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u/WhenSnowDies · 11 pointsr/misleadingthumbnails

You're welcome.

On that, Cold Steel actually has some good products. They are absolutely edgelords and make a lot of "cool factor" cringe stuff, so bear in mind this isn't me playing the contrarian. However the way they became known in the first place was by producing quality blades.

Take a look at their take on the Kukri.

Though it might not look it given the context, a Kukri is a serious blade for actual work (a cross between a hatchet and a large knife, the design done right can split wood, finely cut, chop, and even in some cases pry). Cold Steel is absolutely serious in this offering, and are attempting to compete with authentic handmade Himalayan Imports kurkis from Nepal for serious users. That's bold.

Now personally, I never was a knife guy but I've always liked tools and like to read on outdoorsy stuff.

Me tip: Get a small U.S. made stockman knife to carry. You'll actually get a lot of use out of it without being an edgelord or being disruptive. Learn the names and uses of each blade on it and review a quick page on safe knife usage and rules (e.g. folks think you can pry with a knife, you cannot, and other little safety and usage tidbits; like the right amount of blade for the right task).

Anyway, the one that really put Cold Steel on the map was their G.I. Tanto.. I kept an eye out and picked one up at a pawn shop, one of the original runs, for the original price. The perks were that it had a paracord-wrapped grip (at the time), was carbon steel, indestructible literally (you can even pry with it, split wood, etc.) because it would flex into a U-shape before breaking/deforming; it had a tanto-edge (very strong shape), and originally sold for $15. Its design competitors were often less robust, broke easier with exotic steels, were even heavier, and went for $300+.

Needless to say that became popular for serious users and modding them became a thing. Very serious knives are often extremely basic and the value is subtle in the design; like with Opinel, Ontario Old Hickory series, or Mora--all completely overlooked by the tacticool crowd. The GI Tanto was aimed at the neckbeards, but it found a home with serious usage.

So Cold Steel was and is actually a serious brand, and they're absolutely appealing to neckbeards in their badass lineup. On that, however..

Cold Steel was and is usually the only company making actual swords (an oxymoron). What I mean is, swords are usually low-quality steels, ridiculous designs, are unsharpened and are unusable (will snap, or they don't have actual tangs). Cold steel actually made historically accurate, very durable pieces for a decent price. They wouldn't break on you or pose a danger, and were basically quality built.

Take a look at this katana, $600 with ray skin handles. This isn't for fantasy zombie slayers, but can be decorative or used by a martial artist who skillfully chop those bamboo bundles and learn historic techniques.

Or (video warning) this weeb.

Anyway to that end Cold Steel has very good quality and usable blades, and a "guilty pleasure" lineup that includes US-made, high quality Russian Special Forces shovels and tactical boomerangs. There was one elder I knew who had a nerve disease who needed a cain, and who carried a Cold Steel battle cain because they are good quality, unassuming, and could help him to defend himself (given his inability to run or fight with his hands).

So that's the lowdown on Cold Steel and what they're about.

u/Connguy · 10 pointsr/misleadingthumbnails

Even better, post it to /r/knifeclub.

It looks like it might have come from one or both of them originally though. That's a Kershaw Cryo II, one of the most popular budget blades out there

Edit: Actually after looking closer, the longer clip suggests it's the original Cryo, not the Cryo II. They're very similar though.

u/jefusan · 2 pointsr/misleadingthumbnails

*The only difference is that Samuel Johnson stayed in England and Noah Webster didn't.

If you ever read The Stories of English or Spell It Out by David Crystal, you'll come to realize that English spelling has been a process of experimentation over the course of centuries. Standardization involves both arbitrary decisions made by influential men (like Johnson or Webster), and choosing one perfectly valid dialect over another because one dialect belongs to the people who have all the power.

tl;dr: There have always been thousands of Englishes.

u/dreadwestley · -8 pointsr/misleadingthumbnails

Alessi"Dressed" Egg Cup in Thermoplastic Resin And Spoon With Soft Boiled Egg Opener in 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished, Yellow

u/GotShot · 3 pointsr/misleadingthumbnails

I think these Dr Perl Junior Filters are the ones in the photo, never tried them myself though