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u/Brendan_Fraser · 0 pointsr/mega64

Please let me stop you.

As I did the same because of Mega64...5 years ago. Flash forward to this past spring where I graduated from broadcasting school, moved to LA, interned, got fucked over, moved back to my original state got a last minute offer and moved back to LA within a month. It is not easy. College will not make it any easier. Film and TV really only exist in LA or NYC. It's extremely hard to find work anywhere else. Mega64 is a group of guys who got lucky by finding an audience online that comes back every week to give them love and views. Going to school for broadcasting only threw me into a already over saturated market. What I learned most in LA is: a friend who went to NYU told me this as I was an assistant editor for him for a month, "any dummy can edit, it's the motion graphics where the money is." so with that I say go to school for graphic design with a focus in motion graphics. Not only will you get a degree from a place that values you, you can work at an agency in any city...anywhere. The people I interned over the summer were all self taught by youtube and books. That's all it takes in filmmaking is experience; going to broadcasting school did nothing in that category for me. I had to research, network and go out of my way to keep up with NYU/Florida State film school big leagues HOWEVER unlike them my college debt will only take 5-10 years to pay off. NYU(not Florida State, holy shit their tuition is cheap and their program is amazing so if you're in florida GO THERE! Otherwise read the rest of this)'s tuition will follow you past your death. Editing/filmmaking is much like painting or any other creative outlet, it takes time and the more you do it the better you get; the more you work with people who are better than you; the better you get; the more hungry you are for opportunity the better you get.

Some books I recommend for pursuing your interest in anything creative further:

In The Blink of An Eye

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be.

Damn Good Advice (For People with Talent!): How To Unleash Your Creative Potential

And some helpful links in what it's going to take. You can't learn everything in college, it's only a gate to your journey that opens the day you graduate and enter the real world.

Ash Thorp - Steps On A Creative Path

Say No To Spec

Fuck You, Pay Me

Here's what film school taught me: How to order my own DSLR, tripod, memory cards, case and a second lens. How to download the creative cloud and pay for it using a student license. How to play with Avid but not really learn how to edit in avid. How to make shitty short films so you get that out of your system and never try to make some deep bullshit story ever again, you're 21 years old you have no life experience stop throwing 20 minute films about pills down other peoples throats. How to understand 3 point lighting. How to waste money on courses for information I could of gotten off research. Now for the good stuff I got out of going to college: friends, mentors, experiences, memories, and chances to work(without pay). I was able to learn how to get burned but I was also more driven than the other students in my program. It's all about drive, and Mega64 has an unstoppable drive that's why they've been successful for the last 10+ years in keeping interest alive. You gotta take that inspiration that drive to want and keep moving forward with you to the future. Let mega64 be your inspiration but for the love of god don't waste your money, talent or time on broadcasting school.

u/lBeepinl · 6 pointsr/mega64

I'll be basing my findings off of the images I found on google by searching "mega64 fake sunglasses", and the pair I got from the patreon, but feel free to find the pair the suits you best by looking up those keywords too. I will be comparing them to the ones I received in the patreon package the most.

For my research, I used these terms in a variety of combinations:
(colors) white, ivory, cream
(style) oversized, oval, rectangular, round/rounded, vintage, retro
(misc) wide frame, shield, kurt kobain, cheap, wholesale, lot

Use these terms as a guide if you plan to keep searching for the ultimate FAKE replica

Here were my top 3 picks (A PRO means it's relatively similar, a CON means it's not as close as I'd like it):
(pick white)
PROS: temples, frame color
CONS: hinges, frame style, lense color
Shipping: US
(my recommendation if you don't mind the different style)
PROS: hinges, lense color
CONS: frame style, bridge
Shipping: ???
PROS: Way cooler
CONS: Too cool?
Shipping: China

I looked at thousands of sunglasses (because I've seen this question a lot) and decided these would be the ones I'd get if I wanted something cheap and similar. If you look up "Kurt Kobain Sunglasses" on ebay, you can get lots of cheap throway glasses for a few bucks.

Edit: I should mention that buying a women's pair of sunglasses is a gamble on whether or not they will fit your head.

u/ExpensiveTuna · 3 pointsr/mega64

There's still a few used copies of version 1 on amazon going pretty cheap

u/saiferoth · 7 pointsr/mega64

For just a little over 9 dollars, you too can piss off Rocco by sending him a copy of Still Waiting.