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u/MrGreggle · 25 pointsr/nostalgia

You can also buy a machine that makes it if you're not a poor.

Its a bit expensive, but this is actually a pretty awesome machine since its the only consumer grade nugget ice maker. Other than that guy you're looking at like a few thousand dollars on a commercial Hoshizaki machine or something.

u/pearson530 · 1 pointr/nostalgia

I actually spent 20 minutes searching for stores in australia that sell this stuff, but there aren't even any google australia results that are about the product. If you're serious about trying it (just for fun maybe) your best bet is on Amazon

u/Myteus · 17 pointsr/nostalgia

Get a bluetooth one with a built in mic and boom, wireless music and hands free phone talking. It works great!

u/Jaycatt · 6 pointsr/nostalgia

Quench is a close second to this, but Gatorgum was still the best.

u/keylogthis · 2 pointsr/nostalgia

You were able to get them on amazon for awhile, but not anymore. I bought them for my wife a couple years ago with some other 90's sweets that I found. Remember these?

I think you might still be able to get dunkaroos from Canada, but a Canadian might need to weigh in here.

u/reebokpumps · 52 pointsr/nostalgia

Quench gum is very similar. You can still get a bucket of 200 off amazon for $15. I ended up giving 3/4 of it out for Halloween because I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Corrected, apparently you can’t get a bucket of $200 dollars for $15 dollars off amazon. Just gum.

u/muffasso · 1 pointr/nostalgia

I have learned they are called pattern blocks. Seems like they must have had another name but all the places on page 1 of Google are focused at selling them to math teachers

u/Dizz05 · 1 pointr/nostalgia

They are called B'loonies, and they're still available (much to my surprise).

Here they are on Amazon.

Fun times. Although, I wonder how many problems/deaths this shit has caused...ಠ_ಠ

u/Parthros · 1 pointr/nostalgia

As per the rules, the link to purchase it is here, in a comment.

EDIT: Aaaaand it's $80 again. Hope some of you guys got it before the price shot up!

u/UpvotesSalad · 1 pointr/nostalgia

Opal Nugget Ice Maker you can buy one of these to make this kind of ice at home now. You're welcome.

u/johnchapel · 2 pointsr/nostalgia

These are supposed to be a good alternative

u/beazermyst · 2 pointsr/nostalgia

Closest I could find to what I remembered. It also looks the same as this picture. Definitely going on my wish list.

u/offoutover · 2 pointsr/nostalgia

Here's a 5 lb bag. My grandmother barely uses a computer though, so I have no idea where she gets them from.

Edit: Not sure why the downvotes. I assure you I don't work for Big Strawberry Candy.

u/DoctorPrower · 31 pointsr/nostalgia

Edit: I was on desktop when I posted a link and did not realize they were out of stock. It would appear you really can't buy them anymore.

I'm gonna do you one better

The bag may look different, but it's the actual Creme Savers, as show on the official Wrigley website:

u/maddcovv · 3 pointsr/nostalgia

Did you just post a nostalgia and then the amazon link with your ref code attached?

u/Griffie · 20 pointsr/nostalgia

The World Market near me has them. You can also find them on Amazon.

u/user179 · 3 pointsr/nostalgia

Damn they are bad. I got some of these in the local grocery store. It’s been a while since I’ve had the original and I thought these were ok. But reading the reviews, these sound better and have higher star rating. I actually hadn’t read the reviews on Amazon.

Campino Yogurt & Fruit Hard Candies - Strawberry - (120g/4.2oz)

u/Benito911 · 9 pointsr/nostalgia

Personally I've never had these but I found them here in case you guys want to order them

u/ericargyle · 1 pointr/nostalgia

And Amazon.

Creme Savers Hard Candy Strawberry & Creme, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

u/lahimatoa · 127 pointsr/nostalgia

They have tape adapters for BLUETOOTH now. My boss has one. My mind is blown.

u/alleigh25 · 0 pointsr/nostalgia

When they first put it up, it sold out in about a day. We debated buying it, but it was gone by the time we decided to. We bought some the second time they put it up.

And you're right, it's not $40, it's $38.95. And there's currently 4 in stock.

u/Asutaroto · 3 pointsr/nostalgia

You can still buy copies with the original artwork.

u/BrokeTheInterweb · 7 pointsr/nostalgia

This must be the new packaging. Also out of stock, but probably more likely to be restocked?

Or you could visit East Africa.

u/junkyoftheeast · 3 pointsr/nostalgia

the real magic will be when French Toast Crunch comes back and its not 28 Dollars a box

u/Sarzinki · 3 pointsr/nostalgia

What are those strawberry ones called?
EDIT: Never mind, it was posted later in the comments:

u/juttep1 · 5 pointsr/nostalgia

also forgot that was a thing. dang brain! probably happening because of my electrolyte deficiency!

Quench can also be had for ~$0.07/piece if you buy it in the tub form on amazon

u/lumity · 3 pointsr/nostalgia

Why would you say that without a link? What are they called? I must know.

Edit: Here's a smaller quantity, can't find the case though.

u/mndtrp · 7 pointsr/nostalgia

I don't know about the hard cover version, but you can still get the paperback versions on Amazon.

u/Hereforthecookies92 · 1 pointr/nostalgia

Weird scripture candy:
Strawberries & Cream 1lb Bag (1)

Campino Yogurt & Fruit Hard Candies - Strawberry - (120g/4.2oz)

u/lewisfairchild · 30 pointsr/nostalgia

They still make the toy cap guns and the roll caps. Toysmith Wild West Metal Cap Gun

u/CanadianDemon · 1 pointr/nostalgia

Nah, of you're an American resident and desperate enough you can get them off Amazon or Wal-Mart.

u/RedditerMcRedditface · 20 pointsr/nostalgia

Apparently those are fake versions of the grandma candy.

These are what you want.

u/PinkPearMartini · 12 pointsr/nostalgia

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series: More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark; Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 3 (Book sets for Kids: Grade 3 and Up) by Alvin Schwartz (1981) Paperback