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u/snjaad · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

[Pilot S20] ( Wooden barrel mechanical pencil. Very high quality pencil and smooth, silky writing experience -- so it's good for long periods of writing (ie. taking notes, math). Nice weighting -- naturally positions itself toward the paper in your hand.

[Faber Castell TK Fine Vario] ( High quality pencil w/ a mode for soft writing (for taking notes/general writing) as well as a mode for hard writing (drafting, etc.). Has a smooth, flared metal grip as well as an extendable eraser. Absorbs pressure to avoid lead breakage.

[Rotring Rapid Pro] ( Another very high quality pencil. Although this pencil is generally labeled by people as a drafting pencil, it is definitely great for everyday carry. Nicely cut knurled grip -- even if you're sweating, for example, don't really have to keep repositioning hand. Retractable tip, so pocket safe. Weighting is nice as well, heavier than the S20 though. Very durable. Absorbs pressure to avoid lead breakage.

[Caran D'Ache 844] ( This pencil has a clean, simple look to it, and writes beautifully. It is also extremely sturdy and the barrel is aluminum, so it has a nice weight to it as well. Not very fatiguing when writing -- good for long periods.

Note: As someone who is currently enrolled in engineering courses, I believe you can't really go wrong when deciding between these. I own each of them and recommend them equally.

u/ludoludoludo · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Yes, 2b is a really appreciated and standard darkness for leads, but the thing is if you go darker the lead will wear out faster as it leaves more graphite on the paper eveytime you use it.

That is the link for the erasers Im talking about!

And yeah Ahaha there is so much to consider, but it’s always a matter of personnal choice at the end of the day. The grip can be a problem for some if they have sensitive skin, if you have « moist hands » it can be a plus to have more agressive grip, etc. And the color in itself really is a personnal esthetic choice, but from experience and owning a few rotring in both black and silver, the black ones looks better I think but scratch a bit more easily.

If you want to know anything else, let me know ! And also, there is much more pencils brand than rotring, and some REALLY great models out there !

u/Axipixel · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

I wouldn't be wary of the Staedtler 925. The 925-25 and 925-35 are absolutely great writing utensils. Here is a picture of a 925-25 dissassembled. The only plastic in the whole construction is the barrel that contains the leads. Mostly all aluminum.

I would recommend the 0.5mm from my personal experience. It’s a great intermediate general-use lead and the prices are fine. One of the problems when you get down to 0.3mm is that the packages come with half as many leads as 0.5 and 0.7mm packages (Both Pentel Ain Stein and Uni Nanodia do this) so you’re paying twice as much for leads that each have less graphite. It’s easier to break the lead and easier to accidentally puncture cheaper paper when you’re writing with the lead. Larger leads really aren’t that bad, I have a dear friend who loves 0.7 mm and has no issues with using it daily for everything. He also uses a Staedtler 925 often.

The p205 was my introduction to mechanical pencils, because I found a very well loved and abused 205 covered in nicks and scratches on the floor in a hallway on a college campus and used it as my personal pencil for several years after that. Still have it, still works. Amazon currently has $7 for a twin-pack of p205s that I got as cheap but really good pencils to borrow to people during music classes.

My only issue with the p205 is I personally have very sweaty fingers and plastic tends to just get loose in my grip when I've been doing writing or math work for a while, so I ended up saying screw it and bought a rOtring 600. Its nearly all-brass construction is truly a Cadillac of a pencil in performance and price, but it's got ton of heft to it as I described earlier. It will last generations if you are careful with it though. Took my r600 apart and the chuck is a work of art. Closed chuck. And yes that is plastic, I was upset as you are but it doesn't seem load bearing and is the only plastic in the entire r600 besides the very end bit of the internal lead storage barrel.

u/exasperated_dreams · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Thanks for detailed response I really appreciate it. Seems like it's between the staedtler 925 and the Graph Gear 1000 with the Roulette Grip. There seems to be a couple versions of the Staedtler with the 925 25-05 and 925 35-05 being twice the price of the one I linked. Is there difference substantial and I hate to bother you again but of the ones I linked which one would you think is best for long writing for a long time? Thanks again for all the help.

u/PickAndChoose2 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

I like this post. I'm new to the subreddit too and yeah I think knowing how to properly write should be discussed here. I dont think theres much to say but we would love to listen to anyone's input! oh and TopMopy, you've got a nice set on you, the next time youre thinking about getting another mechanical pencil you should look at the [Pental Smash] (

u/Sacf4421 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Does anyone know how to get a rotring 800 with metal internals? I'd like another one, as mine is the plastic sort. The lead inside keeps breaking and I've heard the run with metal internals doesn't have this issue.

I found a vendor on Amazon that claims the internals are all metal. They're also running a sale, so it'd be great. Any idea if I can trust that?


u/fullmoon280 · 10 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I use the Lihit Lab Compact. Its a cheap case and small enough to fit in my jean pocket. I hold 3 pencils, 4 pens, 2 highlighters, spare lead, and a eraser in mine with some room to spare for some slimmer items like sticky notes or something while still being able to fit in my pocket.

One thing I love about it is the materials its made of. The clips on my pencils tend to be a bit on the strong side and with all the other cases i tried the clips snagged when pulling them out or putting them in. With this case I never really had that problem and can pull them out without issues and for most of my pens/pencils I can simply push it back in without having to lift the clip out.

u/TopMopy · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Same as what /u/kovard said, if you want, you can fit the pencils into a much smaller pouch like this one and save a good amount of space. Or just make rooms for more pencils and pens.
Still a complete preference thing though.

How's the Eco, does it feel smoother or scratchier than other pens?

u/aredcup · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Oh, I also forgot. If you want something bulkier that can carry more than the rolls I linked you below, I have a friend or two that use this case:

I like it a lot. It can hold a pretty good amount of stuff (enough for field drafting for me and other Geologists' - i.e. 5 drafting pens, 24 pack colored pencils, erasers, drafting pencils, small ruler / protractor, etc.). I do have this one that I use when I need to pack heavy for field notes, but 90% of the time I don't have to. Hence, the smaller less-bulky rolls I linked you below that I am trying to pick up.

Hope one of my suggestions work for you, let me know what you think!

u/HighEnergyMagic · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Congratulations! I noticed after getting mine that there's two different models out, the plastic body one like yours and a metal body one that seems to be Japan-only. This is the one I got and I really like the feel and look of it. How is the plastic one?

u/ender4171 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

That's about the average price for that particular version. FYI, Camel Camel Camel is a must-have tool if you are shopping Amazon. You can track the price history, set alerts when a price drops, and they even have a handy Chrome plugin so you can just click the icon when you are on an amazon page instead of going to the 3camels website. I highly recommend it. For instance, I just got an alert yesterday because the Rapid Pro I was tracking dropped to $22.

u/ahmadaamer6 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

The Pentel P200 series mechanical pencils are great for writing and drawing. I use one in .5mm in High School (9th) and it works great. They will last you a long time and they are not expensive.

u/ProfessorNoobster · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Best price for the Rotring 800 was in the middle of July during Prime Day, about 20 dollars from Amazon and another 3rd party seller. I got mine around that time.


Edit: Proof on CamelCamelCamel

u/fishtacular · 5 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I love the S20, hands down my favourite pencil so far. I also have the graph gear 1000.

If you can afford it, afford to lose it then the S20 is a great pencil, I prefer it in deep red. The pen is great for everyday writing, not too heavy and looks amazing.

The GG1000 is quite heavy, balance feels off for me and I never quite enjoyed writing with it. The retracting mechanism is cool (and loud), body picks up some scuffs here and there but it still works.

u/iguy2345 · 8 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I am assuming you mean .7 mm lead size.

The Uni Kuru Toga starter set is a good option with extra lead and erasers along with the Kuru Toga pencil that has a rotating lead mechanism to keep the lead thickness consistent.
Amazon link

If you want a large eraser, the Pentel Twist Erase has the largest common mechanical pencil eraser.
Amazon link

If you hate when your lead breaks get the Zebra Delguard. This pencil has a unique mechanism that protects your lead and makes sure it doesn't break when writing.
Amazon link

For a pencil that has stood the test of time, the Pentel Sharp is a standard, no-frills, basic mechanical pencil.
Amazon link

Otherwise go to for an excellent selection of mechanical pencils

u/julietcharliesierra · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Seems like loads of people use this one- you can check out the pocket configuration in the photos. Main thing is, it's not too bulky & still has good storage and protection. I like it

u/j1154s0057 · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Anyone here will vouch for the kuru toga, awesome pencil for the price

Also the kuru toga .5 HB pencil lead is excellent, writes really smooth and breaks less. Will work nicely with any pencil you choose. The TWSBI precision is on my list too but I'm waiting for black to be in stock again!

u/redditor99880 · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Next time make requests in the dedicated thread.

You should check out the pentel graph 1000 for pro. I view it as a upgraded version of the GG, minus the retractable tip:

u/Dakotastic · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

rOtring 1904444 600 Mechanical Pencil, 0.7 mm, Silver Barrel

I bough mine a little while ago at 15. It’s a great pencil and 15 is not bad at all, that’s the price of eating out once

u/MaestroCleansing · 7 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Or you could do what I do... Order a rOtring 500 (with the metal tip and plastic body) for less money, then cannibalize it for parts. Great for erasers, tips, and even lead tubes.

rOtring 500 Amazon Link

u/Epicseaflapflap · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Rotring 800 or a Pentel Graphgear 1000 seem to be really rugged in my experience. The rOtring will be less likely to malfunction though. Rotrings are impressively well built. Full metal construction with a knurled grip section and retractable lead sleeve. Go ahead and throw this pencil at a wall. It will survive. These are considered to be pencils you can pass onto your grandkids because they just last that long.

Amazon link I found:

u/KungFuHamster · 5 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

More expensive than this offer on Amazon and you gotta wait who knows how long. Shipping can make or break a Massdrop deal, too.

Massdrop is only good for really weird stuff, like mechanical keyboards and caps that require a group buy because they rarely get produced.

u/txpencil · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Anything from Lihit Lab. It’s inexpensive and solid. I have the “Teffa” model and it holds a lot. I also use Nock cases. They are made in the U.S. and are amazing.

u/Tjotimmy · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

KUUQA Black Hard Pencil Case EVA Hard Shell Pen Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen

I like it so far, it may be a little small for some collections, but it’s a good size for everyday carry

u/Dr-Lipschitz · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

The only place on the page it says used is the "used & new from $22.17", which means that you can get it used for cheaper if you want. this one itself is unused

*EDIT* if you go to it clearly marks the $28.49 one from amazon as new

u/Scottaviusb · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Thanks! The Kuru Togas I bought from Walmart came in the blue and yellow-green colors, and I parted together the red one from a broken Kuru toga from ebay. I'm looking to collect a few more broken ones to try to make a 0.9 mm lead size Kuru Toga, hopefully adding an orange color to this mix. I think I know how, I just need some extra parts to play with!

They cam in a package like this: Kuru Toga Style

u/Dash_Lambda · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Here's a link

They're easy to find on Amazon and Jetpens. Jetpens is usually a little more expensive though.

u/perfextiiion · 5 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Have some stuff Muji coming in as well but decided to post now :)

List of items -
Uni Kuru Toga Roulette:

Tombow Mono Graph:

Arch Eraser:

Shitajiki Writing Board:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica:

Pilot G-Tec-C Gel Pen:

Mono Eraser:

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper:

Stalogy A6 Editors Notebook:

Kokuyo Campus Notebook Set:

Rotring 600:

Kiki’s Delivery Service Kuru Toga Pencil:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C:

u/Ace_Dystopia · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

You can track the pricing on the rOtring 600 0.5mm on Amazon.
I've been tracking the rOtrings for quite some time now and I'd say the prices are actually dropping.
You can use this website to help you track the price. Once, the price dipped down to $20.99 and I nabbed three rOtring 600s once I saw that.

u/mechasmadness · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I'd highly recommend getting one of the roulette Kuru Toga pencils. You can see them here
I personally recommend getting the black one over silver but it's up to you if you decide to go with these pencils.

u/OnanationUnderGod · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

This is a decent sale on a rOtring Rapid Pro .5mm mentioned in the sibling post. I want to make sure you see it. ($13.99, the price is not showing up right unless I post this entire link, don't buy it for $31 imo)

Mine arrived yesterday and I'm using it for math right now with some 2B Neox lead.

u/torpak · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

How do you like the uni kuru toga high grade?
It's even cheaper, mostly metal and has good usability.
The lead rotation is not really that useful but doesn't get in the way either.

u/mountainunicycler · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

This is the one I ordered the second time:

It doesn't say anything about metal internals, but since it became available more recently (only after the one I ordered the first time ran out of stock) I guessed it might be the new one... no idea if it will be the right one for other people. The return process was easy enough and cost me nothing, though.

u/eperdu · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I carry my pens and pencils to work everyday. I have a nice zipped pouch that holds them and it fits in my bag. I do have a locked drawer at work too but I prefer keeping the writing utensils with me.

u/crimson_star- · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Amazon link: LIHIT LAB. Compact Pen Case (Pencil Case), Water & Stain Repellent, Black, 3.5" x 6.5'' (A7687-24)

u/Werb19 · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

If you want to keep the color black but still want to continue using Pentel, there is the Graph for Pro 1000 or the Pentel Smash, which are just under $10.

Amazon Link for Graph 1000

Amazon Link for Pentel Smash

u/suprafro · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

here is the link for the ones who want a direct link

u/Milkshake--- · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

I got it on amazon
It took a month to arrive for me since it shipped from japan, it’s on prime now so it should come fairly quick.

u/SWIMMlNG · 7 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Pencil shown is a Uni Kuru Toga M510171P.43, ordered from

u/ansonnnn · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Rotirng 800 Mechanical for 24 rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black Barrel (1904447)

u/but-i-need-it · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Same here in the uk, the 0.5mm 600 is reduced without having to buy another. Other Rotrings are also reduced.

u/creeder14 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Here you go! 75 BZR (is that the right abbreviation?) for a .5 mm model

u/Winged_Waffle · 9 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Oh boy. That's the Rotring 600. Probably the go to recommendation of this sub.

u/Seirin-Blu · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Camelcamelcamel says that this is the lowest it has ever gone down.

Edit 1:0.7 varient at 14.99$

Edit 2: Both the silver and black 0.5 rOtring 800 are on sale for 29.58$ and 24.53$ respectively.

u/AnnualDegree99 · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

A few weeks ago the Rotring Rapid Pro, 600 and 800 were going for under $30 on Amazon. You could try those. They're built so well I feel like I could hurt someone by just knocking them on the head with one.

Edit: here you go

rOtring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil, 0.7mm, Black Body (502607)

rOtring 1904257 Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil, 0.7 mm, Matte Black

No 800 in 0.7mm under $30 I'm afraid.