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u/SabreAZ · 3 pointsr/mvci

Lets back up the train here. The best gaming monitors around have 10ms of display/input lag. A VERY COMMON misconception is people confuse the advertised response time with display lag. Response time has absolutely NOTHING to do with input lag. But having a very low response time is nice to have, to help prevent ghosting images. Can't really go wrong with the BenQ Zowie brand of monitors, as they are designed to

This is the basic model that any fighting game player will be fine using, as it is the standard:

The step up model, and preferred model if you want h2h (Head to head, 2 monitor setup), you want this:

This monitor has an HDMI out port, so you can easily connect two monitors for H2H setup, without the need of an HDMI signal splitter(which some can add lag if you do not do proper research). If you buy the cheaper, first option, you would need the HDMI splitter to make a H2H setup. Cost wise, it's better to go with the 2nd option. They are the exact same monitor, only difference is pretty much that HDMI out port, Which is really useful.

High refresh monitors are not necessary for fighters as they are all locked at 60fps.

u/Excalibur0123 · 1 pointr/mvci

I was in the same boat, I was trying to find a good fightstick for cheap. I found this one and I got it, it's a great stick. I'm trying to get used to stick controls but from everything I read its a great stick to customize.

u/SkeptikalAnus · 1 pointr/mvci

well im assuming you are from the USA(please correct me so i can giv you appropriate advice and prices) The Mad Catz TE2+ is onsale for $179 a great premium stick with all the features i listed i paid $300cnd for mine and love it it recomend it over the panthera because they are so similar, but if u want a bigger sturdier base go for the mad catz, if u want a smaller one the panthera.

the qanba obsidian is $180us a great deal

u/effetism · 1 pointr/mvci

Obviously it's a beginner thing, if you're super into it I'd recommend spending a bit more. That's not the same one I was thinking of either, I'm remembering a small white thing with green buttons. This was back when SFIV came out though.

u/TheTaoDragon · 1 pointr/mvci

The Switch has multiple different controller options that could work for a game like MvC. The Pro Controller comes to mind, and this is also without mentioning the officially licensed HORI RAP.V fightstick that exists for it.

u/00Nothing · 4 pointsr/mvci

Hori Fighting Commander. Yes, it's a pad, but it's the FG'nest pad on the market. Perfect layout, durable enough to put up with my temper, uses XInput for PC. Done and done.

EDIT: I completely missed the word 'art' in the title. Oh well.

u/brainfraud · 2 pointsr/mvci

I use the Hori Fight Commander for PS4 I do not like analog sticks or the DS4.

If I'm going to play on a controller and not a stick I'll use the Dpad other wise if you use analog just use an arcade stick but thats my personal opinion.

u/bathnasty · 1 pointr/mvci

So I assume this means that the legacy mode in SF5 is not in this game? Can I use that universal stick I read about?

Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for PS4 PS3 XBOX ONE 360 PC