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u/Snivian_Moon · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

You're absolutely right, friend. This will pass, no matter how dark the skies may seem now. We'll move on, and we'll be stronger for it! Even if the circumstances aren't expected, or according to plan, we're going to get through this. And you're going to succeed in amazing ways, because dang it, you're awesome and you're focused! And you're talented. Plus, you make this place awesome for all of us, and that's just beyond fantastic.

I could gush on for hours, but heck, you know I believe in you and I don't want to overstep my bounds.

I'm curious, though, about something slightly off-topic. How do you feel about the current pony toys available from Hasbro? I'm holding on to a couple of these gift sets and a few of these four packs, in the hopes of running another giveaway. But by gum, I'd love to give one of them to you, if you'd like to have them. If you're uncomfortable with that, that's fine! I know giving out addresses and such is not always safe online. And I know that the toys aren't that great and some folks don't like them (which I can understand). But if you'd like either of those sets, they're all yours, friend. Anything to give you a smile!

u/morbiusfan88 · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Episodes: Pony Wedding pts 1 & 2, Hearts & Hooves Day, Sweet & Elite, and The Best Night Ever

Bonuses: Sing-alongs for the full version of "Love is in Bloom" and "The Perfect Stallion" (the Hearts & Hooves Day song), and a coloring sheet(s?) that you can print out.

Where to buy: Amazon Pre-order, or Shout Factory Pre-order (with tiara)

u/calmbrony · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Physical copies look better imo. The colors are nicer. I you are willing to wait, get the Trade Paperbacks!

Volume 1 (Chrysalis Arc, which is awesome) is out here.

Volume 2 (Nightmare arc, personaly didn't like as much) will be out Sept. 24 here.

There will also be a compilation of the mane 6 micro series in November here.
The Rarity and the Pinkie comic were both top notch, while the others varied from good to mediocre (depending who you ask). But it is a good price for 6 comics!

Issue 9 was great, Volume 3 is looking like it will be awesome (no date yet for that one).

u/sambaneko · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

I don't make plush, but I follow a lot of artists who do. The top-quality ones are typically made with minky fabric, but it's relatively expensive; I've read advice to try starting out with fleece instead - it's cheaper, easier to find and still pretty soft.

Embroidery seems to usually be done by machine, like this. Because of the cost, this also isn't very beginner-friendly; you might want to try applique techniques instead.

For sewing machines I'd probably just browse Amazon for one that's got a good rating and a price within the range you'd like to invest. Don't think there's anything special you need to be looking for.

But, I defer to any actual plush makers who would know better.

u/WhiteHeather · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Oh yeah, embroidery machines can be super expensive. Is something like the Brother SE400 still that expensive there? I know it's usually the starter machine that most plushie makers use because it's significantly cheaper than many of the other ones out there. I always used applique on my plushies because I also didn't have an embroidery machine and I just like the look of applique myself. I know iron-on transfers are definitely the cheapest and most accessible way for people to do eyes and cutie marks though, but you might consider applique as well until you can get an embroidery machine if that's what your ultimate goal is :) Your plushies obviously already look really nice, and I think something other than iron-on transfers would make them look even better.

u/AcceptablePariahdom · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Haven't gotten a chance to read it myself, but if you're a real big fan of Cadance (judging by your username, I assume that you are), it sounds like you need to get ahold of Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, in which Cadance tells Twilight the story of her foalhood and how she ascended. AFAIK it's the biggest chunk of mostly-canon Cadance background we have.

u/mediumdeviation · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Best value for money? 4DE's plushes are very good for their price. They're more expensive than most other licensed plushes, but they're more accurate and much better quality.

Alternatively, if you like reading, try the omnibus edition of the comic books. It combines the first 12 issues of the main series and again is the cheapest way to get the comics.

u/Aidinthel · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

There are three MLP comic series, and there are indeed trade paperbacks, though obviously not all the issues of ongoing series have been collected yet. It's a good idea to read the main series in order, but doesn't really matter for the others.

The main series, simply titled "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has story arcs of either 2 or 4 issues. With a few exceptions, they are mostly very high quality (Katie Cook and Andy Price are very good at their jobs).

The "micro series" (collected under the title "Pony Tales") featured one-shot issues focusing on individual characters. Quality-wise, they tended to be a bit hit-or-miss. It is now completed.

After the micro series finished, a new side series called "Friends Forever" started, focusing on the relationship between a pair of characters. The first issue wasn't great, but I've liked all the others so far.

u/rabidkillercow · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

I was able to find a 4-pack of the new plastic-haired ponies with Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Pinkie Pie -- they look pretty good, and are in stock on Amazon right now. The older models with actual hair manes always looked a bit... creepy to me. Princess Celestia is the only one that pulls it off and looks like the new show. Of course, there's also that 4-pack of the new plastic-haired ponies with a strange-looking Spike, Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack that everyone knows about. Poor Fluttershy, left out in the cold again.

u/reahidru · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

In case you weren't aware of THE BEST SET. These are out of production and the price is steadily rising (16 USD a few months ago, 22 USD last month, 27 USD now). Sculpted hair, removable crown (ALL HAIL PRINCESS PINKIE), Story book, and (since they're the same size) they're compatible with other set accessories (like Twilight's Balloon).

Best Set. (and slightly cheaper at TrU)

u/TrixieThePowerful · 7 pointsr/mylittlepony

I'll start off with the Guardian of Harmony's Celestia, Chrysalis, Discord, and Nightmare Moon.

For books for young readers the Princess Collection might be good. They're hardcover and about 150~ pages each.

I believe it is 25-30$ for the set or around 7$ for each individual book.

A few other good books are the following:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Collectible Poster Book has about 40 posters on heavy stock. The downside is they're double sided. About 16$

[My Little Pony: The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook] ( for 13$~.

The Elements of Harmony: Friendship is Magic for 10~$.

For Plushies 4de will be covered. So instead I'll recommend Aurora World's Spike. He's only about 12$

If you're looking for something that's not expensive there is the Friendship is Magic Collections.

They're similar to the blind bags toys and are fairly cheap. Around 3$~ for the figures and 20$ for the playsets. Retailers often put them on sale for 2 for 1 or 20-50% off.

u/vikingerik · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

They're quite entertaining, a very underrated corner of the franchise.

The best way to buy them is to look for the trade paperback volumes, here's a link to the first one on Amazon. Those collect a story arc at a time and are easier to manage for buying and handling than single issues.

Or if you want digital copies, which are cheaper, look to Comixology. Reading comics is pretty painful on a phone screen though if that's going to be your method.

u/HalfBurntToast · 4 pointsr/mylittlepony

Yes! I was really happy to hear more lore behind the show. Fun stuff. I hope the new MLP hardcover is as good as it looks like it could be. I'd kill for some more back story on the princesses!

u/Tainted_Spawn · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Well you can check out some of these trade paper back editions.

First things to be available is volume one and volume two.

But if your also interested the Micro-series is going to be released in November.

Remember though there really is no value in the trade back if you are planning to re-sell. Good for the read, still though I find them good to get signed.

u/kdlp313 · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

I'd always assumed that the royal sisters' design was meant to reflect their advanced age and status. In a thousand years, I'd expect Princesses Cadance and Twilight to have acquired a similar manestyle.

I suppose it could simply be the result of advanced age, however I'd like to think magical ability has something to do with it too. But of course, this is all exclusive to alicorns, as no other pony can expect to live as long.

As to why the sisters are princesses and not queens, my understanding is that Celestia and Luna declined the honour because they saw themselves less as rulers, and more as guardians of Equestria.

You might want to take a look at a book called The Journal of the Two Sisters It explains a bit of Celestia's and Luna's backstory.

u/Tailszefox · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

The first toy (well, toys) I got was the gift set: it was (and still is, I think) the most accurate thing you can find, with the blindbag ponies. The only issue is that Celestia is pink, but there's no version of her in her show-accurate color available as of yet, unfortunately...

As for how I explain it to my family...They know I'm a fan of the show, and they understand that it's a good show. It's not much different than the other figurines I have from video games and other shows I enjoy.


As for an official Luna toy, there is one, even as a duo with Celestia, but, er...See for yourself.

u/AdamBombTV · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

Wow... thats WAY cheaper then Amazon.
Edit: £31.80 plus £27.51 p+p ...I think someone is trying to pull a fast one

Why are they trying to make Princess Celestia the main focus of the toys? She's central in the friendship pack, she has a talking figurine... she's a side character at best.

u/Abezilla116 · 5 pointsr/mylittlepony


This set comes with the same Pinkie Pie op is offering, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Rainbow dash, all for $18.99.
This set comes with Princess Celestia, Spike, Twilight Sparkle, and Apple Jack for $21.99.

you're welcome :3

u/ZhilTP9112 · 7 pointsr/mylittlepony

What I find even more interesting is how it became the government it is now.

According to the semi-canon Journal of the Two Sisters, when it started Equestria was either an alliance or confederacy of the three pony tribes. The rulers voted Celestia and Luna to "princesshood", and they were tasked to perform the following:

  1. Mediate conflicts between the three tribes

  2. Act as ambassadors to foreign nations on behalf of the three tribes

  3. Protect them from external threats like dragons

    Now it's a more centralized government. Over a millennium, Celestia took executive power as the three races became more and more assimilated with each other and the tribes lost their political power. She was pretty nice, allowing descendants of royalty/aristocracy from the three tribes to keep their titles like Prince Blueblood.
u/rad140 · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

I see. Do you two not get along or aren't that close?

For some really general recommendations, there's the Art of Equestria book, the 4DE plushies or maybe one of the comics omnibus?

Then again, if he's really into the fandom and makes his own plushies, he may have all these things. Do you know if he has a favourite pony?

I only mentioned thoughtful because that's my gift giving preference.

u/TPishek · 12 pointsr/mylittlepony

The book is called "Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell." You can see a summary on the wiki or in the reviews on that Amazon page.

u/TheKillah · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Things we know:

  • We'll be informed 1 month before the first episode
  • It takes about six months from when the episode is animated for the episode to be released (The first episode animated for season 2 specifically was s2e03)
  • Animation for season 3 started seven months ago
  • A DVD with (presumably) the first 2 episodes of season 3 will be released December 4th (potential spoiler alert)
  • Two previous DVDs have been released: The Friendship Express five weeks after The Last Roundup aired, and The Royal Wedding about 14 weeks after A Canterlot Wedding aired.

    If the first bullet is true, then the season won't start until October 13th at the earliest. A difference of seven weeks between that and the release of the DVD holds up with the difference between the episode The Last Roundup and the Friendship Express DVD. This is probably going to hold true, because like the Friendship Express DVD the DVD was announced before the episode was actually announced, unlike the Royal Wedding DVD.

    Basically, they probably already have the episode finished and in the books for quite some time, but they're holding it over our heads from now until mid-October.

u/AirshipAtamis · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Question for you, i just looked it up on amazon and it seems to be half what this one looks like and half blue background, did yours look like that or is this just some sort of cover sheet? ;s

I really don't want to order it and not have it look like OP's

the one in particular.

u/OMGitsDSypl · 6 pointsr/mylittlepony

Just in case anyone wants to know where they can buy it, Amazon has it. I learned a few new things about the show that wasn't even mentioned in the show (like the names of the Wonderbolts [one of them is Surprise!] and that the first two episodes were originally going to span across a whole season.) The book is about 1/2 episode recaps, but it gives some great insight on the show (such as why they only redeem a few villains or why the people may enjoy the show.) I'd recommend buying it if you have money to kill.

Oh, and soon, two more books are going to come out.

My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna

My Little Pony: The Daring Do Adventure Collection: A Three-Book Boxed Set with Exclusive Figure

u/londonbeckett · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

I would start with the first four issues:

The story is probably one of the best MLP stories I've ever read, show and comic combined.

The first four are by the team Andy Price and Katie Cook. Any MLP comic worked on by them I would recommend picking up.

u/Phei · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

The value of that thing is ridiculous. Like, I actually imported it from the States and bought an adapter.
The European model is like 3 times the price, I kid you not.

Never would've started sewing without that deal.

u/Hazzat · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

At your local cinema in the UK!

Alternatively, you can pre-order the DVD or Blu-ray!

(or, if you really must, you can watch it for free online as long as you do so with a guilty conscience and promise to give Hasbro your money at a later date)

u/gbeaudette · 6 pointsr/mylittlepony

Well, that's pretty... unambiguous.

You could go something simple like a Funko doll Or maybe a keychain. (I honestly kinda want this one for myself.)

There's a new comics omnibus coming out in a week or so if he also likes comics.

Or, and this is a bit of a gamble, but Rainbow Rocks comes out in two weeks.

u/cyberscythe · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

My favourite thing right now is the Elements of Harmony book. Without the slipcover, I think it's a very handsome book.

u/Navira · 5 pointsr/mylittlepony

There are official comics, yeah. There's an ongoing series featuring story arcs that are about 4 issues in length (currently on the second arc, issue 8 is due out soon) and a few one-shots featuring an individual character, of which there are currently 4 of, with more coming.

You can find digital copies of everything here.

If you prefer physical copies, you can check your local comic shop, or pick up the newly released trade paperback that contains the first four issues at sites like amazon. Link

u/PianoCube93 · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

You can either watch them on YouTune, download them, or you can buy them if you wish to support the creators.

u/PapaNachos · 6 pointsr/mylittlepony

I recommend getting the volumes because they're MUCH easier to track down.

u/sirms · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

I got it from here for $11 you get 4 comics in one. It's great.

u/korarii · 8 pointsr/mylittlepony

In the Forward of The Art of Equestria, Jayson Thiessen, then Supervising Director at DHX Media wrote:

> Equestria is a fantasy storybook world that sits somewhere between the medieval period and the Edwardian era of the very early 1900s...the technology that exists is limited to what could exist in that period.

He goes on to say they sometimes bend this rule when the story or joke requires, but try to keep those instances limited.

While the Asgrdians use the "magic is advanced technology" model, Pony seem to use the "magic is distinct from the mundane" type of fantasy.

EDIT: Added a link for the book, which is an interesting read.

u/NoobJr · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

You're probably looking for this.

The pilot doesn't explain itself too well in that regard. The NMM story is portrayed as a fairy tale there, which leads to some confusion, when later on it's treated like a historical event (Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3).

Maybe Ponyville is historically illiterate. But that doesn't explain Twilight not knowing anything. Oh, well.

u/Camgoespony · 5 pointsr/mylittlepony


Amazon Link that NoobJr put elsewhere in the thread

It's super-neato and has a bunch of great head-canon fuel. Also, have a shameless plug for a review I made of it a while ago

u/GunStinger · 6 pointsr/mylittlepony

Amazon is your friend for all things bookish.

u/Hector_Kur · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

I don't yet own any Pinkie Pie mugs (I'm such a fraud!), but I've been eyeing this one as well as this one.

u/oakhoof · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

this mug might be a good idea if she drinks coffee or tea.

u/Lankygit · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

I did a quick search and found this on

It has a Fluttershy. If you don't want all of them, probably a good idea to browse the related products for individuals.

u/randomsnark · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Anyway, in response to the idea that it could start in January 2020 - a DVD containing the first two episodes will be released on December 4th (Link may contain minor spoilers). It's available for pre-order already. So unless the DVD is coming out before the episodes, the season will have started before then.

If you're really desperate to secure new episodes for sure, I guess you could decide not to trust that they'll be released before the DVD, and just go ahead and pre-order the DVD now. Then you'll know for sure that you'll get new episodes on December 4th.

u/Valinye · 5 pointsr/mylittlepony

Read "The Journal of the Two Sisters": - apparently there is an entire race of Alicorns that Celestia and Luna are a part of.

Given the book, I tend to think of the 'true' Alicorns as being a bit like Tolkien's "Istar"; Gandalf, Sauruman, et al.

u/LegendarySanta · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Amazon has a few choices. I personally got this set and I think it’s a fine addition to my collection.

u/twi9000 · 1 pointr/mylittlepony don't ship to Latvia? I bought a dvd there and it shipped just fine to my home country in Europe.

u/Turtlelover73 · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

It's more expensive, but here it is on amazon if anyone can't get to tj max.

u/andtheniwastrees · 4 pointsr/mylittlepony

For physicals I think the cheapest way is to buy them by volume. Volume 2 comes out in month. I tried to buy them physically and individually as they released but that proved to be very very costly on the shipping side. Also I would always find a new cooler cover a month later and have a little buyer's remorse. Digital copies are nice since you don't have to pay for shipping, and you get a scan of every page so it's the same thing just less tangible. Though I've read that the comic creators don't receive compensation through digial sales. Some kinda loophole. But ya know, no shipping costs. And as for free well yayponies posts the comics a day or so after they release. And there's always a comic thread on /mlp/ that dumps the comics and usually contains up to date information on future releases.

u/Durinthal · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

The Friendship Express DVD (or at least the copy I have; not sure if they changed it for later printings) has the original version of the scene.

u/DoctoryWhy · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Some random ponies come in those figure packs (example of the big pack on Amazon). I wish more relevant ones did, such as the CMC, princesses, spike, and discord. These are the only official merch (besides the DVDs of S1,2 and the movie) I have personally spent money on. I currently have this figure sitting on top of my thermostat. We have random figures of random stuff hidden around our house (Pokemon, Spiderman, Bionicles)

u/xannaonreddit · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

I asked Father Christmas for the new Omnibus edition of the main series comics. It's on USian Amazon here: - $20 for the first 12 issues (so a bit cheaper than buying the trade paperbacks).

u/klparrot · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

A Canterlot Wedding is already out on DVD, with three other episodes included. Amazon: Royal Pony Wedding

u/isosum · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Amazon lists the DVD and Blu-Ray as to be released August 6.

u/ShokBox · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

Only one? Shit, given just how many official MLP comic series there are now (there are at least 10 of them now, including the main series), that's a tough question to answer.

I guess if you have the money for it, you could go for one of the compilation books. This one, for example, contains the first 4 issues of the main series.

You can also look at online comic shops like Comixology. They usually offer some good deals.

u/SirDerick · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

So far there's 3 arcs. each spanning 4 comics. You can get the first 4 in a bundle right now at amazon It's gonna be a while for volume 2 to be released, so you can get the individual comics at

There's also a micro series, you can get those in a bundle as well. So far they've released twilight, rainbow dash, rarity and futtershy.

You can also buy digital versions on itunes, I have a few but I've rebuying them with the bundle, the paper version is just so much better.

u/TheRandomRock · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Why is it only 10.82$ Canadian to pre-order and why is the release date june 10.
Should I be angry or happy, I don't get it.

Oh, it's not the same book.

u/Color_blinded · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

but that's not the first official book. This is. Though I think the book you linked still talks about Cadence being a pegasus.

u/gear9242 · 29 pointsr/mylittlepony

Perhaps you might find the answers you seek in this book.

u/ShirePony · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

8 Used from $48.50 24 New from $48.39

How does that work when it was just released today?

Amazon Link

u/LittleshyFIM · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

oops, I was thinking of the artbook but after checking it does indeed appear to be in the guidebook.

u/ThatIsMyHat · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

They come in trade paperbacks. Each one has four issues. Here's the first one.

u/fluc02 · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

This is the only way to get the show on DVD right now.

u/nicereddy · 12 pointsr/mylittlepony

Apparently it's some sort of movie? Or maybe just the final 2 episodes of Season 2?

u/FaceDeer · 4 pointsr/mylittlepony

According to, Equestria Girls stars Gene Wilder and is directed by Mel Brooks.

If that had actually been true I think my brain would have broken.

u/XelaIsPwn · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

Found this on Amazon. It's probably the same DVD.

Odd choices of episodes. I've never even heard of "The Last Roundup."

u/therationalpi · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

I can see why they're doing this. They have the episodes on their site, the iTunes store, and soon DVD as well.

They are defending their IP in a legitimate fashion. When they start going after PMVs and fan projects, I'll jump on the bandwagon to fight Hasbro. For now? Guess I'll buy some 720p downloads on iTunes with no watermarks.

u/TwilightShadow1 · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

Unless things have changed recently after the clarification attempt by Big Jim, the comics are considered a secondary canon, and the chapter books are the tertiary canon. So if they ever contradict each other, the comics are more canon than the books, and the show is more canon than the comics.

The only possible exception to this rule is The Journal of The Two Sisters since it's supposed to be something directly from the show, but I'm not entirely sure where it exists in the order of canon.

u/thecnoNSMB · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

Also, there's some Daring Do books that have been published. The first 7 books sadly remain fictional, including Sapphire Stone (book 1) and Ring of Destiny (book 5).

u/Deadpikle · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

Hey, your omnibus edition link is bad. Here's a fixed one: click me!