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u/java_ist_gut · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

So I did this on a phone I picked up off Craigslist. I would recommend using a long razor knife to remove the screen if possible.

The trick is to work the glass down from the top until you can get the blade fully extended so it sticks out the far side of the phone (between the glass and the LCD).
If you can keep the right amount of heat in front of the blade, it will just peal off and you won't have to worry about damaging the LCD if you keep the blade at a slight upward angle. There is a Youtube video where I discovered it, I'll try to find it. Edit: Not the exact video, but a similar method. I wouldn't use a ruler due to thickness, less likely to damage bezel around the screen though.

Start at the top, be careful around the speaker grill, also be careful at the bottom, the menu buttons are taped onto the glass, you'll want to carefully remove them with something like a guitar pick or plastic spudger.

You can just tape the sides, it works, but it doesn't look great, when you press down on the glass, you see it make contact with the LCD.

Using LOCA glue is your best bet for a nice finish, but the con of that is you have to remove the LCD from the phone for a neat job.

I was able to use LOCA glue to bond the glass to the LCD with the LCD still in the phone, but there was a lot of cleanup afterwards. You also run the risk of damaging the LCD with the uncured LOCA.

As for glass, I'm sure there are some better than others, I just got a cheap $5 one off of Amazon. Not exceptionally high quality, but it worked.

TLDR: Use a long razor blade for easier removal, LOCA glue has a better finish, but taping is much easier.

Edit: I forgot to mention, using Goof Off works pretty well to remove the left over glue after the glass is all removed, just use some rubbing alcohol afterwards to clean up the goof off residue.

u/thephonegod · 5 pointsr/mobilerepair

From cheapest with the least amount of features to the most expensive with the most features.

SE400 Inspection Scope

Cheapest Option, no zoom, but large working distance at .5x Very limited and similar to getting a 250cc bike when you need atleast 1000cc. Great to learn how to scope with, but a waste of money after a month when you could have put the money to a better unit.


SW-3T24Z Trinocular Stereo Microscope

Trinoc without simufocal so you lose depth of field when the cameras on, ( you can only see out of 2 of the 3 ports at once ) and you cannot pull the scope out, so its got limited rage.


SM4B Stereo Boom Scope

Basic Binoc scope with decent features, zoom and reach. Decent working area around 5.5 to 6 in


SM4TP Simufocal Stereo Boom Scope

Best of the best for the price, has capabilty to have cmount camera attached for 3rd viewer on a tv for training or for youtube livestreaming, ect


Good luck! and dont forget to buy a ring light!

u/MichaelStewart · 2 pointsr/mobilerepair

I don't own this yet, but I will soon enough to replace my existing multiscrewdriver. I had been looking for a leatherman with a pentalobe screw, but I couldn't find one. I looked top to bottom, this is the best thing I can find to keep clipped on the inside of my right pocket for general computer/mobile device repair.

iOpener. I don't have this exact product, but something close enough to it. Recently used it at my new job to open up an iPad 3 cracked digi, easiest and quickest way I've ever opened an iPad, didn't nick the WiFi cable or anything. Way better than the heatgun and spudger I was using at my last job, way less of a mess to clean up too.

Shame on me, but one of these in the middle or towards the end of the day keeps me motivated.

u/redyellowblue5031 · 5 pointsr/mobilerepair

The hot tweezers were tools that I liked having, but honestly after a while did not use very much.

I don't even recommend buying the micropencil. You can get a T15-ILS that is the same diameter as the micropencil T31-I series.

That eliminates the need for having a separate set of equipment as the T15 (including the ILS tip) series is compatible with the 951. Sure you have to change your tips more often if you want to use it, but the only time I use a tip that fine was for jumpers. Just about everything else requires more heat to accomplish.

You will have a slightly longer tip (13.5mm vs 6mm), but I never found those extra 7.5mm to be an issue.

To each their own though, that's just my opinion.

u/dervasavred · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

A microscope will help tremendously. Get one with an LED light and an adjustable viewpiece. This is the microscope I use at work. It does pretty well.

Grab some kapton tape and a good vise or very solid pair of helping hands.

A multimeter, quick alloy, desoldering braid, solder sucker, a collection of tips would be my next purchases in your shoes.

EDIT: Spend the money on the soldering iron. A good soldering iron will give consistent heat for quicker, cleaner work.

u/CMDR_Muffy · 2 pointsr/mobilerepair

Here's the Amazon link. It's not the EXACT one I got, the one I got is currently unavailable but this one should be good. Tube pictured has the same sticker as what I got.

Here's the eBay listing. This one seems good too. If that doesn't work, the item number is 252340246160.

u/mydnytefantasy89 · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

Do you have a [MicroSD to USB]( SDDR-121-A11M MobileMate Micro Memory Card Reader (Red/Black) or [MicroSD to SD]( microSD to SD Memory Card Adapter (MICROSD-ADAPTER) adapter you could use? I tend to have more luck that way with recovering an external storage. Very useful to have, as well as [these]( Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 (SDDD2-064G-GAM46)

u/cmdrgrudgelord · 2 pointsr/mobilerepair

I use this one

Works great. For water damaged electronics I mix denatured alcohol and distilled water to 80 percent. Finish with a quick dip into pure denatured alcohol and dry under a heat lamp.

I dont charge bench fees. If I bring the phone back to life I charge about 40% of the retail value of the phone.

If the phone got wet and still works but they want to be sure it doesn't get damaged further I charge a flat $45 for a quick teardown, scrub and wash.

I clean jewelry and stuff for customers free of charge while they wait for their phones. I use a different mix depending on material.

The only parts you should be putting in the USC is the motherboard or a daughter board with no microphone/speakers or plastic bits on it. You can wash frames if they are stripped of everything. A hot USC bath will fuck up all the adhesives so be prepared to strip those before hand and replace them.

USC cleaners can be harsh. Dont make the mistake of putting plastics in it. The heat and chemicals will do strange things to them.

u/Apeshaft · 2 pointsr/mobilerepair

Do you use an electric screwdriver today? Perhaps one of those would be easier to use since you only have to aim it once and press the button?
Something like this?

u/Newb_at_fitness · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

I love my Wera screw drivers, but to me that is a personal preference.I believe this is the y wing

I have a Small Butane Heat torch that I use on almost every single 7 and up repair.
Butane Torch

I use guitar picks instead of playing cards.
thin ones are the best

Camping scissors
these fold and are sharp

That’s the small things I can think of if you want a larger list of things that are more expensive I can add to it.

u/Corey43346 · 2 pointsr/mobilerepair

Hoyle Clear Plastic Playing Cards

These are the exact ones I bought. I can use them on everything. I had trouble getting s3 and s4 lcds out of their housing until these. Haven't damaged a s5 since I got these.

u/averypoliteredditor · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

That's a good kit. It's becoming pretty popular because a lot of "how do i fix this searches" end up pointing to ifixit; plus, it's affordable. I have both of these sets (1 - 2).

1 stays at home on top of a work bench.

2 stays in a bag that rides in my truck. I probably use the power driver in #2 more than I use any of the hand drivers from #1.

The only thing I don't have in these kits are pentalobes, but I can't even buy an iphone screen without being sent pentalobe drivers and shitty openers.

u/RustScientist · 0 pointsr/mobilerepair

The hotplate warms everything to a point that the adhesive bond between the glass and digitizer breaks down. Without it you would have a seriously hard time seperating them without breaking the lcd. This is the one I'm using right now.
I bought mine from AliExpress for $300 shipped.

u/maxismadagascar · 0 pointsr/mobilerepair

There is no real way to separate and then reattach that lens housing, which is why Apple charges 400+ for the repair. The full back housing assembly + midframe needs to be replaced. It’s essentially a housing swap. I don’t recommend this part as looks cheap, but this is what I’m referring to

Edit: I seem to have misunderstood. The part you linked looks like it will work.

u/sweBers · 0 pointsr/mobilerepair

What product tape, and what application? Most tapes are not recommended for the inside of electronics because of heat problems weakening the adhesive, ESD, and conductivity.

We usually use Kapton tape at work, but this one might work just as well.

u/wiggity-wack · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

I am confused because


has the coil, the lightening port. the screen connector sort of did look the same,

someone in a diff r/ posted them:

iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Plus


the more power, if i buy the 8+ battery (thats a worry it being too strong for the 8's logic board). screws and stuff i can figure out. but even this screen looks to have longer then standard connections

u/Xbooow59 · 1 pointr/mobilerepair

Fuck it. Get this one General Tools 500 Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver