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u/beardedchimp · 2 pointsr/northernireland

I've been learning about a year and a half. On Monday I just came back from 5 weeks in China.

I'm actually currently writing software to help people learn Chinese but I have not yet released it. I started writing it in part due to how awful duolingo is for Chinese.

My recommendations are:

  1. Read Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner it's a truly fantastic book that teaches you how humans fundamentally learn before turning towards language learning.

  2. Use spaced repetition be that through anki/pleco/skritter it will help enormously

  3. The Chinese grammar wiki is your friend. It is a better resource for grammar than any and all books I've bought.

  4. Read graded Mandarin books, I personally love Mandarin Companion it's written by the authors of the grammar wiki. Reading books in Chinese is a fantastic way to reinforce the characters and make learning fun. Personally I would recommend Country of the Blind.

  5. Use hellotalk or a similar app to practice speaking Chinese. Alternatively your local university might have a Confucius Institute. They offer cheap lessons (the quality varies) but my local one (I live in Manchester) runs Mandarin Corner, a mix of native Chinese students and those learning Mandarin.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
u/downgaa · 1 pointr/northernireland

>I could write a book on acne, i had it really bad when i was a teenager. I ended up going to dermatology in the Royal, and got prescribed Roaccutane. It worked for me but has some very scary side effects.

That's what I'm looking for and the doctor said the same thing whenever she referred me to the dermatologist. I'm well aware of the side affects but from what I read the most common side affects is dry skin especially your lips. And other side affects are rarer.

>What age are you? It could just pass. You can go to your GP and they can prescribe you treatment. There is a good guide here:

I'm 21, physically fit and no other health problems and not overweight if that matters.

>You had a look at some of the stuff you can buy yourself?

I had a look at tons of different stuff and some do help my face because that isn't severe acne but my back is much worse and it doesn't help that at all.

>Be aware private medicine can be extremely expensive, so you might want to try the NHS route.

Yeah I'm aware of that, but I'm just considering all options I don't mind paying money if it gets it gone.

>Also as bonkers as it sounds i would try probiotics:

>There is some evidence it can help:

I will have a look at that, I have never heard of it before so I will need to do some research. Thanks for the great response.

u/tanissturm · 3 pointsr/northernireland

The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

u/YourMaIsYourDa · 1 pointr/northernireland

If your interested in the milkman, check this out, not out yet but getting good reviews. Set in Derry in the late 70s/early 80s. Roddy Doyle loved it:.

u/JunglistMassive · 1 pointr/northernireland

Every News outlet as a predetermined agenda and self censors on that basis; to believe in the shiny beacon of "freedom of the press" is deeply naive. "Freedom of Expression" in the press is kept under check in a narrowly defined agenda to suit their corporate interests and political agendas. I would highly recommend reading Nick Davis Flat Earth News. The Narrative being pushed now is that freedom of the press is under attack is a sham; that disappeared a long time ago.

u/AlbertFishIsMyIdol · 2 pointsr/northernireland

very well could have been, and here ya can get it free on an Audible trial on Amazon. cheers!

u/leftofcentre · 1 pointr/northernireland

Read this:

Ballymena does not have the best reputation but you can head into Belfast easily enough and the glens of Antrim are beautiful.

u/OptimumCorridor · 1 pointr/northernireland

Apparently Mark Carruthers' book is good for this, as is Making Sense of The Troubles. I hasten to add I am yet to get around to reading either of them, but have heard good things about both from academic types, contemporary journalists of the time, etc.

u/NialloftheNineHoes · 3 pointsr/northernireland

Bandit country is an interesting book about one of the more infamous areas of IRA activity

u/zenmn2 · 3 pointsr/northernireland


Some believe in the "Ulster people are a Lost tribe of Isreal" myth:

u/EireOfTheNorth · 2 pointsr/northernireland

Would recommend this book. Castro's dictated autobiography taken from hundreds of hours of interviews with him from an old journalist he befriended.

He talks openly of the many controversies of his time as Cuba's leader - from the revolution and the missile crisis, to his governments treatment of gay people, to the Mariel Boatlift and many more. Really interesting to see his perspective on things, his defence of certain controversial actions, and his upfront admitting of his faults.

u/drearyspires · 3 pointsr/northernireland

I'd recommend this book: Making Sense of the Troubles: A History of the Northern Ireland Conflict by David McKittrick and David McVea. It was my starting point for learning about our history, helped the blinkers fall off.

u/bawbawbaw1 · 5 pointsr/northernireland

If they made a series based on The Dirty War ( formatting won't work) it would be some series.

James Bond has fuck all on that shit.