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u/mtgbuyer · 12 pointsr/mtgfinance

First class mail package/thick envelope works absolutely fine with 4x8 bubble mailers. It costs about $2.67 if you purchase the postage through eBay, and you get the added bonus of free tracking and delivery confirmation. When you're shipping more valuable cards, you might want to spring for insurance (pay out of your own pocket if the buyer didn't request it specifically). It's pretty cheap and is a good way to play it safe.

Here's the method I've used for shipping hundreds of cards on eBay, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. You'll need the following supplies:

#000 4x8 Bubble Mailer
Penny sleeve
Team bag
Scotch tape
Packing tape


  1. Place the card you want to ship upside down in the penny sleeve, then fold the excess bit of plastic back up from the open end of the sleeve. This will keep the card from sliding out of the penny sleeve.

  2. Slide the penny-sleeved card into the toploader, starting with the folded end of the penny sleeve. Be sure to keep the penny sleeve folded while you do this. It might be a bit tricky to get the card into the toploader, but it won't fall out of the penny sleeve once you do.

  3. Tap the bottom of the toploader against a hard surface a couple times if need be to make sure the card is all the way inside and level. Then, tape a piece of scotch tape and tape up the open end of the toploader. Make sure to use a bit longer piece of tape than you need, and fold on end over itself to make a tab on one side of the toploader. This will ensure that the card won't fall out of the toploader during shipping while making it easier for your buyer to get the card out.

  4. Place top toploader inside a team bag and seal it. In the event that your bubble mailer gets wet, this should ensure the card remains undamaged.

  5. Print out the order invoice, fold it up, and place it inside the bubble mailer along with the toploader. Seal the bubble mailer, then place a piece of packing tape over the flap of the bubble mailer to ensure it stays shut.

  6. Print out your postage. You can use a regular piece of printer paper if need be, but I'd definitely recommend going with an adhesive address label. Better yet, if you'll be shipping in volume I'd recommend getting a thermal printer (I've got a Dymo LabelWriter 4XL that's awesome), because then you don't have to worry about smudging, even if the address label gets damp.

  7. Apply the postage to the outside of the bubble mailer. If you're using regular printer paper, be sure to tape all edges with packing tape to ensure it stays in place. Then place a piece of packing tape over the addresses. Again, this step is unnecessary if you invest in a thermal printer.

    Hope this information helps anyone looking for a worry-free way to ship cards!
u/rusty_t · 1 pointr/mtgfinance

Trying to pay for MtG with speculation is near impossible. It requires a significant amount of market knowledge and a good bit of luck as well. I've had better luck grinding collections and trades.

Buying Craigslist and Facebook collections at buylist prices can be incredibly profitable. It can be a successful venture with very little MtG/business knowledge. That said, it's a hell of a grind.

Take my most recent purchase:

  • Vague CL listing. "4k cards, more than 800 rares, asking $600".
  • I gave my normal spiel: I pay buylist for rares, $0.10 per bulk rare, $3 per 1k common/uncommon."
  • Seller catalogues some of the cards and comes up to $350 buylist for everything.
  • It's 3 days before Christmas and I'm patient. I offer $300.
  • Initial offer rejected. Seller comes back on Christmas Eve and takes $300.

    Then the hard part. I sorted everything, then alphabetized the rares. Here's the list after everything was sorted. There was another $120 or so in bulk or cards I kept for my collection.

    Then you need to figure out how to move this product. It's $370 in buylist, I used MTGprice to get that number. I could spend $30 in shipping to make $40 for 4-6 hours of work. Not for me.

    I broke the numbers down further considering eBay and TCGPlayer fees for cash. I knew I wanted to move some of it on PucaTrade because I want to build UR Twin and it's easy to pick up the $5-$20 uncommons on there. Rares and staples like Scalding Tarn and Snapcaster are near impossible to pick up on Puca without bounties but the uncommons from MM and MM15 move quickly. I decided to just move the entire collection on Puca and then sell the points (whoops).

    I used PucaPower to optimize this procedure. It went something like:

  • Export CSV from MTGPrice
  • Import to PucaTrade
  • Setup PucaPower to alert on bundles over $5.
  • Accept ALL THE TRADES.

    I ended up with a lot of trades. It ended up being ~52000 PP over 55 packages. That's $0.49 per stamp, $0.07 per envelope and $0.10 per top loader which comes out to $0.66 in shipping per order. That's $36 in shipping and handling.

    I took the remainder of the collection to my LGS. He initially offered 35% TCGPlayer mid in cash or 50% in trade. I offered to throw in the binder that came with the collection and organize the binder into a new Commander product binder for him if he would give me 75% in trade. He offered 65% and I accepted. That got me a playset of NM Snapcaster Mages ($240 in retail).

    All that to say...

    Collection Cost: $300

    Shipping and Handling: $36

    Total Investment: $336, 10 hours of time

    to get

    $240 retail in Snapcasters

    $120 retail in random staples

    52,000 PP

    I can play the waiting game and hope the cards I need trickle in or I can sell the PP for $0.65-$0.68 per 100. That'd be ~$338, completely covering my investment. So for 10 hours of work I earned a free set of Snapcasters and grew my binder/collection by another $120 in retail. Of course I'm addicted to cardboard crack and I have 30000 PP worth of cards on my want list. I'll likely sell the remaining 20,000 PP to finance my next collection purchase.

    It's a long and slow grind. I basically made $30/hour doing this. I could have made ~$50/hour in overtime at work and just bought the cards but I enjoy sorting cards more than my job. I've built Atarka Red in Standard, Naya Burn in Modern (no tarns) and I'm starting on Twin using this method. I had to flip four collections to do this but I think it's worth it.
u/Blucifer · 13 pointsr/mtgfinance

I do most of my buying and selling on CardSphere so take this with a grain of salt.


I always use at least a penny sleeve and a top loader ( ). Make sure the penny sleeve is loaded into the top loader upside-down. This will help protect the card against moisture. I'll also add either a piece of tape or a post-it note folded over the top of the top loader so the card can't slide out. Then I put that in a plain white envelope (PWE is the abbreviation you'll see in forums). I'll also tape the top loader to the PWE so it doesn't move around as much and won't immediately fall out if the PWE tears.


The top loader will really only fit three cards before it's too tight. In that case I'll put all the cards in a penny sleeve, tape the penny sleeve to the top loader, and put that into a team bag ( ). I'll usually wrap this in a piece of paper or add a thin piece of cardboard to the slide that doesn't have the toploader. This can still fit in a PWE but the weight will start to be an issue. Forever stamps will ship up to 1 oz. Non-machineable stamps will ship up to 3.5 oz (I think) and will protect the cards from getting damage by sorting machines at the post office but cost more.


For larger numbers of cards or higher value cards, I'll use the penny sleeve, top loader, team bag combination inside of a bubble mailer ( ). I've added tracking at the post office but it costs way more than adding tracking through PayPal. I'm also less familiar with creating the label through PayPal so feel free to chime in with tips if you use it normally. Due to the cost of tracking, I only add tracking to packages over $75 unless a buyer requests it.


Here's a link to a CardSphere blog post about packaging cards: . I found it useful, but again I'm not shipping via eBay. In general, the packages I receive from CardSphere are better packaged than the packages I receive from eBay.


Lastly, I keep a spreadsheet to track the cost of not only my cards but also my shipping materials. I don't want to think I'm making money selling a card for a $2 profit when really I'm adding $3 of shipping materials.

u/JelloLegs · 9 pointsr/mtgfinance

DREAME 30X 60X LED Lighted Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe Jewelry Magnifier for Gems Jewelry Rocks Stamps Coins Watches Hobbies Antiques Models Photos

That’s the one I use. Works perfectly, is super affordable, and has saved me twice already.

u/BlurryPeople · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance


Now, apparently, I get my choice of some overpriced $300+ pair of headphones, to throw on the pile of regular-ass headphones that I have which do the job just fine, a $150 pocket knife that I probably won't like more than my $14 Opinel (seriously...I can't see what the point of $100+, very losable pocket knife is...what does it sing you a song when you're using it to open your mail?), or...a watch. I guess they sell camping equipment too? Lol?

It just seem like they're trying to move away from a site that offered good deals on a variety of objects to being a site that offers only absurdly expensive versions of objects you probably already have, primarily for hipsters that don't mind spending hundreds of dollars...on a knife, or a pair of headphones. Or something?

I don't get it, personally. They must not be doing well.

u/TheFudgeFactory · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

This is the one I bought. There might be better ones out there, or better priced alternatives, but I bought this one and am happy with it.

u/Older_Man_Of_The_Sea · -6 pointsr/mtgfinance

Number 1: What is a "Crafle"?
Number 2: Make sure it is a real Crafle. There are a lot of fake Crafle's running around. It is one of the more commonly made fakes and there are numberous versions. Take the Crafle out of the sleeve and ensure that it feels like a normal card (compare it to another rare from the same set, preferably a known real Crafle, or another land). Also, use the light test, it is the easiest one to do. A jeweler's loupe or a small microscope would be good too.
Number 3: Seriously? I would trade in some goyfs for a Crafle any day of the week. Crafles are on the reserved list and will likely only go up. Goyf is practically on the "print 'til you can't cash in anymore" list.

u/LeeSalt · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

I highly recommend this one-piece style of loupe for cards:

You just set it on top of the card and look, you don't have to hold anything or adjust the distance, it's already pre-calibrated and the light works better than the fold out or pop out kinds of loupes.

u/iceman012 · 1 pointr/mtgfinance

This is the one I got, and it's served me well so far. There's probably better ones, but it should show that you definitely won't break the bank.

u/tk_fourtwentyone · 3 pointsr/mtgfinance

Amazon has 100 Ultra Pro toploaders and 100 penny sleeves for $11 plus shipping. I ship a few dozen cards every month, and one order of these will last me a few months. Otherwise, if you're just using them to store cards, it's probably more than you'd ever realistically need. A great deal, IMO.

u/McArthurWheeler · 6 pointsr/mtgfinance

I used a pocket microscope to take this image of a counterfeit wurmcoil engine if it is of any help. This card failed the light test as it was black core paper though. Also if you look at the holostamp with something that powerful you can see letters in the logo spelling wizards.

Your cards sound like variance in printings though

u/zangor · 4 pointsr/mtgfinance

Use this Carson Microbrite Pocket Microscope.

You just take it and look at the green mana symbol on the back of any magic card. If there are 4 dots in the shape of an L then it is real (this is called the green dot test). Fakes will have a scattered pattern. This is what I use to verify my high dollar amount purchases. It is pretty good.

Here is what it looks like.

(This is an actual pic I took w my phone.)

u/mtgvintagecrack · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

I use this one. I haven't experimented with different magnifications, but 30x seemed fine. As another use pointed out above, you might want a cheap USB microscope instead

u/s0nicattack · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

I see 60x loupes with LED light mentioned in this thread as well as a few others very recently. Awhile back someone linked to a Belomo on Amazon, which I bought. The Belomo is a 10x

Was this purchase made in error and I should make it a point to get the higher magnification loupe with LED? Or can I make things work with this loupe and my own separate LED?

u/bondsman333 · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

A big rubbermaid with a eva-dry rechargeable dehumidifier inside.

I use these in my safes for firearms. Works great. Sucks a TON of water in, and you can recharge it overnight.


u/waaaghbosss · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

The numbers were confirmed in the official mtg encyclopedia. Someone on this forum has a copy and checked it last time we were talking about these numbers :)

u/JJMarcel · 1 pointr/mtgfinance

Ultra pro makes them in various sizes. Pretty common to receive shipments in them - I think card kingdom occasionally uses them, for instance. They're ok for shipping, but a bit fiddly for storage, imo, and I would rather have things sorted in boxes or deck boxes.

u/Ryidon · 1 pointr/mtgfinance

30x is the min. with a light.
I use this one that has up to 60x to 120x:

It helps you see some of the finer details and its under 15.

u/Anvil-Hands · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

I would fill fat pack boxes with the toploaders, and then put them inside a rubbermaid container that has a seal around the edge. I recommend putting one of these in the container. It is basically a giant desiccant pack that can be replenished once it fills up.

u/RaidtheRevenge · 13 pointsr/mtgfinance

You might want to buy some edible paper and printer ink.
Sheets are here.

Ink is here.

u/mustanggt50conv · 1 pointr/mtgfinance

This is the only binder I will store my old MtG sets in: Ultra Pro Premium PRO-BINDER Padded Leatherette Sideloading 9-Pocket Album

u/ArmadilloAl · 3 pointsr/mtgfinance

According to this blog post, they were printed in this book. I have the book at home and will attempt to verify tonight.

u/Wtrx · 1 pointr/mtgfinance

I just bought both of these because I have been buying revised Duals off of eBay.

The Loupe comes with a built in Light and Blacklight, no battery needed when opening.

You probably don't need to buy the individual blacklight, but if you do I believe it requires 3 AAA batteries.

u/ArchangelOX · 14 pointsr/mtgfinance

Carson microBrite Pocket Microscope...thing is legit and only 13 dollars. you can even put your cellphone camera to the viewing aperture to take pictures of the image, no flash needed. My goto fake card checker.

u/Washableaxe · 0 pointsr/mtgfinance

> And fwiw, I have shipped P9 (not a lotus) in a toploader + bubble mailer, because it suffices.

You're either lying, or a fool.

EDIT: This is how you ship cards - . Tape it shut + a bubble mailer.