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u/tralfamadorian42 · 2 pointsr/moleskine

If you ever do have a quality control issue, they are very fast and generous in their resolving of the issue.

Also, sometimes these Fisher pens will fit in those gaps.

u/Halgy · 5 pointsr/moleskine

Get Noodlers ink. The stuff is awesome and doesn't bleed through moleskine paper.

u/BenjiG19 · 1 pointr/moleskine

I really like this pen and just about any pencil. A 0.9 mm Pentel is what I'm currently using most often.

u/bogiesan · 1 pointr/moleskine

There are many templates you can download and print yourself. You will need a saddle stapler.

I liked the product, too. It was only available in the States for two or three years. The case itself was enough to make me want to buy one but I never did.

Amazon has the 2017 edition on sale for US$250!