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u/itchy_feet_ · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I've been using the Diztronic flexible TPU case for a couple of months now and would probably give it a comfortable 4 out of 5 score. Generally it fits the phone well and does a great job of protecting it too. The buttons are covered and all of the ports etc have their own exclusive openings - not one opening for the fingerprint sensor & camera, which I'm a big fan of. The camera opening also rises up probably around .3mm or so for additional protection of the lens which is awesome.

On the other hand, the fit isn't that great: when I hold the phone to my ear and push it against my head I can generate a click between the case & phone. I rarely talk on the phone so it's not a big deal, but I've noticed it and can't stop noticing it anymore. I also have had it catch on my pocket while pulling it out and it can pop the case off of a corner or two of the phone. Again, not a huge issue, but definitely enough (IMO) to not give it 5 stars if this were an official review.


As for screen protectors, I've been using the tempered glass screen protector from Pleson and it's been great. I used to use non-tempered screen protectors on my old Moto X and found that after around 3 months I wanted to replace them because they got gunked up with not exactly scratches, just a general blurriness in the high traffic areas of the screen like the keyboard. Mostly noticeable when the screen was off, but it wasn't ideal for looking at photos and it kind of just looked like crap.

The Pleson protector has been great for the three months I've had it. I can't see any blurriness building up and have noticed no decrease in the touch screen sensitivity. I did have a pretty good scare last week when my phone face planted onto a flat surface and I picked it up to discover a crack running vertically down the whole screen.... but thankfully it was only the protector. A bit bummed that the protector itself can crack, but pretty damn happy considering the potential alternative. That said, planning to order a replacement of the same within the week!

u/ctskifreak · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Cable: CHOETECH 1.6ft (0.5m) USB-A to USB-C - I have the 1 meter cable as well, but realized I didn't need that much slack.

Charger: PowerGen 4.2Amps / 20W Dual USB Car charger I've had this for a while now - close to 3 years. (I seem to have an older version as my order history says 3.6Amps / 18W.) I bought it when I had my Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and a company iPhone 4s. It shows as Charging when plugged in - not rapidly but not slowly either. I use DashClock still and it shows as "Charging (AC)" instead of USB, and it keeps up with running Google Music and Play music at the same time on long trips. I don't have the brightness jacked up, about half way, and it will charge will driving long distances.

Case:Spigen Thin Fit Nexus 5x Case I've liked Spigen and I wanted a thin case. I don't have the biggest hands in the world (reason I didn't get a 6p) so I didn't want a case that added a lot of bulk.

Screen Protector: ANSOTT LG Nexus 5X Tempered Glass Screen Protector I rolled the dice as there are a bunch out there and so far it has been fine. I see 2 chips in the protector from what I assume are drops I caused.

Car Mount: Ipow Long Arm Universal Windshield Dashboard Cell Phone Holder This is to replace this mount which I had for about 2 years. The design of this older one used some springs and plastic grooves that the 2 arms slid on and it eventually wore and cracked. The only problem with the new one is that due to the power and volume buttons on side, it has to be mounted in one spot to not hit any of the buttons. The grip is strong and the arm is nice as it's closer to me than the old one - I don't have to reach as far. This plus the new Android Auto update should make trips nicer.

u/brycedriesenga · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

Just got a 5X myself a week or so ago.

For car chargers, I really like this one by AUKEY. Pretty good all-rounder that has USB-C and can charge your other devices as well.

I also picked up this cable combo by Anker which includes a USB-C to USB-C 2.0 and a USB-C to USB-A 3.0.

With the stock charger and the aforementioned items, I feel like I'm pretty set for charging wherever/whenever I need to.

Also, I picked up [these tempered glass screen protectors] ( which are a great price and go on very well. I even messed up installation with two tries (got a speck of dust under the second one still) and the company is sending me another pack to try again for free!

u/AttemptedWit · 5 pointsr/nexus5x
  1. Photos is your all in one place. It is meant to simplify things like storage management. If you upload your photos, then you get all your photos, not just the ones on the device.
    If you want a device only gallery, there are a few in the Play Store that work pretty well. Piktures is a pretty polished alternative.
  2. There is an app called Swipebubble that will mimic the old swipe to get into google now. However, if you want to keep the Google Now launcher, Google Now will always be on the left. I'd recommend picking up Nova Launcher, it is $0.99 right now and is well worth it. I'm not a fan of the hold to open google now either.
  3. 2 pack Micro USB to Usb C adapters You get one for your wallet and one to stash somewhere else. These have Benson Leung's approval. According to Ampere, I am able to get a max of 1.4a using these. Not the greatest, but will be a lifesaver I'm sure.

    I just got mine 5x today and have been going through all the setup process. I did not know how slow my moto x 2013 had become until I started setting up the 5x.
u/Dawg605 · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I have one of these and love it.®-Magnetic-Holder-Neodymium-Galaxy/dp/B0109JIQ0W

It uses magnets, so you can put it in any orientation easily and quickly. The magnets are strong, so you're phone definitely won't fall off. It's also quick and easy to pop it on or off. You can either put the magnet directly on the phone or inside of a case. I recommend a case so you don't get any sticky residue on the back of your phone. It's also only 7 bucks.

u/thatgreekgod · 4 pointsr/nexus5x
  1. buy this case for your phone.
    it's slim & offers reasonable protection. more importantly, the buttons are easily accessible and are easy to press. the case comes with a template so you can cut a design to put on the back. for the holidays i've been using this jolly wrapping paper, it looks great.

  2. tasker. it's what separates one's device from just a phone to a machine that makes your life infinitely easier (or just more convenient). see /r/tasker or google for what's possible.

  3. battery life. for me it's been terrible, regardless of what i've done to it to try and improve it (believe me, i've done everything I could and have obsessed over it for several weeks).
    here's what you can do about that.

    -root & install a custom rom. it's crazy what a difference in battery life alone this has made. before I was getting 2-3 hours SOT (usually closer to 2). you see, I work in a pretty big hospital and spend quite a bit of time in elevators. needless to say my reception hasn't been great. the stock ROM is kinda buggy and doesn't do the whole battery thing very well. yesterday i started using PureNexus, the difference is pretty significant.

    -install elementalx kernel. then do this with EX Kernel Manager.

    -have fun with it. this phone has many quirks but it's also becoming one of my favorite devices so far. make frequent backups in twrp if you'll be messing with it a lot, and as you learn & develop your android nerdiness, share what you learn with others just getting started.

u/akambience · 8 pointsr/nexus5x

It depends on what type you get. The tempered glass covers are pretty nice actually. The cheapo plastic ones, not so much. I rarely have had good experience with the play ones. I usually will spend about $10 bucks on the best tempered glass one I can find on amazon.
This is the one I have and like very much:

u/esip · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

I'm pretty happy with this one:

I'm pretty sure it's Benson approved.

I have no idea what's going with all the links in this thread. If you want this cable just search: iorange USB c

u/geekRD1 · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Right, I don't believe Fi is available outside the US.

I had purchased a pack of A- micro cables a few months before switching phones - I really liked the 1' length in the car.

I got a 2 pack of these techmatte adapters, and use 1 in the car and 1 on the cable to connect to my PC. I also used a little bit of heat shrink wrap to help make them stay on the cables a little better.

I am thinking about getting a true quick charge compatible car charger and an extra c-c cable for that, as I've noticed that with streaming music, gps, bright screen, and other things, the phone drains faster than the current charger can keep up.

so those adapters will make it so you have some extra charging options, albeit slower charging than the charger that came with the phone.

u/HOBI3CAT · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

Some people just really don't like fun...

Anyway I finally took some pics for you: here!

I have the black carbon skin, with a silver nexus insert, and this case

I love the way the carbon shows through the clear back, although it is a fingerprint magnet. The fit is still perfect on the phone, even with the skin.

u/terp02andrew · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I tried the Ringke Slim - but it's a hard/inflexible case. Never felt like it was securely attached, particularly on the right-side of the case (button cut-outs); so that was returned.

I'm running the Ringke Fusion now, but that's for total protection and with the idea of resale. I never used a case once with my Nexus 5 haha.

So my recommendation to you?
I haven't heard anything negative on the Pleson Clear Case - $8.

u/octobereighth · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

Depending on where you'll be traveling (i.e., depending on the temperature), you could get a magnetic phone mount that clips to your vent. Then turn the AC on - the AC will blow right at the phone!

Doubly good, since it will (hopefully) put your phone in a convenient navigation location.

I have this one and it's been great; there are tons of others on Amazon pretty cheap.

u/CloacaAndDagger · 1 pointr/nexus5x

This is the one I have and it's great. USB-C support. Charges my phone 6 or so times before needing to be charged again. My phone also says charging rapidly while using the usbc port.

Edit: I also have [this] ( that I use for my living room charger. Equally as awesome. Anker is my favorite charger and cable brand.

u/OmarTheTerror · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I'm using this big boy, it's decently sized, but I keep it in my backpack, it was great on a trip for my phone as well as my tablet.

It does show "charging rapidly" when charging over usb-c. I haven't done it with usb a to c cable.

You can also charge it via usb c so rapid charging for the battery pack as well.

u/JangaJam · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

If this is the Pleson screen protector you are talking about, then I highly recommend it.

I recently bought this case and it is great. I assume the SUPCASE will work just as well though.

There has been some controversy surrounding USB type-C cables lately, but I've tried several different brands and they all work fine. Just spend the extra couple dollars to get decent ones. If you're anything like me, you'll find that having a few extra cables is necessary. I also tried those microUSB to type-C adapters, and they work, but it's clunky and awkward and I don't think you can do fast charging with them (not sure on that though).

PhoneArena posted an article about USB type-C battery packs. Take a look at what they have to get you started in the right direction.

u/drboyfriend · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

> will be shooting a decent number of photos and videos

For this part alone I would say 5x. As a bonus, you get vanilla Android and OTA updates (incl. security).

They're currently $299/$349 on the Google Play Store and Amazon. It's a great deal, just budget in an extra $13 for a USB C to USB Standard-A cable.

u/TenuredOracle · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I love the nice braided cable that's on Benson Leung's approved usb c list.

u/Bi11 · 5 pointsr/nexus5x

I use the Spigen thin fit case. It looks good, isn't bulky, and has a lip on the front. Only small drawback is the headphone hole is sized for most consumer headphones and since I wanted to use studio headphones (ATH M50), I had to take a drill and carve out a bit at the bottom. It works great now though.

Amazon link

u/ScreamingVulcan · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Like you, I was also thinking of purchasing the Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount with my N5X. I am sporting a Spigen Thin Fit Case, which is very nice IMO.
I'm not really looking for waterproofing as I am a fair weather rider but I think the Quad Lock plus a tight fitting case should hold the phone secure and suit you just fine.

u/joethehoebo · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I use

Time will tell but so far this case is sexy. I read the reviews and they say the other part breaks within months so I hope I do not have the same faith.

u/arm4da · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I'd also recommend Ringke, but the Ringke Slim

on the black Nexus 5x, it fits snugly and makes it feel like there's no case on. also love the matte rubberised feel

u/rbarlow1 · 4 pointsr/nexus5x

I'd go with the Diztronic cases, personally (and I do, after having tried several others). They're understated, but look good, fit well, and offer solid protection. I'm using an "ultra" right now. Not bulky at all. Regular models lack the reinforcement bumps in the corners, otherwise the same.

u/_illogical_ · 5 pointsr/nexus5x

I've been using iOrange-E cables, and have been pleased with them so far.

I started with the 6' USB C to USB A cable for in the car, but I didn't have an adapter to do the rapid charging.

Then I got the 6' USB C to USB C cable to replace the stock 3'.

I also got a BlitzWolf 5V/3A USB C Car Charger, so that I can have rapid charging in my car, pleased with it so far.

Now my original C to A cable is just a backup, or if I want to charge my phone downstairs and don't feel like going upstairs to get/use the rapid charger.

u/Exogenic · 4 pointsr/nexus5x

I like and use the Ringke Fusion: Attractive, doesn't add too much bulk, buttons are nice and clicky, and shows off the back.

u/akashik · 1 pointr/nexus5x

The second one looks a lot like the Spigen case you can get on Amazon for half the price. Very happy with mine.

u/K1774B · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Just get one of those two.

I have a 1ft. Cambond and the 6 ft. I-Orange. Both are super high quality and Benson approved.

u/Hentai_Bowtie · 5 pointsr/nexus5x

I hope you're getting that at a steep discount. Its just an overpriced 12000mAh battery, there's not too much to differentiate it from any other one. I use an anker 10000mAh that i got for just under $20 a month or two ago, and its been great for me.

u/Nirgan · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

I had same problem as you, I got advice to order Choetech from aliexpress (they sell there same stuff as on amazon and are aproved by Benson). This is link to their official aliexpress store. Links to the amazon stores where you can find approval by Benson
usb A<->C
and usb C<->C
From what I've seen, Benson doesn't test chargers itself, so I think only cables are risky (it has 4,5 stars on amazon too, here is link if you want to read reviews )

I ordered C<->C cable, A<->C cables and charger itself there. Charger came with one extra 1m (3,3ft) cable C<->C which i didn't expect, that's always nice

u/pc0n · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I went with this and am pretty happy. No complaints.

Also, went with this Diztronic case that is pretty minimal feeling . I had a similar Diztronic for my Nexus 5 and it seemed to hold up for the few low impact drops my dumbself made happen.

Both the screen protector and the case work well together fwiw.

u/gliz5714 · 5 pointsr/nexus5x

In case anyone wants a 16gb Used (like new) for $270 from the warehouse...

Also made it a smile link cause might as well give something to a charity!

u/Redheadkitten · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

Not sure if you want one that has the photo screen printed on the back, or one that lets you change the photo, but I'm getting a Ringke Fusion case for mine. I've been using one with my N5 and it's great. Here's the one I'm looking at

u/Ash_Ly · 1 pointr/nexus5x

This is the one I use:
I have dropped my phone multiple times, and the screen protector and the 5x's screen have yet to break. I have dropped my phone on the corner of the phone once while running on asphalt (approximately 4 foot drop). Also my phone has fallen out of my pocket (sometimes screen first) onto hardwood and tile multiple times.

I also found this:

This option gets you another screen protector for an extra $2. There are very good reviews for this option. I bought the TechFilm protector, because it was the cheapest option available when the 5x was first launched. You should be happy with either option though.

u/TheClapper · 1 pointr/nexus5x

There is a master list of Benson Leung's "blessed" chargers over at /r/nexus6p/. It looks like it hasn't been updated in since December, but it might be a good place to start.

Here is what I personally went with:

u/goldfish_king · 1 pointr/nexus5x

That's why I don't want to add any bulk to the phone. I'm not looking for added protection at all and if I have to get a case (which I don't, I ordered a dbrand skin) I want one as thin as possible and for color only, not for protection.

I actually have this case and felt like it made the phone seem huge, so I'm not using it. I think the 5x might be right on the edge of what I find a comfortable size, so any additional bulk drives me nuts.

u/SacrificedSons · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

I've been using this Verus case. It's pretty nice and very form fitting

u/121jiggawatts · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I'm using the Ringke Case Slim fit, rubbery, protects well. I've dropped it a few times and hadn't had any issues. I just ordered a glass screen protector.

u/very_suspicious_seal · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Yes, the Anker Portable Charger. I use this one and it is fantastic!

EDIT: Yes and no. Albeit I have had no issues with the cable tangling. It also comes with a sleeve to hold the pack and cables.

u/FlowersEater · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

Yes of course

This is the case that I have and I am glad about having bought it.

u/leftcoast-usa · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I, too, think waiting is a good idea. Amazon does have this one, but I'm still going to wait for more choices. My plan is to use the ones I have, and not expect full quick charging, but use the included charger when I really need quick charging. Most of the ones I have now are capable of charging tablets at 2+ amps, so may be reasonable if they work. I'm waiting on some of these at 2 for 9.99 so I can try out my USB A chargers to see how they work.

u/n81acc · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I really like my Diztronic case. They advertise the "lay on the table" design because of its lip. It's protected my phone's screen many times after my toddler and I have dropped it.

My wife has a Nexus 6P and the Speck case for it is very similar. Here it is for the Nexus 5X.

u/naeskivvies · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

If you have any old micro USB cables around, go to Amazon and order this:

They are tiny and turn commonly available cables into ones that can charge your 5X -- not at the very highest rate but still totally usable.

Good to have, since USB-C is still not very common in many places.

u/b3hr · 1 pointr/nexus5x

if your looking for a case I have this one and really like it. i like the way the finger print reader feels in it

u/Theometrically · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

Second that! Realy love that case and can only vouch for it.
Look up the "Ringke Slim Case" at maybe that's something for you:

u/Likely_not_Eric · 1 pointr/nexus5x

For 3rd party I've recently found Anker (as others have pointed out) to be top notch:

Wall Charger

Portable Battery Charger (will also need a micro USB to charge the charger)

USB 3.0 to USB C

USB C (won't work with the portable charger I listed)

I do get rapid charging on my USB 3.0 to USB C cables when being supplied by an appropriate adapter (that Power IQ thing Anker does ;) ), so don't be too thrown off by not going USB C to USB C.

u/tman2damax11 · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I have the Elago Slim Fit case on my 5S, and now have the Spigen Thin Fit for my 5X. Both are made from an amazing feeling soft touch plastic.

u/mr_waffle · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Get yourself a Diztronic Case. I've had them for all 3 of my phones and I love it. Slim, sleek and light.

u/Vincent__Vega · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I've got this one, and have really loved it. Had it on since day one.

u/Ramacher · 1 pointr/nexus5x

This is the one he's talking about. While it doesn't have USB C and doesn't support the Nexus' USB C Rapid Charge protocol, it does output up to 2.4Amps. You're 5x will display "Charging Rapidly" so it is taking more than 1.5 Amps, but not the full 3 Amps the charger your phone came with. So it will charge your phone faster than a regular 5v1A charger, but not as fast as the charger your phone came with, but honestly, the difference in charge speed is minimal.

See the comments here with a little discussion about charging amps vs time.

u/LifeIsOptional · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

This one is a great one though a bit more expensive.

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C/Type-C Ultra-High-Capacity Premium External Battery/Portable Charger/Power Bank (6A Output, PowerIQ & VoltageBoost) for Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Samsung & more

u/Azk02 · 6 pointsr/nexus5x

You have two options.

Micro USB to Type C adapter for use with any existing Micro USB cables you have such as the following:

TechMatte USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Convert Connector

Or purchase an actual certified USB Type C - Type A cable such as any in the following spreadsheet.

Certified Cables

I personally have the adapters above and cables from iOrange-E. They both work great. iOrange-E cables are a bit pricier than other brands though.

Just found some deals while browsing other sites on actual cables

u/tech_leadr · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I bought these adapters for my MicroUSB cables and they work great.

u/azflat4 · 8 pointsr/nexus5x

I use this one, which is about the slimmest one i could find that was rubber like instead of plastic. I use the same on my iPhone as well. I drop both phones frequently and have never had any damage.

Nexus 5X Case - Diztronic Full Matte Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case (Revision 2) for LG Nexus 5X (2015) - Black - (N5X-FM-BLK-R)

u/brasmuson · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I have the Google adopted case for $20 with a Pleson Tempered glass screen protector (~$7 from Amazon). Keeps the phone at a reasonable size and well protected.

u/duucfho · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I used this Pleson clear TPU case for about a month. I liked that it was soft, grippy, clear, and didn't add too much bulk. But I didn't like the covered buttons...I prefer a cutout.

Then I found out about dbrand skins and have been rocking just that for a few months now.

u/elasa · 8 pointsr/nexus5x

Got a magnetic car mount and the quartz microfiber case. Loving both.


u/Crajo · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I bought this one and it has worked for me for the past 5 months. It's thin and has protected it through a few minor drops. There were limited options when the 5X first came out, so no idea if there are better options now.

u/Panther90 · 1 pointr/nexus5x

May have answered my own question, would something like this work? USB C Charger, CHOETECH 5V/3A 15W Type-C Wall Charger for Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Lumia 950xl/950, Nexus 5x/6p and Other Type-C 5V Supported Devices (No Cable Included)

u/Sprakle · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I ended up sticking with my old pack and using this:

It work charge very quickly, but it will keep my phone alive!

u/gafonid · 1 pointr/nexus5x

oh, for the fast charging diddly? i'd assume so, but if it isnt, you can get two of these

which do indeed work for quick charge and will probably fit in the same silicone keychain thing

u/FunWithFLGS · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I picked up a slim Spigen from Amazon and called it a day. I'm not so much concerned about drops. I just like that it gives the phone a little bit of a lip around the camera lens and the front edge if it's face-down. The slim Spigen adds a negligible amount of bulk - maybe a couple millimeters.

u/clocks212 · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I just got this. Fast charges my 5x through the c port and my wife's note 4 through the a port. 100% fast charges and quick charges at the same time.

Quick Charge 2.0 + Type C Car Charger, BlitzWolf 33W 3A USB-C and Qualcomm QC2.0 5V/9V/12V USB Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Sony Xperia, Google Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 6P 5X, HTC, LG (Black)

I use the iorange cables throughout my house and car for my 5x. They work great. These are the wall chargers I use:

USB C Charger, CHOE 5V/3A 15W Type-C Wall Charger for HTC 10, Lumia 950xl/950, Nexus 5x/6p and Other Type-C 5V Supported Devices

u/Bluegodzill · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I'd say this thing. I have one similar to it that isn't sold anymore, but it's still working while my original adapt bricked.

u/ShrodingersDingaling · 4 pointsr/nexus5x

Unfortunately this isn't going to help you now, but maybe someone else will find it useful. I keep one of these standards compliant adapters in my wallet at all times

u/gnu007 · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Here's the case I have. It's very minimal and covers just barely enough to keep the N5 safe from minor bumps.

u/rosswinn · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I have just purchased the Verus High Pro Shield because none of the others seemed good.

u/stalkerte · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I got this recently -
Been very happy with it.

Just add a USB-C cable and you'll be set. Charges my 5x rapidly too.

u/JBMacGill · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Just use one of these USB C to micro USB adapters with any of the old cables you already have:

TechMatte USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Convert Connector for HTC 10, LG G5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2 with 56k Resistor; Approved to Meet USB Type-C Standard (2-Pack, Black)

u/SCVGoodT0GoSir · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I haven't needed to purchase a spare wall charger, but this one seems to have quite favorable reviews on Amazon. I don't have any personal experience with it though, unfortunately.

u/RenegadeUK · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Contact info is supposedly here:

I have emailed the contacts about Pleson TGSPs being available in the UK. This was weeks ago and never had a response.

Magically they did appear at a timepoint afterwards on Amazon UK:

Except with "out of stock" attached.

There main address also appears to be in the UK ????

All very strange...don't you think ?

u/slack0ne · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I've got one and it doesn't work brilliantly. I think the Spiegen case I have might be a bit thick for the magnet to grab it well.

Combined with the fact that the vents in my car don't hold themselves firmly in position the phone has jumped off the mount a couple of times. I was tempted to return it, but resorted to finding a position where I could rest the base of the phone on the temperature dial and that seemed to help enough. Still don't really trust it though...

u/LongUsername · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

Probably your best bet for now is buying one of these. Yes, the formfactor sucks but you could rubberband it to your phone if you really wanted to.

The other option would be to use one of the other smaller ones with an A to C cable. It would work fine, just charge the phone at a slightly lower rate.

u/gibletdinner · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I understand that; but there are certainly some people who get into fender benders every few months and I used the example of my last phone to demonstrate that I am not one of those people.

I have a Pleson tempered glass screen protector and this Pleson bumper case on the phone.

The second crack isn't touching the first one, so they seemed like unrelated damage, but maybe it was just more susceptible to another crack after the first one.

u/freewowgoldandipods · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

If you're looking for an adapter to use old micro-usb cables with a 5x, these are 2 for $10 and are "Benson approved"

If you're looking for the opposite adapter, I'm not sure they exist.

u/atapel · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

Type C Cable, Yoozon 2Pack [3.3ft & 6.6ft] 56k ohm pull-up resistor USB Type C to Type A (USB-C to USB-A) Cable for LG G5, Nexus 6P,Nexus 5X and Other Type-C Supported Devices

u/axx · 7 pointsr/nexus5x

Yes, i am using this cheap but decent 'Pleson' case, and a screen protector apparently by the same brand. I like the case as it is slightly more grippy than no case, and I'm less likely to drop the phone. (Not less likely to leave it on top of my car though!)

u/wkrick · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I don't like having a case on my phones either but I ended up picking up one of the super slim "Adopted" cases. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued, but this case on Amazon almost identical...

With a case on your phone, you can slip the metal plate that comes with the magnetic mount between the phone and the case. No need to attach it with adhesive.

u/snotyak · 1 pointr/nexus5x

The button hasn't gotten any easier to press. It's a huge bummer and feels like a missed opportunity.

Here's the screen protector -

u/ldw1220 · 5 pointsr/nexus5x

I'm using a Diztronic case. This one:

I like it with one exception. The edges around the screen are a bit high and can make moving an icon from one screen to another tricky. I've been thinking about trimming them down. That's a small complaint though and I would still recommend it.

u/zrevyx · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I'm using the Ringke Fusion case. I've been using them on all my phones since I got my N5. It's treated me fairly well, I'd have to say.

u/steve_the_woodsman · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

You're going about this the wrong way. The 12v chargers are prone to weather damage.

The best way to set this up is put a quick disconnect lead on your battery and then the battery tender USB charger connected to it. Like this. But that only gives you USB 2.0... So buy this tested/approved USB 2.0 to Type-C USB cable. to run to your holding cradle. I use the RAM mount system.

This way you've got a fuse between your battery and phone, preventing either from damaging the other.

I've had this setup permanently setup on my motorcycle for the past year and it'll positively charge my phone even when I'm using EatSleepRide to track my ride, Bluetooth for music, and Google Maps for route navigation.

u/hagela · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

Yeah, sorry I was on mobile. I bought this one

u/helix-helix · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

It appears Amazon and B&H have the same deal:

Amazon link

B&H link

u/forthelol · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

Depends on how much I'm pushing. If it's just a bunch of songs <=100MB, FTP using Solid Browser + FTP Add-on. Anything larger I'd use the supplied cable with this adapter. Comes in 2 packs, keep one at home and one in my bag.

u/Xinnk · 8 pointsr/nexus5x

This is the first time I've ever cracked a screen, but you're right. I'm gonna give this guy a go before I get an otterbox.

u/kpdubreuil · 1 pointr/nexus5x

Try this one, I haven't noticed it and it comes with a screen protector

u/CensorVictim · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

I just got one through Project Fi. I got these adapters so I could keep using my existing cables, rather than add yet more cables.

u/ddp337 · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

How about using this Benson-approved adapter with your current USB cable?

u/ScalaZen · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

Came here to say diztronic.

I ordered the offical case, and I prefer the diztronic

Nexus 5X Case, Diztronic Ultra TPU Case for LG Nexus 5X (2015) - Full Matte Black - (N5X-VOY-BLK)

u/noteworthybalance · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I started to get this one (then decided I didn't need a second wall charger):

u/Stroker · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

This kind of scenario has led me to keep one of these in my wallet just in case.

u/ml0v · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

This one is fuuuuuucking awesome. Just got it today, can't recommend enough.

u/bobniborg · 1 pointr/nexus5x

it is a bit of a pain, you have to order stuff from amazon so there is an added expense. You can just get some converters for a few bucks and use your existing stuff 'non fastly' (I'll trademark that later). Or you can buy C's and charge fastly. I bought one a to c cable for my wife to transfer to the computer... apparently one does not just wifi transfer to the hard drive in our house. like 8 bucks for 2, so 4 bucks each

u/feistyoneyouare · 1 pointr/nexus5x

It depends what you want.. I am a minimalist when it comes to cases. I want it thin so it isn't bulky.

I had this since December 2015 and I've had no issues.

u/jsaxl31 · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

As another commenter said, just use a USB-A to C cable, or an adapter like this one:

You're severely limiting your options by sticking only to batteries that have USB Type-C ports. Once you decide you're willing to use a tiny adapter or a different cable, it will blow your options wide open.

Here's a good battery for $21.99 currently:

Slightly older version that I use for $12.99:

EDIT: OP should ignore my comment since I see that he/she now specified "no adapter", but I'll leave my comment here for anyone else.

u/c00ller · 1 pointr/nexus5x

The Verus Pro was my first case, but after being fed up with the inability to use any of my headphones in it and the overly tough button pressing, I got the Diztronic Matte Slim-Fit TPU Case and like it a lot more.

u/adamadamada · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I bought this one from Amazon.

I was pretty disappointed when it started making a buzzing sound after a couple weeks. But I contacted the manufacturer, and they said the buzzing was harmless, but they sent me a replacement anyway. The new one doesn't buzz so far, and charges rapidly.

edit: it doesn't come with a type-c to type-c cable, so you'll need to get one separately.

u/wanderingsong · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I got the black-and-clear Ringke Fusion to avoid the yellowing of an average full TPU case. So far, so good.

u/Ashinjuka · 7 pointsr/nexus5x

I got the Plesson. I've only had it about a week, no issues so far.

u/goodhur · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

I am using this with a verus case:

OMOTON 9H Hardness Crystal Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG Nexus 5X - Pack of 2

No complaints, resists fingerprint oil

u/bastardpeaches · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

This one: Amazon but probably any mag mount with a vent clip will work. The clip part screws into the round plastic that holds the magnets. You may have to find a longer screw if you want to screw into something thicker.

I'd avoid the ones with the ball-swivel mount for this method. Those sockets or ball sections are molded in, so they'll be harder to attach to a flat surface. I didn't need the adjustability since the panavise bracket already tilts it to the correct angle, and I preferred the super low profile.

u/leffer00 · 1 pointr/nexus5x

It's USB 2.0: iOrange-e is that the problem? Needs to be USB 3?

u/matttrick · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

One of those magnet/vent clip mounts for the car. Life changing to just be able to pop it on the vent with a low profile and no clip nonsense. Best part is they are dirt cheap. I have this one

u/BashfullBashfullsson · 1 pointr/nexus5x

So, am I just an idiot that I can't figure out an Anker that Amazon will ship to the USA?

EDIT: I'm an idiot, it's here:

u/tanaytanay · 1 pointr/nexus5x
  • Stock USA charger - rapid charging - problem
  • Other normal chargers (via USB microB-to-C compliant adapter by TechMatte) - normal charging - no problem
  • Other rapid charger - not tried

    Are there any other chargers that I can use which will rapidly charge and not cause the issue?