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u/Matraxia · 1 pointr/memes

Totally not the same dude. That guy is Middle aged. This kid looked similar only in one picture.

Also, the guy is holding a copy of Lucky Star Vol 1 Like he's proud of it, so I assume, being a Manga fan as so, he got it when it was released in 2009 in the US, also assuming its not a Japanese or early release copy that would have released sooner. That would make Kenny 10 years old at the time. So definitely not him.

u/Cheesemind_1978 · 0 pointsr/memes

Now I know you're a pro-vax shill. The blog is written by the author of this book:

The entire book is filled with facts and references from Court cases explaining why vaccines need to be reexamined for safety. He's not even anti vax. He explains, using their own data, why there are too many vaccines and why certain ones are harmful. He even quotes vaccine scientists saying the same things.

Read the positive reviews, many are from doctors.

Quit following me around and trying to debunk my comments.

u/Spidda · 78 pointsr/memes

There’s a book about this, it seemed really interesting because the tiger stalked him for days I’m pretty sure.

Edit: found it https://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Vengeance-Survival-Vintage-Departures/dp/0307389049

u/TerranasaurusWrecks · 2 pointsr/memes

Here's one.

Although most of what I learned comes from this book. It's fantastic and covers everything from eating disorders to homosexuality and how it ties back to brain development - highly recommend it

u/CrispCrisp · 3 pointsr/memes

Got you bud!

Now we just need you to read both and tell us how smart you are after

u/trajan24 · 8 pointsr/memes

For those of you that might not know about it...


There is a whole series of these books!

u/frankjank1 · 1 pointr/memes

Go ahead and give this book a read.

u/Short_Swordsman · 1 pointr/memes

Heck blind people play baseball! check it out

u/OverjoyedMeme · 1 pointr/memes

This book summarizes all asian stereotypes. sad thing is, it was written by a Asian-American man. https://www.amazon.com/American-Born-Chinese-Gene-Luen/dp/0312384483

seriously, just look at a random page in the book and TELL me you dont see what im coming from.

u/Pennsylvasia · 1 pointr/memes

If anyone is interested the book Embracing Defeat by John Dower gets into this a little bit in the beginning. As part of the US's approach to post-war Japan it needed to emasculate and re-imagine Japan. Before and during the war it had branded Japanese as samurai and fearless warriors, and then as vermin or insects that needed to be exterminated. Following the war, it re-imagined Japanese men---who, remember, just before were treated like savages, beasts, and unstoppable warriors---as soft and effeminate.

u/still_cool · 1 pointr/memes

You were abused by your sibling and I am sorry. Sibling abuse is real and it can be as traumatic as other child abuse.