly suggest looking up rotator cuff stretches and exercises (second most common injury site for MT's besides the hands). You can also ask your teachers for some suggestions.

If you don't mind spending a little money, the hand workout I personally use are taken from this book by Aaron Mattes active isolated strengthening, and the exercise handout that came along with this product. Aaron Mattes also has a very thorough book on isolated stretches.

Also this is a helpful free website on self-massage if any particular muscle group starts to ache you should start massaging it routinely before the tension level increases any further.

Feel free to PM me if you need any more help on the subject.

u/Kallistrate · 2 pointsr/massage

See if you can get your hands on an anatomy atlas (Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, for example). They're extremely detailed, often with photos of musculature, nerves, etc instead of more cartoonish drawings for general learners.

I included the Amazon link for reference, but you can often find them in used bookstores or libraries. If you enjoy having the reference on hand, though, they can be a solid one to have. I would go to a bookstore and look at the different ones available, because some are more photo-heavy, others more drawing-heavy, some separate out systems that you don't need, etc.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/massage

I like some of the books you have, but I'm kinda surprised at some of the ones that you're missing. Maybe this is a smaller distributor? If you're looking to carry more books, I have some suggestions.




Hertling and Kessler


If I could have no other books in the world, I would have these. The Travell trigger point manuals that you carry are awesome though, I really enjoy those.

u/CrayonDNA · 1 pointr/massage

This is the newest edition of the text I used in school. It was very clearly written and great for a solid, basic knowledge of massage, anatomy, and physiology.

u/1985_McFly · 3 pointsr/massage

Are you referring to an acupressure mat? I’ve looked at those before as well and I question how effective they would be given they’re not getting very deep pressure-wise.

Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Prosource-Acupressure-Pillow-Relief-Relaxation/dp/B07PZHBXZP

u/hellmoose · 2 pointsr/massage

anatomy trains is a really good postural analysis book
Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance the title says it
but i use these books a lot they are really good

u/Mines_of_Moria · 1 pointr/massage

I don't really know, sorry. This book sounds like it would meet your needs - http://www.amazon.com/Basic-Clinical-Massage-Therapy-Integrating/dp/0781756774.

Here is the lww.com link, (http://www.lww.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_Basic-Clinical-Massage-Therapy_11851_-1_9012054_Prod-9780781756778_50011771). You can use that link and apply the discount I've posted on /r/medicine to get 20% off + free shipping.

I don't have a ton of product knowledge for massage, I just know a few books that are appropriate to practitioners. I'll ask people who work in that area and get back to you if they give me any insightful feedback.

The book you posted is from the 70s and is 192 pages while the book I posted is from 2006 and is 443 pages. Both sound like they are an appropriate fit but I would think the LWW book would have more detail. Check out the product reviews, i'd base your purchase off of those.

u/howdehoneighbour · 1 pointr/massage

theres a book facilitated stretching that's pretty cheap and lays it all out.

u/haricari · 1 pointr/massage

this is the book I believe SirRamen was spaking of. You can find it cheaper if you look hard enough. I ended up finding it for $90 brand new somewhere a few years back. this is also a fun book if you're into this sorta thing

u/u_remindmeofthebabe · 1 pointr/massage

I borrowed this book from a classmate and it really helped.