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u/ExOttoyuhr · 3 pointsr/monarchism

It's psychologically healthy -- especially if you think there's any substance at all to Jungian psychology. And it's good for a country to have someone in charge who's thinking about the long term. Personally, I think it's best to have a royal executive and a democratic legislature -- imagine the US system, but with a hereditary king instead of an elected president, and with the king/president actually having defined powers -- although I'm pretty sure that a position like this puts me in the minority even on this sub.

u/shadowboxer47 · 2 pointsr/monarchism

Can you reference some reading for this?

I've read Muller's biography, Our Fritz: Emperor Frederick III and the Political Culture of Imperial Germany and the impression I get is that a large blue water navy rivaling England would never happen. Indeed, the English were natural allies against the French.

I'm just an amateur and am no authority on the subject, but I would love some more material to dig through.

u/stackedmidgets · 3 pointsr/monarchism

Democracy, the God That Failed by Hans-Herman Hoppe. Most of what you might need to win an argument in a concise and engaging package.

u/arist0geiton · 2 pointsr/monarchism

> Democracy and other decentralized systems of rule are designed to protect individuals from such bad effects by essentially making the government ridiculously slow and inefficient. Autocratic forms of government can be much more bold and efficient than any decentralized or collective rule, almost by definition.

The slowness and inefficiency of polities like the HRE were its strengths--protecting smaller political entities from the oppression of larger ones and allowing everyone involved the chance to have their day in court.

I'm getting that from this book:

If a leader can do good things quickly they can also do bad things quickly. Gridlock gives everyone the time to react.

u/Ghibellines · 3 pointsr/monarchism

You might find this book of interest. You might want to get it from a library though if you can find it, it's not worth the cost on Amazon.

u/Lethalmouse1 · 3 pointsr/monarchism


Click buy

Or get a better one, I'm not sure how poor you are or how legit those items you have are. Lol.

u/MichaelConeAss2016 · 1 pointr/monarchism lol, no it’s fucking not.

I mean, there is a movie called the Last Emperor and yes it’s based on the book but this is my source, not the movie

u/kervinjacque · 24 pointsr/monarchism

It is said that at some point, at Berctesgarten, Adolf told the King of Romania not to smoke in his presence. King Carol II soon wrote in his book "How does a corporal tell a King what to do?"

u/seeriktus · 10 pointsr/monarchism

I'm no Art History buff, got my sister for that, she did all the renaissance revival stuff. After learning just what a "McMansion" was I wanted to hear more about this stuff. Ordered a book off amazon called "the old way of seeing".

u/Ashen-Knight · 2 pointsr/monarchism

This is my recommendation too—can’t go wrong with this book.

Also recommend reading Henry VIII’s Defense of the Seven Sacraments if you’re into theology.

u/freedomna · 7 pointsr/monarchism

I swear everytime I talk about this book I always use the wrong dang title.

It is the Royalist Revolution. My mistake.