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u/Amavin · 2 pointsr/newhampshire

Even if you're NOT coming in winter - invest in warmer clothes. When I moved from KC to NH i was cold for about 2 months.

Winter tires are a legitimate expense. Do not think you can get away without them. Same thing with winter snow boots with decent tread. Or get some of these thingies!

Where in NH are you moving? I'm sure we can get you much more info based on how far into the mountains you're going to be.

NH is the best - I hope you love it!

u/TheLawIsi · 8 pointsr/newhampshire

To be honest this sounds like a terrible reason to give up your cat. If you can't be home much to entertain him make the house cat worthy so he can enjoy it when your not home. Give him some cat shelves plant some cat grass and use some automatic toys to play with when your not home.
toy 2

u/newhampshite · 2 pointsr/newhampshire

Sleigh shovel - You don't lift it so it's big and can clear driveways well. Low effort for high volume clearing.

Blade shovel - Less versatile than sleigh shovel and best for repeated clearings of flat areas. Good for commercial needs.

Classic shovel - For walkways and doorways. Get a mini one for your vehicle. Ow my back!

PS. homeowners probably also want to get a roof rake.

u/bcarton · 4 pointsr/newhampshire

There were a lot of great bands in the Upper Valley area. Tracks, Gunnison Brook, Atlantis, are a few. One of the members of Tracks wrote a book that covers a lot of the history. Aerosmith was the big success story, they developed a lot of their chops in the Sunapee area. You can also find a lot of these guys on FB. And yes some of them did record.

u/fernario · 0 pointsr/newhampshire

Definitely recommend people getting their hands on this book. It has tons of aerial photos of lake sunapee and the region. My buddies grandfather did this back in the 40s-50s, and it is one of my favorite books.

u/Market-Anarchist · -2 pointsr/newhampshire

Where did I say anything in my previous comments about support being official acts of government?

Many times they are, and have been, but there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Do yourself a favor. Step back from everything you think you know about recent world history and read this book:

Again, I could give you a list of dozens of books, but you're not even going to read this one, so there's no point.

u/satcomwilcox · 4 pointsr/newhampshire

You could likely consume less than you think. When I installed my mechanical interlock and power inlet I also installed a pair of these. They allow me to measure the power being consumed in realtime. When I powered it up the first time I was amazed at how little I actually consumed, so I kept turning on circuits until they were all on. In the winter with all zones heating, the lights all on, and the well pump running I didn't come close to topping out my 7k/9k generator. In the summer with 6 window AC units it gets sketchy if the well pump comes on, but still within the 7k limit. This is a big house. Now COULD it exceed it, sure. If all the ACs were to start their compressors at the same time and the well pump was running and the garage compressor is running I am sure the breaker would pop. It hasn't happened though. I turn off the mains and all circuits, move the interlock, bring on the generator circuit, make sure the voltage and frequency are stabile, then I bring each circuit on line and watch the power levels until they stabilize then add on until they are all running. I assumed I would eventually upgrade, but I doubt I am ever going to.


I prepared for this though. Find your electrical waste and get rid of it first, it saves you fuel in an emergency and money everytime else. Every bulb has been replaced with high efficiency LED. My heat is oil fired hydronic. All my stoves are LP.

u/work-n-lurk · 1 pointr/newhampshire

You should get this book "North of Wherever you Are"
I bought it at Chase st. Market in Plymouth. The author moved from the midwest to the Ashland/Plymouth/Campton area and she writes about the culture shock she experienced.
The book talks about why your neighbor has a tarp on his roof, dirty clothes, and more lawnmowers than lawn.
It is an entertaining read, but not for the thin-skinned. There is a passage about why so many New Hampshire people look like they are retarded.