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u/-reTARDIS · 14 pointsr/moto360

Deleted my other post on this as I figured everyone would rather see the pics than a link to the band...

I originally assumed I'd do the stainless band since I have the stainless/silver 360 but have to say the grey leather strap really grew on me while I was trying to figure out what kind of metal bands were out there that'd work.

If it wasn't for the lack of a easier to remove clasp on the leather strap that came with the 360, I might have even kept it on there.

I found after a full day of wearing the leather band though that moisture was getting stuck under the watch due to sweat and hand washing.

Since the leather strap is to much of a pain to quickly remove every time I washed my hands, I'd just not bother.

With the metal band, the quick release clasp on the bottom makes it very quick to remove/loosen the watch to dry under there after each hand washing now.

Here's the matte black version

Here's the stainless steel verson

You'll need to either use the spring bars/pins that came with the watch or buy some like these.

Best Buy also sells the same Pebble Steel bands for the same price as Amazon which is where I got mine from.

Some tips with removal and install. The spring bar/pin holes in the Moto 360 are made from plastic. Be extra careful with removal and putting the new ones back in. If you misshapen or break those holes, you're screwed.

If you don't have a proper spring bar tool like this, you'll need a jewelers sized flathead screw driver.

Getting the existing bands out is the easy part, I found putting the new band back in with the spring bars that came with the leather strap to be a lot more tricky in the metal band. I found the best way was to try and compress the springs on both ends of the bar and go straight into the opening. If you try to put one side of the spring bar in first then compress the other side, it didn't want to fit.

I enlisted my wife with her tiny little hands to assist and it made things a lot easier :P

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

u/zodd06 · 1 pointr/moto360

i did the same thing and needed extra links. i contacted motorola and they were pretty good about sending me extra links. while you are at it i would ask them to send the plastic end pieces that attach the band to the watch. these can crack. if you have to add links you may want to get a tool off of amazon that will help you with this. also this tool can help getting the spring bars off and on.

fyi, in order to get these parts you will most likely need to give them the watch's ime number (serial number) so i'm not sure you can preemptively start the process with them.

initially i called them after normal business hours and got support from a foreign call center. this was kind of "iffy" so i sent a follow up email. the email correspondence went well.

also, being that the band was too small, i could tell that the previous owner removed a link, i contacted the ebay seller asking for extra links (initially). they responded that they did not have them and offered a refund or a discount. i think there are different vendors selling the refurb moto 360 1st gen so ymmv.

good luck.

u/swordstool · 1 pointr/moto360

Honestly, I'm not all too familiar with formatting on Reddit yet. I though I did use paragraphs. Sorry about that. Anyway.... I agree with you that, if you were scratching your device often (like weekly), it would suck to have to replace the screen protector that frequently. But in my experience (4 smartphones in the past 6 years, approximately), I've scratched my devices between 0 and 2 times each. If I didn't have a screen protector on them, the resale value would have been greatly impacted. I know money is of little concern to you, but you need to realize that for most people it is. Like I've said before, I don't buy items for the sole purpose of displaying my wealth to others. If I go through 3 or 4 screen protectors on my Moto 360 throughout the time I own it, it will cost me less than $10 total, and with the protectors I found, I cannot even tell they are there by look or feel. iLLumiShield

Why would a watch need protection in storage, but not need protection during every day use? That's backwards. There's a much higher chance it will be damaged while being worn, out and about, then when it's sitting in a closet or storage compartment. This is probably going to sound strange to you, but most people expect more from a $10,000 watch! Maybe we need to buy the $20,000 watch, and that one will NOT need a protector in storage LOL!

FYI it looks like there are screen protectors for Omega watches! Granted, they are not OEM, but why would a company produce them with no market demand? Omega Watch Screen Protectors

u/Sproketz · 1 pointr/moto360

They also have a tool for removing the spring bar you can get.

I didn't use it but if you want to be super careful you might like this. Might be a good thing to have if you plan on changing bands a lot too.

u/94Productions · 2 pointsr/moto360

Honestly, it's not that difficult... I bought this and it works perfectly. Just be gentle with it... The first time took me about 10 mins with me being super careful like I was disarming a bomb but after a few times I can switch out a band in under a minute or two. There are some YouTube videos that explain how to do it in case you never replaced a watch band on your own before. Hope that helps!

u/aufisherman · 7 pointsr/moto360

Yeah! Any 22mm band. Just make sure to order a spring bar tool if you are going to replace the band yourself. I would recommend going to a physical store to get the band so you can make sure that it will fit.

u/darkstriders · 1 pointr/moto360

I believe third party Qi charger works, like this one, while waiting for the replacement to come in:

Cheap and very popular. I have the same one, though I am still waiting for my watch too actually arrive. Will be using this for travel.

Btw, who gave you the run around? Motorola or Google Play?

u/CletusP · 1 pointr/moto360

I bought a Klear Kraft one.. it's freaking amazing, there are imprints from the scratches that would be on the screen, but it doesn't inhibit use. The experience is good, I would highly recommend it.

u/burningboylabel · 1 pointr/moto360

That's what I'm hoping for. Bought The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield including the carbon fiber body shield for testing out. Seemed the be the highest rated one at of all the amazon ones since my local best buy doesn't carry protectors.

u/xeron72548 · 1 pointr/moto360

You can try Amazon. I found a few nice ones on there that flow well with the black watch

If you're looking for metal, this is a really nice one

u/PM_ME_YOUR_WATERMELO · 1 pointr/moto360

Which screen protector did you have on before? I bought the illumishield one, and it felt great. It felt pretty much the same as the glass.


u/cgatno · 1 pointr/moto360

I've been using the Pebble Steel band from Best Buy without issues. I installed it myself and had to remove quite a few of the links, but still no cracks or any other issues at all. (Also to specify: I used the OEM spring bars)

The only thing I suggest is that you make sure you have the proper tools before trying to do any of this yourself. Honestly, you could probably do it with a tiny screwdriver, but I wouldn't suggest it. I used a spring bar tool that I bought from Amazon along with some patience and steady hands :)

u/mrcollin101 · 1 pointr/moto360

I got the first link for a rubberized band. Works well and looks great. Pirpos build fot this waych too. I also have the Steel connect so i constantly switch out to a black metal band, second link, and the stock leather one. As you can see I am a big fan of the black on black look, same as my phone and all the other accessories i own.

u/meatwad75892 · 1 pointr/moto360

First and foremost, the official Moto band. I have one and it's most certainly very hefty, and very well built. (Ignoring the weak plastic inserts that may snap apart easily) I love it, and couldn't recommend it enough. Even if those inserts that surround the pins do chip away in the corners, the first link of the official Moto band doesn't seem to put any pressure on the rounded edge of the watch's back, so it should still fare better at not having a crack issue versus the official leather bands & other 3rd party metal bands.

While I've no experience with this next one, I have seen a few people around here sing praises about it. It also appears to be well-reviewed on Amazon. I can't comment on what kind of force it exerts or doesn't on the rounded edge of the watch's back, but I haven't heard many complaints from those who have used the band.

PS - Are you asking about a Moto 360 that you already own? Or are you about to buy one? Because you can get the metal-band Moto 360 as a whole unit for $299, which basically shaves off $30 of the total cost versus buying a leather band watch & the metal band separately.

u/davidpascual · 1 pointr/moto360

Yeah sorry posted the wrong link - I did buy the 22mm:

It's a particularly tight fit near the pin. You could probably cut/shave down the strap around the pin area to help. I also have this tool which definitely helps remove and reinsert the pin:

I'm not sure I'd have done it without that.

u/openthewell · 6 pointsr/moto360

I use this one: Xiemin Stainless Steel watchband. After a few months of pretty heavy use, its still going strong.

u/chedda · 2 pointsr/moto360

So I purchased this band. I took a grinder and cut the little slit that is needed in the middle so it would fit.
This is what I had to grind. super easy, took less than 5 minutes to do. You can't even see the cut I made since it sits under the cover.

u/s15274n · 1 pointr/moto360

I have tried a few, and this is easily the best I have used so far. 2 for $8 as well.

u/AEnKE9UzYQr9 · 2 pointsr/moto360

It doesn't look as good as the original back, but I put one of these front-and-back protectors on the back of my 360 over the raw plastic. Not sure if it's as waterproof as the original back, but it probably helps a bit, at least.

u/pzumk · 1 pointr/moto360

Nice, looks much better than the Pebble Steel Band. I guess it's this one?

u/puppeteer23 · 2 pointsr/moto360

I bought a powerbot charger on amazon a while back. Works great with my v1.

Just need to make sure the watch is centered on the charger, otherwise it goes really slow.

PowerBot® PB1020 Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad Station for All Qi Standard Compatible Devices Including Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Google, Nexus, LG, HTC and Other Smartphones with Receivers (AC Adapter Excluded. 2 x Micro USB Cable Included), Blue on Black

u/pneedleman · 1 pointr/moto360

Got the band and this tool and was able to install in < 10 min. Looks great and very professional.

Followed steps from

u/Th3R00ST3R · 1 pointr/moto360

The back scratches pretty easily and cracks (so I've heard) I have minimal scuffs on the back and would like to preserve it if possible. I don't know if it would minimize the cracking as well.

They have full body Protector, but I don't need the whole thing.

That's why I asked if I could use use the extra one on the back. I don't need it as I will be replacing the watch face film protector I have with a tempered glass one.

u/cmbeid · 2 pointsr/moto360

I bought an ArmorSuit screen protector (link). Here is what it looks like with the protector installed:

Somehow the protector got scratched while installing, so I'll have to request a new one. It feels plasticy. This is just a temporary solution until I get a tempered glass one.

u/Paneachy · 2 pointsr/moto360

Are you sure? I can still see them same place as ever.

EDIT: It looks like they merged the black and the silver listings onto a single page now, maybe that's why.

u/Donk24 · 7 pointsr/moto360

Bought the strap here

Had a jeweler install it. Took him 10 minutes. Charged me $4 (though I gave him $10 for the great job/fast turn-around)


u/Miraclefish · 1 pointr/moto360

Here's a far nicer photo of how it looks:

The watch strap is a Ritche 22mm Black Metal band from Amazon (actually the second I've owned as I fitted one to my original plastic Pebble). Link:

It actually has a very short link connecting it to the watch strap pin, just 5mm long.

This means that, unlike the Pebble Steel band which has a long connecting link, which causes a lot of stress when it acts like a lever, this strap is rarely if ever pulling against the back plate.

I've drawn a representation of the final piece on the image. I've been using it since 03 October with no issues whatsoever.

u/x99percent · 3 pointsr/moto360

Destroyed the clear plastic back during the disassembly... it cracks VERY easily. I just used an ArmorSuit carbon fiber sticker to cover it, as was suggested in another battery replacement post.

Pulling the watch apart isn't too terrible. As long as you take your time, it will be OK. I would really suggest watching as many disassembly videos as you can.

I've got it back together and working, but I need to pull the case off again and use some sort of adhesive or silicone to keep it together. As of right now, I could just pull the case/glass off. Figure I'll put something in there and let it dry with some books on the watch.

u/ShermanTanko · 3 pointsr/moto360

Here is the one I bought,

This post shows how to get it to fit into the moto360

Further down in the XDA thread are more pictures of the SE II band in action

Forgot to mention, you'd need to remove the tab in the watch body, or dremel a notch in the band...

u/ulysnep · 1 pointr/moto360

I bought an ArmorSuit MilitaryShield for $7.80 ( and it was a complete let down. I bought this one which is much easier to apply, you can't even tell it's there and it's much cheaper:

u/Stopsign002 · 3 pointsr/moto360

Ritche 22mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Band Strap Straight End Solid Links Color Black

u/IRPhantom · 1 pointr/moto360

dark chrome and black if you like the colour combination...

u/BitPhotos · 2 pointsr/moto360

I actually just ended up buying a new cradle and then it worked like normal. I bought this one:

u/adamfromwales · 1 pointr/moto360

Amazon right now. Amazon UK currently have six silver/grey Moto 360s in stock [2040 hours]

u/Malnilion · 1 pointr/moto360

You really need a notched band. The ones for Pebble steel apparently work quite well. I ordered one of these per another redditor's suggestion.

u/Swarfega · 3 pointsr/moto360

For Amazon you can "Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.".



u/mamafrog7 · 2 pointsr/moto360

Does the charger have a Motorola logo on the bottom? Wondering if it is a knock-off charger.

This one on Amazon has a red light.

It doesn't come with a power supply, so speed may vary depending on power.

u/slyder0244 · 1 pointr/moto360

I've seen this one and thought about buying it, but wondered how hard it would be to apply and how it would look. It comes in different styles as well.

u/Khaiyan · 2 pointsr/moto360

I purchased the band from a week ago for $27 all included, but now it's on sale on Amazon UK for £24.

u/clarkdickens · 3 pointsr/moto360

Haha, sorry. I'm lazy too. Here are the Amazon links, though...

Fiebings Leather Dye:
SR Watch Spring Bar Jeweler Tool:
3M Sandpaper:

u/sf_techie · 3 pointsr/moto360

By the way from another comment reply I saw that you were gonna use the tool it came with to remove the leather band/install the shank band.

Don't use it, it was meant to remove the band off of the pebble steel not the moto360.
Instead also order this: and use the smaller end to remove the band safely.

You could also use a very thin flathead but I have heard people scratching or cracking the moto360 if they aren't very careful.

u/Wrister8 · 1 pointr/moto360

Oh here is the link to the tool I bought off of Amazon

Took about 5 min to swap the bands.

u/killertoooth · 1 pointr/moto360

I think it's the Pebble Steel metal band, here's the Amazon link.

u/jetpacktuxedo · 3 pointsr/moto360

This is the tool I used to take the straps off

This is the strap I used

I actually had to cut the clasp side of the strap a little bit. The official ones have a small notch cut out of the end. The hole side fit in just fine without having a notch cut, but the clasp end wouldn't go in until I duplicated the notch on the new strap.

u/SuperSkeptik · 2 pointsr/moto360

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Motorola Moto 360 23mm Screen Protector and Black Carbon Fiber Full Body Skin Protector with Lifetime Replacements (Released 2014)

Doesn't look like a great replacement, but one of the reviewers said they used it for that purpose and it was fine. So I dunno

u/kashk5 · 2 pointsr/moto360

If you want a black metal band, check out the Pebble Steel Metal Watchband

u/vinylscratchp0n3 · 1 pointr/moto360

Might depend on the store, though. Amazon has a tool to do it yourself for $6, if your local jewelry store wants more than that to do it.

u/tamudude · 1 pointr/moto360

I bought and applied it on my Moto360 Gen1 which is missing the back cover as I broke it during battery replacement.. Looking good so far. Will see how well it holds up.

u/kosherwaffle · 1 pointr/moto360

Motorola Moto360 Metal Watch Band - 23mm Dark Metal [Band Only]

This one claims go be official

u/kvelec4326 · 2 pointsr/moto360

They had the black at some time. Black metal band

u/Masterleon · 2 pointsr/moto360

This one claims it doesn't crack the back, thinking about trying it out.

u/nabotomy · 2 pointsr/moto360

I bought this one and it does the job very well! It also comes with two in case it gets messed up somehow.

u/jamchampnate · 1 pointr/moto360

I haven't seen any but I bought this and just put it on this morning. You literally can't tell the difference with it on the screen. You could always try the screen/back/sides and if you don't like the screen part just take it off.

I should also mention that although this isn't Prime eligible I ordered it on Monday and it arrived Friday.