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u/quaste · 0 pointsr/nonononoyes

Well that part is just physics

Here is a great book I can recommend. It's more about the psychology of the driver, but does a great job to explain the basics of physics.

u/lazd · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

I said I was glad my little frog personification made him/her smile, then posted a link to the frog so they could get their own and smile every time they do the dishes. But it was an affiliate link so I’d earn a couple cents for my effort, I guess they didn’t like that. Here’s the frog:

u/HighImSlane · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

I recommend seeing a psychologist in your area. I can't say much for certain without doing any tests in person. However, there is a lot of treatment for PTSD (if that's what you've got) that isn't drug based. As far as what you can do to be proactive, I suggest looking into mindfulness/meditation.

Here's a short article about mindfulness to get you started:

And I recommend getting a book on meditation, this is a good author (there are a lot of people who write on meditation who are not adequately trained, this lady is a proper Buddhist monk):

Also, she is a Westerner who became a monk after a huge trauma in her life. So she understands Western problems when approaching mindfulness and meditation, as the problems can be unique to our minds. However, it's important to get your information about mindfulness and meditation from actual practicing Buddhists, because mindfulness is a Buddhist practice dating back thousands of years and perfected through their very specific techniques and ways of seeing reality.

u/Muffikins · 2 pointsr/nonononoyes

Heh, what is a "non-racing fan"? "Whoo-hoo, I'm a fan of these dudes not-racing!" ;)

Pick up Driving with the Devil, amazing book!

u/Ontheneedles · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

That book is a killer. I own a copy, but I really don't want to reread it.

Another good book about family that is really emotional is Untouchable by Scott O'Connor. I am surprised it isn't more well-known.

u/what_a_cat_astrophe · 1 pointr/nonononoyes

It might just be hard to get the leash unhooked from the collar when the elevator is pulling it against gravity so hard. Throwing your weight on it is gonna help the initial tugh on your pooch but at some point you'd have to stop the thing.

I guess ideally you'd have some sort of collar you could just yank right over their head like one of these bad boys, but I'm sure not every dog's head is small enough to slide out without unclipping theirs :/

u/blankblank · 4 pointsr/nonononoyes

I have this little rearview mirror that clips onto my glasses when I bike. It's pretty dorky looking and people have told me that 'real bikers' don't use them.

But, once you get used to it, it's like having eyes in the back of your head. I feel naked without it.

u/Scottland83 · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

Dude, if you're interested in this there's a book called The Wages of Guilt which delves pretty deeply into the postwar years and the generational divide among post-war Germans. One of the interesting things I learned about is how the oldest generation which lived through the Reich share more in common with their grandchildren regarding how they should feel and talk about the war and how much responsibly they carry as Germans, whereas the children of the generation between them, who were born after the war, feel more distant and dissociated from it and generally encourage more of an unemotional response.

Here is the book on Amazon

u/Hellige88 · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your A$$ets. Another comment links to the Amazon page.

Edit: for convenience, here it is

u/CelestialFury · 35 pointsr/nonononoyes

Typical egg is around 50 grams, so 2850 grams or 6.3 lbs.

edit: Glanced at this comment earlier, but since it's a large skillet, let's say it's a 20" cast iron skillet then it would weigh around 23.6 lbs according to amazon's price listing.

This makes the total weight around 30 lbs or 13.6 kg.

u/IWasGregInTokyo · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

I recognized this as I was into the early days of freestyle skiing when it was still known as "Hot Dogging". The skis were longer and unshaped, mogul technique hadn't been perfected and the idea was just to be able to make it down the moguls as fast as possible.

This book by Bob "Boogie" Mann was the definitive intro to the sport for many people.

u/SystemFolder · 14 pointsr/nonononoyes

I would highly recommend reading "Hacksaw" by Edward R. Jones. It's an autobiography that details how the author escaped from prison multiple times.

u/video_descriptionbot · 6 pointsr/nonononoyes

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u/RES_KnowsYourSins · 9 pointsr/nonononoyes

Ceramic you say? Get some barkeeper's friend and clean that nasty bowl.