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u/lvl12TimeWizard · 1 pointr/microgreens

super hard to find shelves on amazon when looking for a specific size, judging by comments here these aren't too bad



I am looking to start growing as well and think I may head to a real store and try to save 20-30 bucks on an in store sale.

u/BitchinItch · 1 pointr/microgreens

$94.99 for the racks here, saves you $13/rack

If you're willing to (and have the tools already/not having to buy them), you could always build your racks from wood. Using basic 2x4's you could do it pretty cheap.

Check FB marketplace or craigslist or whatever it is you have up there for used shop lights. I got 5 for $20 like new.

good luck!

u/bunnybear_chiknparm · 2 pointsr/microgreens

Light is fine but $70 for one is very expensive. Check Amazon, you can get 8 (20W) for that price: (Pack of 8) LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture 4FT,20W,2200lm,6500K (Super Bright White),Utility led Shop Light, LED Ceiling light and Under Cabinet Light, Corded electric with built-in ON/OFF switch

u/PioteLLC · 1 pointr/microgreens

Sure! Link:

Love 'em. We had one, then ordered many more. Bright, well-built, and priced right.

u/rjselzler · 2 pointsr/microgreens

Keeping things clean is 90% about careful process; no matter what you use, if you go fast, you'll probably make a mess. For personal consumption, I'd recommend small trays (like these from Bootstrap Farmer that will last you forever--you can get the flimsy ones for cheaper, but they don't last). Don't overthink the soil buildup--it would take a long time for those 5x5 trays to overwhelm your raised beds I'm sure. I just save my soil residue in a few Sterilite bins and add them every few months to the raised beds (I have 6 4x4 SFG-style raised beds).

u/brazys · 3 pointsr/microgreens

First of all - if you are building this kit from disparate parts and sending along - you are a killer Secret Santa. Secondly, I would go soilless if gifting, there is this stuff which needs to be soaked, but keeps the indoor grow clean, and is helpful if your recipient is in a high rise or somewhere else that soil isn't easily accessible. I might also consider sending one of these in case they are germinating in a basement or somewhere cold. I use this seed company and have yet to be disappointed by price or quality - that salad mix is my favorite general purpose green too.

u/RedWiggler · 3 pointsr/microgreens

Peas just have the energy to keep growing if you leave them planted and under lights after a harvest of their shoots for microgreens. I learned it from Peter Burke a Vermonter who write a book on growing microgreens. Year-Round Indoor Salad Growing by Peter Burke

u/xe0s · 3 pointsr/microgreens

Waaaaaaay overpriced!

These below are fantastic. Pack of 8, 4’ T5 6500k 2300lm 20w fixtures. I use tons of these in a commercial grow setup.

u/JabroniRegulator · 1 pointr/microgreens

I went with these LED lights. What I like about them is each 2ft bar has an individual switch so I can choose to dim the overall lighting or turn off just one 2x2 section of the 2x4 rack. They are versatile in that sense and low profile so it was easy to mount them on a wire rack with cable ties.

u/grow_something · 2 pointsr/microgreens

I have everything daisy chained together from a 12v power supply.

3528 2 Pin LED Strip Jumper Connector...

Striveday™68pcs 2p Spring Connector...

Regular red/black wire.

eTopxizu 12v 30a Dc Universal...

Grey Wire Connector Pack, Bag of 100...

Should get you in the right direction.

u/djwonderful · 2 pointsr/microgreens

I use coco coir bricks.

Nature's Footprint Coir Block

Plantonix Coco Coir Brick

Just saw you said ebay. Sorry I get all mine though amazon!

u/ahaustin77 · 1 pointr/microgreens


5" by 5" by 2" Deep Garden Trays w/Drain Holes - 20 Pack - Greenhouse/Gardening Plant Grow Flats

u/darkmb101 · 1 pointr/microgreens

I would look at any "protein " sprout seed mix blends and buy the individual seeds in equal parts in bulk at the grocery store.

u/alexron42 · 2 pointsr/microgreens

I have two sets of the aquarium grow light ones.

SOLMORE 16.4ft 5050 Grow LED Strip Light Aquarium Greenhouse Hydroponic Plant Garden Flowers Grow Lights 12V

I've had decent results with them but this set seems to be no longer for sale. I just peeled off the backing and stuck them to a poster board. I paid around $20 total for the setup but that was two years ago.