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u/kazoodac · 2 pointsr/n64

Funnily enough, RGB is old tech! It's a form of analog video output that's known to retro gaming enthusiasts as the best form of analog video output that many retro systems are capable of. If you want to know more, check out this video by My Life in Gaming. it goes into more detail. They also have an N64 specific video if you want to check that out too. Regardless, I'll give you some very simplified cliff notes. Everything I'm saying assumes you live in the USA. If you don't let me know because things will change. Analog video consists of many different parts. As a general rule, the more things you combine into one cable, the worse you signal is.

RF Output - Plugs in like coaxial cables from TV antennas or cable. This is the absolute worst you can get for retro systems.

Composite - Very bad. It lumps everything together and is a hazy mess. Upside is most TVs still allow composite input because it was so common

S-Video - Vastly better than composite, separates the signal into two different wires within the plug. Downside is that modern TVs don't have this connection anymore. You can still use it with a Nintendo S-Video cable and an S-Video to HDMI adapter though.

RGB - Short for Red Green Blue, it separates everything into separate wires making it the best possible output. I believe this is the choice that will provide you the best visual quality for your money, but it involves more steps than the S-Video option above.

The Nintendo 64 is not directly capable of RGB output, but for early models of the system, it is very cheap and easy to add in. Check the serial number on the bottom of your Nintendo 64 and let me know what it is. Using the serial number we can take an educated guess as to whether or not it can be modded cheaply.

If it turns out your system CAN be easily modded, then your best bet is probably to send it to RetroFixes. At $50 for the basic mod, his service isn't the cheapest, but HD Retrovision has endorsed them as the best option for modding the N64 to use their cables, so that's peace of mind.

If your system CAN'T be cheaply modded, it can still get RGB, but you'll start to see diminishing returns on price and effort, and might just want to stick to the S-Video option above. For instance, RetroFixes mentions that this more complicated mod has an addition $50 charge. Another option for the most dedicated N64 Enthusiasts would be waiting and hoping to secure an UltraHDMI mod from RetroFixes or BadassConsoles.. Supply is very limited, sells out fast, and starts at $164, but the result is gorgeous and works on any HDTV.

A few other points: You're going to need the HD Retrovision SNES component cable in order to plug the RGB modded N64 directly into your TV. These cables should be going on sale at the end of the month, and they will likely sell out quickly. As such, I recommend getting on their email list and following them on social media so you don't miss the first batch. If you do miss it, you aren't out of luck. Modding for RGB will not affect the N64's ability to output via composite or S-Video, so you can still use the composite cable as you are now, or get the S-Video option while you wait.

Sorry that was long-winded, but I hope it gives you a better idea of your options! If this stuff does interest you, I highly recommend checking out the RGB Master Class series I linked to above.

EDIT: Almost forgot! Tell me your TV model number or check and make sure your TV has component inputs! If it doesn't then the Component cables won't plug in, and S-Video is probably your best bet.

u/Applegravy · 1 pointr/n64

while an eventual obtaining of the collection again complete with the boxes and manuals sounds like a much better collection, and while I'm sure there's nothing else you could do to get that car if you're putting up the N64, I hope you know that a set CiB will cost at least twice what you'd sell everything for.

that said, if you really have to sell, at the very least, I think you should keep your controllers, get this adapter and emulate everything. I have that adapter. I love mine. it's very picky with third party controllers, and most don't work, such as my Madcatz turbo controllers, so your SuperPad might not work. but it likes official controllers like the other two controllers you have in that image, and it also likes close replicas like these.

and be aware, on Project 64, I had to find a new controller plugin and change to it for it all to work. after I configured it, Darkman's worked with the controller perfectly. Jabo(which is normally the default one) wouldn't read the joystick properly and N-Rage wouldn't let me use the C buttons. it was very strange. but, the adapter is plug and play, so no drivers to find for that.

the emulator with the actual controllers is the second best experience for it. keyboard controls are just awkward for the N64, and other USB controllers really change the experience because of how peculiar an N64 controller is. even with the occasional graphical glitches through emulation not being perfected, most can be solved between using Project 64 1.6 and 1.7. Space Station Silicon Valley, for example, in 1.6, doesn't show the power cells properly, but 1.7 fixes this.

if nothing else, I hope that my advice for emulating helps lessen the pain for you. I can only imagine what I'd be like without my N64. a lot of really great games I have actual rom cartridges of, and others I emulate with the same setup I suggested you give a try, and for very many, I do both.

u/SturgeonMcGuai · 2 pointsr/n64

I recommend a Sony Trinitron if you get a CRT. These sets are the most well-built among tube TVs, which matters a lot when you're looking for a 10-30 year old appliance. Sony also held a patent on the best CRT technology for almost the entire time CRT sets were relevant, so Trinitrons have objectively better picture quality than any competing sets of the day. Make sure you get the remote with the TV in case you need to adjust the picture. 20"-25" is a good size for a multiplayer gaming TV in the corner, but you might want an extra set of hands to help you move anything larger than 24" depending on how far you'll have to carry it.

Also, for $20-$25 online, you can get an S-Video cable for the N64. S-video is a much clearer video signal than the standard yellow-RCA-jack composite video, which is itself just compressed S-video. Here is a comparison between the two. If you decide to get one of these I cannot recommend ANY generic cables since they're almost always terribly cheap and it's a matter of luck whether they will work, so get a Nintendo-brand cable for either composite or S-video.

You can also get replacement N64 joysticks online, (like here or here) some of them arguably superior to the originals. A lot of those Mario Party minigames will kill N64 joysticks, especially OG sticks, which need to be re-lubricated (I recommend white lithium grease) after twenty years of use. There are also plenty of kooky, unorthodox third-party controllers for the N64 which, by virtue of their design, add some challenge to games you thought you were good at.

Sorry for the wall of text, there's just a lot of technical stuff that goes a long way in improving the retro gaming experience, and most of the high-end and cutting-edge stuff of yesterday is obscure knowledge now. S-Video will give you the biggest bang for your buck, and combining that with a compatible Trinitron will get you ~90% of what hundreds of dollars of equipment can do. And that means more games. =)

u/legacyblade · 1 pointr/n64

Here's the thing with ordering these. I ordered from the same amazon listing twice and got a different version of the stick both times.

If you get one with a rubbery tip, you're going to experience the issues he mentioned in his video. Large dead zone, less degrees of freedom, very small area recognized as "slightly" pushing (making it really hard to walk slowly).

But if you get a plasticy one that has "V3" on the bottom, you won't experience those issues. The one I have with "V3" on the bottom has a slightly larger deadzone than the n64, but has all the degrees of freedom. And it's easy to walk slowly with.

The rubber one is still better than a loose stick, so for $11 I think it's a good option.

You can also find imitations of the original n64 stick on amazon and ebay (just search n64 replacement stick). Though I imagine you'd run into similar issues.

Personally, I feel the best controller for the n64 is the Hori one. But those are expensive these days.

u/DarkhorseV · 3 pointsr/n64

This is what I use and I love it. Converts to HDMI and takes care of the problems with old consoles on non CRT TVs. It's a little pricey at $50, but worth it since you can use it with all old consoles on any TV.

I love mine. As an added bonus, you can get the cable for the N64 that supports s-video and use it with this box for a little more quality, or go all the way with the RGB mod and this box still works in all scenarios.

u/shoryukencallme · 3 pointsr/n64

These dust covers are actually a third party kind I found on Amazon. I think Nintendo shipped them without any kind dust protection back in the day, probably hoping to sell accessories.

I definitely agree with you about that there's are misperceptions about the quality of the N64's library. Sure, not every game is Super Mario 64, but there's still a lot of fun games or games worth playing because they really tried something unique.

u/jmt627 · 6 pointsr/n64

Speaking from experience just head to your local video game store (one thats sells used stuff) then buy the best three used nintendo brand controllers they have. Just check to make sure all the buttons are good the sticks don't matter at this point.

Now hit up amazon and look for these

These joysticks are not like the ones that come with the nintendo controllers they don't have the ball joint at the bottom that wears out. Look at these other sticks for comparison.

You can see how they are different. The joysticks are easy to swap out and you will not wear them out unlike the traditional joysticks. You will always have "tight sticks"

Hope this helps you out man.

u/khedoros · 2 pointsr/n64

An adapter turns out to be the easy part.

The joypad mod I was seeing in my search earlier looks like it supports 1.11.2, but not the current version. Another one I found looked like it only supports PS4 and XB1 controllers.

So the answer may be "yes, if you're willing to play an older version of the game". Or, I guess look for something like joy2key.

u/Flying_Spaghetti_ · 1 pointr/n64

Cool thanks for the insight. I have been mostly playing Mario Party on my original N64 but I don't even have s-video so it looks pretty rough. I found this on Amazon: I have a PC next to my TV for my Vive already anyway so we are going to try it still using the original controllers.

u/ST3RL · 2 pointsr/n64

Honestly coming from someone who has a gone through a lot of different expensive routes with this issue including buying a Sony PVM and a Framemeister to see the quality. I recommend the enKo S-Video to HDMI converter right here. S-Video is a very nice upgrade from AV/RCA, and this converter is good. But if you don't want to spend $50, you can just get the AV to HDMI converter which will work as well.

u/LUGIA_FUCKER · 4 pointsr/n64

Right here.

This little baby works like a charm, and is the closest you will ever get to the original. It's a tad stiff at first and a notch high in sensitivity, but it works flawlessly after a few playthroughs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to replace their N64 joysticks for a cheap price and a close resemblance to the original.

u/PugMuscle · 1 pointr/n64

N64 Replacement Joystick GameCube Style, High Sensitivity

Pretty sure this is the one I bought. It was a while back, but they still work great. And it's not kidding when it says high sensitivity, but I got use to it after a little while of playing.

u/B_Milne · 2 pointsr/n64

I had the same issue with a 4k tv, I bought these off Amazon and my N64 and Super Nintendo worked perfectly. You may just need the converter box.

u/thinkweis · 2 pointsr/n64

Those knockoffs never have the same feel. I bought genuine N64 controllers and ran them into a converter like this one:

It is perfect for playing on PC and you don't need additional controllers to play console.

u/scififan20 · 5 pointsr/n64

I preordered one on Amazon. It's arriving today! I can do a review if you guys are interested.

Retro-Bit 8bitdo Mobile Wireless Bluetooth N64 Controller for iOS, Android, PC

What I find interesting, it says it works with current Nintendo consoles... How Can I get it to work with the wiiu? Does it pair up like a regular controller?

u/iterkderjerbs · 1 pointr/n64

If you prefer to replace them yourself, the best option is SteelSticks, when they are available. The Hyperkin GameCube style joystick replacement is the next best option. However, there are dead zones with this joystick even though it is a better replacement than almost any other option out there. The resolution to that is to buy or build this.

u/mandlar · 1 pointr/n64

I love them. I'm not going to for a CIB collection. Maybe one day I'll buy the universal cases for them and print out covers. But the dust sleeves work just fine for now. You can get them off of Amazon 6 for $7 or buy them in bulk (I can't remember the site off the top of my head, I think it's the same one that sales the universal cases). I just buy them from Amazon as I need them.

u/nwuta · 7 pointsr/n64

replacement joystick:

they're pretty easy to replace, just make sure everything goes back the way you took it apart.

u/Jyggalag · 1 pointr/n64

For controllers, pick up any OEM controller you like then, if the stick is shot, replace it with an aftermarket one.

I've been using some GameCube-like analog sticks from here [0] to repair my old controllers. Some don't like them but to me they work and feel great.

There's also CWSFDavid who is working to 3D print some stockalike sticks! [1]

Lastly, if you want to "splurge" again, look into Hori controllers. They're probably the highest quality non-OEM controller you can get.



u/ExplainsSocialEnigma · 2 pointsr/n64

You'll get the best picture with a s-video cable (unless you're willing to do the RGB mod). Cheap ones are about $5-10. If your TV will accept svid directly (unlikely though given that it's new) then do that, else, you should get an upscaler to convert the signal to HD and allow you to plug-in HDMI.

u/NoDownvotesPlease · 2 pointsr/n64

I think they're just different brand names for different regions, since I got mine in the UK rather than the US. The device I have looks just like the one in the video, and the box is the same too. Even the brands Tendak and Tensun sound pretty similar.

US Amazon actually has both for some reason. Weirdly the Tendak one has a slightly higher price.

I'm surprised you couldn't get a good picture out of an RGB scart console though. In theory that should be even better than S Video.

u/gr8ful123 · 2 pointsr/n64

Want an N64 classic? Make it a Slimmer model like what this guy did

Region Free? Get one like this or 3D Print it.

Want some wireless controllers? Try something like this or there's this option

Oh no! Analog stick is not too good on the OG controllers? replace it/Enkko , Replace it/ SteelSticks or use the GC Stick Method

Want HDMI / RGB Output? Do it yourself/ get an electronics person to help you

Want some fancy aesthetics for the console/ Controllers? Look no further!, LED Controller mod

Game list isn't what you wanted? oh no, you can't play Romhacks/ unreleased games? Get an Everdrive/ ED64

In total, besides the current price for the Steel Sticks and possibly the ED64 (depending on if you work or not/ have extra income), an N64 Classic Edition with all of those things, wouldn't be too far off budget.

u/HentaiVirus · 1 pointr/n64

I was thinking if buying one of these because they're like the like the monster s video cables. then one of these to covert it into HDMI but don't know if getting these two would be better or the same as those modded hdmi N64's

u/carrolv · 1 pointr/n64

I been using this one on a few of my old controllers and they seem to work fine for SSB, goldeneye, road rash, and the few other games I play regularly. Haven't tried them in joystick heavy games like Mario party. You might can find them elsewhere for cheaper.

u/jajonjason · 3 pointsr/n64

I bought this for my Wii U and android tablet, because my big brother has the right to own our old n64 and I don’t have enough space for a “real” n64... (already have my old Dreamcast hooked up to my tv). It works great but you need the latest patch to get a good experience.

u/dmoney094 · 2 pointsr/n64

Actually it's going for super cheap over at Amazon by the Kritzz man himself here:

u/PotatoFi · 32 pointsr/n64

Edit: I badly screwed up the title. It should read, "Upgrading from Composite to S-Video", not "Component". Component would only be available on this system with an RGB mod, and then an HD Retrovision SNES Component cable.

I have a 2009-era Sharp TV with one S-Video input, so I decided to try it. Overall, I'd say it was worth $8. I wouldn't say that it's immediately noticeable, but when you look closely, you can definitely see sharper lines around big color changes. I can also see each pixel more clearly, and you can see the Nintendo 64's anti-aliasing and horizontal blur at work.

Here's what I bought:

u/raiders001 · 1 pointr/n64

How about something like this then? Gam3Gear SNES Nintendo N64 Gamecube S Video Cable

Do you have a recommendation? Thanks a ton

u/Ar_71 · 1 pointr/n64
Take this one for example, you take a sd card and plug it in to your computer, download the roms of whatever games you wanna play, put them on othe sd card, and plug it into the top. I dont own one myself but there are proably guides online, and the one i linked supports pal games

u/007craft · 1 pointr/n64

[This one] (

I have the N64 hooked up with composite to it right now, I'm waiting in the mail on an S-video cable as the current S-video cable I have now is terrible.

It's a pretty sweet scaler, but you dont have to necessarily buy from the link I sent you. It appears to be a china model and the "porta" is just the name of the reseller. You can buy the exact same box for a little less from other sellers. Just make sure the picture of the box is the same.

It has 4 modes.

-Compostie 720p

-S-Video 720p

-Compostie 1080p (What I'm currently using)

-S-Video 1080p

u/cojack16 · 1 pointr/n64

I disagree. They are actually really good. Not perfect but I've replaced about 5 and they are great for me

And no, what I'm talking about is not from a GameCube controller.

That's what I'm talking about. If you look up a video it'll tell you how to replace it. Actually this video should do

u/Digitalsky · 1 pointr/n64

hey! I am a n64 streamer & I had a lot of questions converting RCA (analog) to hdmi (digital)
I used this upscaler

i also made a post about this if you want to read I thought it would be helpful

u/Lone_Beagle · 2 pointsr/n64

These are two different tiers: $15 and $35. Read the reviews and see what you think.

The more expensive one has S-video input. This usually is better than the composite video input converter, if you have the S-video cable:

These are just 2 examples. Especially with the cheaper models, there are zillions of different Chinese made units that all look the same, so make sure you read the reviews.

u/ThatsOkayBoxIsEmpty · 2 pointsr/n64

I had this problem on my LG. The manager at my local used video game store told me this is a very common problem with all HD tvs, but you wouldn't know it from google searches or this subreddit. My solution was to buy this HDMI convertor on amazon. It worked after that.

u/Steapenhyll · 1 pointr/n64

This one is redesigned to be more like a Gamecube one

u/WrestlingWoo · 2 pointsr/n64

You'll want a screwdriver kit like this and a small phillips head. Don't clean it in the shell.

After using brasso, wash the pins (using a q-tip) with 90% alcohol. Brasso is an abrasive and solvent so leaving it will slowly eat the pins if you leave it on their too long.

u/vinnycthatwhoibe · 1 pointr/n64

If you have the correct gamebit (screw driver bit) you can easily open the console and just pop both the reset and power buttons out and give them a thorough cleaning. Here's the bit

u/minus1colon · 5 pointsr/n64

Still the wrong type; see how the output is on the AV side and the input is on the HDMI side? You'd need the opposite direction; I have one of these:

and it's awesome; notice the input is on the AV side and output is on the HDMI side.

u/ngs428 · 2 pointsr/n64

I picked up a s-video cable and then a video converter from here:

It works well aside from the fact that the picture is slightly off center.

I run my NES through this at the same time as the N64. I just use a audio switcher for that portion.

u/reactorfox · 2 pointsr/n64

I don't mind the replacement joysticks from RepairBox that aren't the GameCube style ones

They're possibly cheaper elsewhere - look for the code on the box DN64R-AO4

These aren't perfect replacements, but they do the job just fine

u/x73rmin8r · 2 pointsr/n64

Redesigned REPLACEMENT Joystick for Nintendo 64 Controller Repair N64 Thumbstick Pad

Not actually an adapter. A replacement joaystick for your OG N64 controller.

u/TheLimeyLemmon · 1 pointr/n64

Is [this](N64 Replacement Joystick GameCube Style, High Sensitivity the one I need?

u/dowd83 · 1 pointr/n64

Here's the link to the screwdriver. I'm on mobile so I can't make the link smaller.

The crack inside of the n64 is strange to me, if you can open the n64 without damaging the shell more then I would check it out. Although I'm not what else you can do.

u/00jr · 1 pointr/n64

You could get a pair of USB n64 adapters. One plugs into a single USB port and provides two n64 controllers ports ([N64 Controller Adapter - Amazon](MAYFLASH N64 Controller Adapter For Pc

u/GeneralRose · 1 pointr/n64

You can get these dust covers (similar to the ones for SNES) made by global game gear. They're 6 covers for $8 and have Prime Shipping.

u/Steelering · 1 pointr/n64

you can, but it quickly makes it more expensive and less practical to do vs. just going ahead and going for an RGB mod with component

u/dinglebarrybonds · 1 pointr/n64

I bought this to use my n64 on a 4k tv and it works RCA to HDMI, GANA 1080P Mini RCA...

u/ThruMy4Eyes · 1 pointr/n64

sold right by Krikzz on, 160 Canadian dollars --

u/TwentyHourDrive · 1 pointr/n64

What kind of monitor are you hooking it up to? I have one of these:

And from my experience the picture quality is quite bad on LCD/LED monitors. The image is blurry and the pixelation is very noticeable. I also recall some ghosting. I hooked it up to an old CRT at one point and, at the time anyway, thought the picture quality was way better - maybe someone else can speak to this.

Anyway, in regards to input latency, I didn't notice any.

Final thoughts: it works and I have played through entire games with this kind of setup but you pay for the convenience.

u/just_browse_ing · 1 pointr/n64

Krikzz sells them on amazon

As for roms search for N64 no intro set or N64 goodsets

u/kism3 · 1 pointr/n64

Why would you choose an AV to RF converter when analogue RF is nearly dead and will reduce the quality.

Using a composite to HDMI converter/upscaler makes much more sense.

u/demilich88 · 1 pointr/n64

I've used this website to confirm that my N64 carts are real.
Check this out!

From what I've seen so far all of my carts have the gold nintendo logo on the board. The pictures you have don't! I'm sure its a fake.

I would also suggest having this in handy to double check your cart is real, Especially since n64 flash carts are being sold now.

u/srto · 1 pointr/n64

Thanks for the advice. The HD Retrovision cables would be my first choice, but they appear to be sold out. Back when I bought the n64 I purchased a SCART cable and a cheap scart to hdmi converter/1080p upscaler, but the picture quality from that is worse than composite and has severe input lag. I've looked into the xrgb mini a few times, but it appears to have recently been discontinued. I might look into getting one off ebay, but I'm worried a successor might be released in the coming months. What sort of cable or adapter would I need to use s-video? Something like this?