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u/Yolay_Ole · 3 pointsr/mindcrack

I haven't. I've got a bunch of science-y cookbooks.

Edit: Here is the best book I've found. It's a really heavy read, though: On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

My other favorite, go to book is America's Test Kitchen Best American Classics. I also do recipe testing for ATK - regular recipes and gluten free.

Oh, and don't forget Michael Ruhlman's Ratio:The Simple Codes Behind The Craft of Everyday Cooking. This is the most amazing book. It's short and to the point as well. You begin to understand how a simple tweak to a recipe can create an entirely different dish.

I love how a great Mindcrack thread became a cooking thread. My 2 favorite things in life.

u/AvidyaZen · 7 pointsr/mindcrack

The headset that broke was the G35 headset from Logitech which goes for about $90 these days. It's a great headset but this would be my 3rd set in 4 years. The mic quality is average and often requires fussing with in post but overall it's a great headset.

While rocking this backup setup I've been using ear buds and I quite like it compared to the closed ear noise cancelling headset so I don't think I want to go the headset route again.

I've always wanted to go the XLR/Mixer route. This would allow me to manipulate any volume/noise issues with the mic on the fly and not touch it at all in post. I never settled on a solution that was afforable and always went with what I knew the G35.

This is the goal. It's not much more expensive than the G35 headset but is the correct tool for the job :Þ

  • Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR ^USB ^version ^exists ^too
  • Behringer Q502USB 5-Channel Mixer
  • XLR Microphone Cable
  • Microphone Suspension Boom

    A few notes about these choices. The 5 channel mixer is total overkill but this one functions as a USB audio interface meaning when you plug it in to your PC it shows up like a USB mic would. Behringer makes a 3 port USB mixer but I don't like the way it looks lol.

    Not all mixers have the ability to function as a USB device. On NON USB mixers you would have to run the output of the mixer into the input on your soundcard on your PC.

    I prefer the audio device approach. You plug your XLR mic into the mixer which is acting as the USB audio device. This allows you to control on the mixer what the computer hears on the audio device interface.

    Totally a long and involved answer but some might find it useful if in the market for audio upgrades :Þ
u/oddball_gamer · 1 pointr/mindcrack

On the topic of the printed gun I'm surprise you talked in the direction you did. I'm more concerned about freedom of the internet over this kind of thing. Its perfect ammo^^^^puntastic for sopa supporting people to use because the plans for this kind of thing could be freely available on line somewhere.

Also surprise by the lack of knowledge on the printers, I first head of them 5 plus years ago. I have even read a near future SCIFI book which uses them. (written in second person so not for everyone)

Even Dinnerbone and the guys at Mojang have been messing about with one.

Ace podcast guys.

u/jecniencikn · 0 pointsr/mindcrack

> Not regeneration though. That's straight from Latin.

Don't tell me; go edit wikipedia.

> I really hope you're fucking joking.


Having said that, this guy teaches French by giving people a bit of grammar and a good French accent.

> Parisians are already dicks to non-francophones. You think they'd appreciate it if you come in your country speaking your language in a french accent, thinking they'd understand? You'd be rightly viewed as an asshole.

People have got eight weeks before Minecon. That's enough to learn a bit of grammar - enough to get buy as a tourist. But people may be scared about learning French. "It's a whole new language!". It's not so scary. You already use a bunch of French words. Now you just have to learn a bit of quite complicated grammar. So you're not speaking your language with a cod-French accent. You're trying to speak French (which already will get you less disdain) and, when you can't think of a word, using the English word but with a correct French accent (and which is thus got a reasonable chance of being 'french enough'). Obviously it's not good French, but it's better than nothing.

See, a joke post with an actual helpful bit buried away.

u/RosesRicket · 2 pointsr/mindcrack

Hiya Guude. You may have already hit this on your research, but the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is one of the best resources I've found.

If there's one piece of advice I can give, it's "take a break in the middle of the day". I've seen a lot of families fall into the trap of trying to stay in a park from opening until closing. Get some lunch outside of the park, go back to your hotel, take a nap every day. You don't want to be one of those parents with a crying child in a stroller, shouting at the kid that you've "paid good money for this vacation" and demanding the child calm down and have fun.

u/totalwormage · 5 pointsr/mindcrack

allie brosh (creator of hyperbole & a half) is amazing. I found her description about depression really relatable which (amongst other things, also relatable) she describes in both her book & in a really good interview over @ NPR

her twitter is really good too, floods your inbox like once a year.


u/MonkWithAKnife · 7 pointsr/mindcrack

You wanted a lego racing game Guude? Lego Racers 2 was my childhood, I for one would love to see you play it!

u/zereissen · 3 pointsr/mindcrack

If you like sci-fi at all, I recommend John Scalzi's series that starts with "Old Man's War."

I haven't read them, but I've heard good things about Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy and Tad Williams' Otherland series.

u/SethBling · 18 pointsr/mindcrack

That was how I learned about genetics and evolution, but the actual book that directly inspired this was Emergence.