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u/5hiftyy · 10 pointsr/mazdaspeed3

The CX-7 turbo has a smaller compressor wheel as well as a smaller compressor wheel housing. This gives you a better low-end torque curve as well as faster spool-up and throttle response. This sort of turbo brings the torque needed for a small SUV with a turbo. The Speed3/6 K04 has a slightly larger compressor wheel and housing, which leads to higher top-end boost translating to more top-end power while sacrificing low end torque and response.

Typically, all the aftermarket turbos are listed as fitting the Speed3/6, CX-7 becuase they are all bolt-in replacements. The problem is if you get a CX-7 turbo, it'll still fit, but your power band WILL change, just like you're describing.

For a short-term problem solver, I might suggest getting a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner and looking at your boost levels. No, it's not the best solution for logging, but it'll do what you need it to. I know my speed3 hits max boost between 3500-3750 RPM; being ~15psi in gears 3 & 4. Why don't you try a 3rd gear pull and see where the motor hits max boost, what that max boost number is, and what RPM it's hit at? This is honestly the only thing I can think of with respect to diagnosing on the cheap, without an AP or pulling the turbo. You may also want to ask the mechanic again for the OEM serial number of the replacement they put in, and compare it to the CX7 vs. Speed3/6 turbos.

The stock MS3/MS6 K04 is typically serialized as K0422-881/882.
The stock CX-7 K04 is serialized as K0422-582.

u/dbxrtc1 · 2 pointsr/mazdaspeed3

I replaced mine last week on my 2011 Speed and it was a learning experience. And yes the new part cured the false alarm issue. Here's a video on how to remove the door panel but not the actuator. Thanks to Ally at Everything DIY:

I didn't read the service manual beforehand but I wish that I had. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Edit: Take lots of pics as you disassemble the inner door panel. Ally's video does a great job documenting the outer door panel.

Edit 2: A set of door panel removal tools are nice to have in your tool arsenal. I bought a set at Harbor Freight but these are very similar:

A hook and pick set is a must have as well:

u/coltzxli · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

Any fabric shop or upholstery store should carry or can order it for you. I bought mine online, look for some with a foam backing or ask to try a free sample before hand.


This one lets you sample

This one has foam

u/VTMongoose · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

I would specifically recommend a magnetic spark plug socket over the type that has the rubber insert. My favorite one is this one:


u/Lyfting · 3 pointsr/mazdaspeed3

Here you go! $6

From there you’ll just need positive and negative/ground wires, bean connectors and a switch. Those can be picked up at any auto parts store for a total of ~$15

u/PM_ME_ANYTHING_PL0X · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

That’s the same i have! In the kit it includes this little metal adapter that’s necessary for recirculation. If you got the bov second hand then he might not have given that part to you. You have to separately buy the rubber hose to have it vent though.

u/yizkex · 2 pointsr/mazdaspeed3

NGK Iridium, part # LTR6IX-11. Gap to 0.28" and install to 15 ft lbs torque. 2009 MS3, 2.3L. Only short air intake modified. :)

u/pxt3r · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

This is the move Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - Supports AptX

u/testingapril · 3 pointsr/mazdaspeed3

My 09 ms3 GT does not have bluetooth from the factory, but it does have an aux jack, so I used something like this to add it

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

HPS short ram intake. Last owner install actually. 07-13 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 Turbo HPS Red Shortram Air Intake Kit Short Ram Cool

This one I think. Exhaust is a borla catback.

u/Sebi97 · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

Here are the strips and side markers I used along with the angel eyes.

u/kyler821 · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

I believe it was a complete system, this one here. But wouldn't a blown fuse/relay mean none of the lights in that assembly would be working? That's the part that is stumping me right now.

u/CelestialBlueMyka · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

Camber arms, if you don’t have any installed already. Depending on the age of your current suspension, you may need new top hats, bearings, and bump stops.

u/GSShenanigans · 1 pointr/mazdaspeed3

So I was mistaken, no "2" on the top of my coils. These are the ones I have