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u/nagese · 2 pointsr/notebooks

My Nanami Standard notebook was getting beat up after a couple weeks of use and I didn't want to spend a fortune on the covers sold in the shop specifically for these notebooks. They're beautiful covers, don't get me wrong but I want to spend my money elsewhere like fountain pens or more notebooks.

I found this on Amazon and it's great. It comes in a few different colors and a small notebook is included. I'm pretty pleased with the fit and on first inspection, it seems like a durable product.

Thought I'd share an alternative to the expensive covers.

Edit: word

u/piff00 · 1 pointr/notebooks

I'm a pretty relentless Muji stationary stalker and I've yet to see these online, but I can throw in another alternative brand. Midori MD has similar clear covers, though I've only found them in A5 ([Amazon] ([Jetpens]( and 4"x6" (Jetpens).

(I wish I was able to get the Muji cover like yours, especially if it's a B6! I love how it looks on your notebook. That perfect tailored fit... good stuff.)

u/LK1721 · 3 pointsr/notebooks

I'm in my second year of college and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what sort of set-up and format worked best for me and so far I've really enjoyed using an A5 notebook cover with a bunch of cahier notebooks in it (Midori Traveler's Notebook style, which allows you to put multiple cahiers in one cover). A5 is a good size for writing on tiny lecture desks and is generally a pretty good compromise between portability and writing space.

Specifically, I tend to use A5 Muji Journals which come in a variety of formats, but I use blank due to the way I take notes (mindmapping). You can get packs of 3 or more on Amazon depending on the format you prefer.

I enjoy taking notes this way because cahiers are generally pretty cheap and the Muji books have decent paper but the leather cover makes them look fancy and keeps them in good shape.

u/robeschi · 3 pointsr/notebooks

You might try a Midori Traveler's Notebook or google any of the cheaper Fauxdori options from various vendors.
This pen loop will fit a pen inside the loop and this pen loop will fit the pen's clip in the loop.

There's also a Passport size that's about half as tall.

Also, I'll second the Leuchtturm1917 it's a great notebook, and the paper is more fountain pen friendly than Moleskine (if you're in to that sort of thing.) Although, the Moleskine sketchbooks come with some nice thick paper.

u/utahgamer · 4 pointsr/notebooks

I have the LIHITLAB Smart Fit Multifunction Cover Notebook A5 Black My crossfield fits perfectly and it has both a pen slot that holds a pen securely while offering some protection as well as a pocket for odds and ends.
At $20 I don't think you can do better for the price.

u/RiteInTheRain_NB · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Depending on what type of science courses you take, I'd recommend our stuff. Our paper is water-resistant, so you can spill on it without consequence. It works great with ballpoint pens, as well.

Let me know if you want a little sample book to try out.

I've also heard good things about these types of notebooks (1, 2, 3). I've tried something very similar to the Scientific Notebook Factory one and liked the feel of the paper.

u/eogreen · 3 pointsr/notebooks

As many have said, there's no one-size-fits-all method. Here's mine.

  1. My main journal is a dotted Leuchtturn1917 because it comes with pages prenumbered. Before I found the Leuchtturn1917 I used to use chemistry notebooks. I also use Field Notes pocket journals which I can easily carry in my bag or pocket when I'm out and about.
  2. I use the Content page to keep track of reading/quotes/notes from books, magazines, poems, podcasts, movies, etc. For example, a line will read: "Pg 2 ⎯ Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ⎯ Jessie Weston" and then page 2 of the journal will be quotes or notes from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  3. All left-side pages (even numbers) are devoted to these comments/quotes of books, magazines, poems, podcasts, movies, etc. I usually take these notes in blue ballpoint pen. I tried pencil, but it smears too much.
  4. Right-side pages (odd numbers) are devoted to a running journal. I usually write in green fountain point. I've found that Leuchtturn paper doesn't prevent my S.T. Dupont inked in Mont Blanc Irish Green from bleeding through. It's not a terrible bleed, but it's enough that using the pen on both sides of the paper makes for legibility issues (hence the ballpoint for quotes & notes on the left-side).
  5. Intermixed in my right-side journalling is my attempt at a Ben Franklin-esque tracking system for behaviors I'm trying to monitor/improve. It's just a wee grid of the 6 behaviors I'm concerned with (exercise, taking vitamins, not drinking to excess, etc).
  6. I also dedicate the last page of the book to a tracking system just like the one u/revivizi described. In my case, I only have one tag at the moment and it ticks all the pages that have a Franklin grid so I can glance through and see that I'm losing weight or exercising more, or whatever.
  7. I use the Field Notes when I'm out and about for shopping lists, doctor's notes, quick jottings. Every Saturday or Sunday, I'll flip through the pocket journal for anything that I feel needs to be transferred to the main journal. Usually there's nothing vital, but sometimes there's a quote or comment that I think needs to be saved. Or a health note I want to include as a comment to a Franklin grid.

    I've been keeping a journal since I was 10 (I'm 43 now). This system evolved over time and I expect it will continue to evolve. But my memory is pretty problematic because of PTSD, so journalling is really worth the effort for me.
u/tim404 · 8 pointsr/notebooks

Mine didn't come until college. I was in school for engineering, and up until that point I'd been just using whatever was handy for notes - composition books, standard-issue spiral bound notebooks, loose-leaf paper in binders. None of it really did it for me.

And then, for my chemistry class, we had to all purchase the ubiquitous lab notebook. What a concept! What an amazing thing! It's... a book, man, like y'know? A book. Cool!

So then, after that gateway notebook, I got myself a Moleskin (back when they didn't suck so much) and went through that, and stuck with using them on and off through the years.

However it was my discovery of Field Notes, and then the pocket notebooks concept in whole, that really got me started down this path. I went from a user to a collector, a snob, and an evangelist.

Welcome to the addiction. My name is Tim. We have a good time around here.

u/splatking · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

As far as leather, this one I got from Amazon that worked out ok:

Here's a similar one:

This is a notebook made with the leather I got from Amazon:

Honestly, if you're in the States, I'd recommend checking if there is a Tandy Leather or Hobby Lobby nearby. Tandy will have a much broader, more cost effective selection. Hobby Lobby will have similar pieces to what's linked to Amazon, but at least you'll be able to see it.

u/panda_in_love · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Oh I'm way in already! :))

It was a person who was cleaning the house and just happened to have scraps, it wasn't a shop. He had 2 pieces left but now the link isn't working so I assume he sold them both? However I don't think I'd do it again, I paid quite a lot in the end (around £7) and the piece I got was just enough for the cover, just had to cut it straight. I think in shops you can get a lot more than that for the price!

However there's things like this if you're interested :)

u/LiliedHart · 6 pointsr/notebooks

I'm the same way with perforated pages and game items. XD You might want to look into getting something like this and keep it on you/in your pen case so you can always make more perforated pages when you want. :)

u/drunkenAmoeba · 7 pointsr/notebooks

You could give the Nanami Paper Seven Seas Crossfield a look. It's going to be a little more expensive than a Leuchtterm or Rhodia, but it's got 480 pages. That's 2.5x as many as the Rhodia Webnotebook (192) and 1.92x as many as the Leuchtterm (250). The paper is the incredibly thin Tomoe-river paper though. Many people love it, some hate it. You'll spend more per journal but ultimately need far fewer journals. One option.

Otherwise, if you simply search for Leuchtterm 1917 or A5 journal on Amazon you'll see a bunch of cheaper options. Can't speak to the quality of any of them - but if you're filling them up within a couple of months I'm guessing the ability to withstand years of abuse in a bag isn't a huge deal.

u/MrAristo · 3 pointsr/notebooks

Now this is interesting:

> The international standard for "permanent" paper is ISO 9706 and for "archival" paper, the standard is ISO 11108.

It sounds like what you're wanting to do would be best suited with cotton rag paper(a smaller subset of the ISO 11108 paper?), which I would think is even harder to find than the already difficult ISO 9706 paper.

But all this raises another question for me: What medium are you using to write on these pages? Pencil ranging from 9H to H so the graphite doesn't smear over time? Or a pen like the Pigma Micron, which claims to have Archival Ink? A fountain pen with specialized pigment-ink from a reliable/honest distributor?

Are you planning on replicating the Journal so there are multiple copies in the hands of your children/grandchild to further prevent it from being lost to the future Family?

Any specific plans on storage for the book? A dehumidifier, a small dry cooler, or just on a shelf out of the sunlight?

You have hit my interest and curiosity dead-center on the bulls-eye, as I have been slowly looking into the idea of putting together a Family History tome (encompassing the names of family members, past residences, life accomplishments, traditions, generational reflections, etc) that could be passed on for several generations.

What your project is reminding me of the most is a Silva Rerum, especially if you had a couple hundred pages (like your 500 page idea) for future generations.

You've now offered more of a temptation for me to register a MassDrop account than anything previously in /r/MassDrop...I guess I need to break down and register.

u/d65vid · 1 pointr/notebooks

A5 is my preferred form factor and it seems like there is a definite lacking in that size for good notebooks that aren't lined or blank. I'm currently using some random shitty one I found on clearance at Target that is gridded, which is sort of almost as good as dots or crossfield. Leuchtturm is probably your best bet.

u/mimafo · 1 pointr/notebooks

Ever consider one of these ZLYC fauxdori covers? I have the green one and it's awesome. Midori inserts fit perfectly. I also have a Word notebook in there which hangs over a tiny bit, but I actually sort of like it because the covers are so fun. These ZLYCs are shockingly great quality especially for the price. If you really want to go all in, you can get a set with a passport size and regular size for $40 total. The value is kind of insane.

u/MacDaddiO · 5 pointsr/notebooks

If you're willing to try a slightly different style of notebook, I found I prefer Rhodia's paper over Leuchtturm. Rhodia has a wirebound notebook that is larger, but at a good price. I've tried many notebooks, but keep coming back to Rhodia. I even got some coworkers onto them as well. I work in academia, so we use a lot of notebooks. Rhodia uses Clairfontaine paper, and they make notebooks as well. Something similarly sized/shaped as the Leuchtturm is their clothbound notebook.

u/yakhacker · 4 pointsr/notebooks

I got a Seven Seas The Writer for Christmas and I LOVE it. I too use it for journaling and general brain dumps.

I picked one of these up to use as a cover for it and it works like a champ

u/xillin · 1 pointr/notebooks

I got a set from Amazon instead by ZLYC: for $37 at the moment

When I got them, the original was still more expensive, but right now it would be similar (this is for one, not a set).

Quality-wise, the ZLYC ones were a bit disappointing. The leather is okay, but not great and the included elastics look nice but are quite large. Similarly, the included paper is okay for pencils, but rough and feathers with ink.
By comparison, I had a look at the Midori one at a local bookstore and it definitely felt much, much nicer.

Since the refills are a non-standard size, you can either order them online or cut down more standard sizes. Alternatively, the copies (also called fauxdori in reference to midori) can be found in standard sizes.

Personally, I went back to leuchtturm hardcover notebooks in A5, but that is personal preference.

u/CashewGuy · 1 pointr/notebooks

I have no issues with the Moleskine paper, and quite enjoy writing on it. The only product that has some bleed-through is my soft-cover, and even that is negligible.

The Leuchtturm doesn't have a bleed-through problem, but a drying-speed problem. It dries so incredibly slowly that I had to sit for nearly 30 seconds to let some of the ink dry. This isn't a problem the Moleskines have. Writing with the pen turned upside down (finer point) shortens drying time, but is also annoying. I can't write in paragraphs without smudging, a problem I don't have with Moleskine.

These galleries may or may not demonstrate what I'm talking about, I don't have a great place to setup for photos at the moment (plotting for NaNo and some freelance work has my desk full of papers). It's also 3AM and I haven't slept in slightly over 48 hours. I'm adding Amazon links, but only because I have a tough time differentiating, and figure some others might as well. Interestingly, I had to take these pictures on my music table - the notebooks were all laying on "The Ink Spots" album.

Moleskine Classic Large, Ruled A

Moleskine Classic Extra Large, Ruled A

Moleskine Folio A4, Squared A

Leuchtturm1917 Medium, Dots A

I can write in the Leuchtturm (I'll never remember how to spell that) when I hold the pen (Sheaffer Imperial 440 - not my pic) upside down, but I really dislike doing that.

It could be the ink, I use Waterman Intense Black (Encre Noir - so much better that way). I am almost out of my 50mls, so I'll need new ink soon. If anyone wants to recommend a good ink for the Leuchtturm, I'll give it a go.

I will say that I do prefer a rougher texture. I enjoy the sound a rougher paper makes, and I like the feel of it under the pen. If I can't hear or feel the pen, I don't enjoy writing.

I personally find all this talk of "leagues" to be ridiculous. It shouldn't matter how expensive your notebook is. All that matters are these two questions:

  1. Does it cooperate with the pen?
  2. Do you like it?

    For me, Moleskine notebooks are both "Yes." For Leuchtturm, it fails on the first. If it's an ink problem, I'd very likely convert if I found an ink that cooperated.
u/holythesea · 1 pointr/notebooks

Kokuyo also makes these smart ring binders that are refillable! The paper is pretty much the same (plus holes) and as an added bonus, you get to rearrange the pages!

u/punim · 2 pointsr/notebooks

As far as clear covers go, I got the one offered by nanami, but ended up hating it because it was too loose. I later picked up a clear midori cover and it's much nicer and snug, plus it has a pen holder.

Then I realized I didn't like the feel of plastic so I got a paper midori cover and I've been pretty happy with it. It's plain, but keeps the cover from getting too messy.

I tried a couple other cases but it was too hard to write with pockets and seams in the way, so I've been sticking with the plastic and paper covers.

u/nausium · 3 pointsr/notebooks

Muji notebooks are pretty nice, and the B5 size is about the same size as the XL:

I think Baron Fig has one of their soft cover notebooks in that size too.

u/sarasa177 · 1 pointr/notebooks

I have Kokuyo Systemic in A5 and it's really nice. The one I have it's a bit different than the one linked there though, mine can be filled with two notebooks (edit: link). It's available in B5 too. I use it with a Midori MD A5 and a ring notebook that comes with it.

Kokuyo Smart Ring binder looks pretty nice but it can only hold 50 papers (25 for the one with CamiApp feature). The idea of binder with only 50 papers is kind of seem pointless to me, I'd rather buy a notebook or other generic binders IMO.

u/jdixon1974 · 1 pointr/notebooks


Thanks for the reply. Those are exactly what I'm looking for, but they won't ship to Canada according to their website. I've sent them an email. Thanks

u/gooch2k2 · 2 pointsr/notebooks

I've been using a Zlyc brand Fauxdori, been quite happy with it. Quality is ace and fits all the Midori brand inserts fine. Default package comes with a large size, passport size and pen sleeve for $40.

u/BunniAlive · 1 pointr/notebooks

I got a Rhodia spiral bound grid ruled notebook recently and it has nice margin/header format too. The paper is smooth (not too smooth though) and bright. Bleed through hasnt happened yet. Using medium Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens.

u/jiyounglife · 3 pointsr/notebooks

For the poor college student:

There are kukuyo campus notebook knockoffs at Daiso for 1.50. the Quality isn't bad and for most notes: pencil, pen, etc it's fine. I don't rec if you're going to use fountain pen for your notes.

pencils: rOtring goes on sale on Massdrop quite often. You should be able to pick up 2 for $30ish.

pens: Uniball signo all the way if you are ok with caps. If not the standard G2 are great all around pens.

Since I don't like actual bound notebooks and prefer looseleaf, I bought this thing called a "notebook binder" and just buy refills for it.

I tried these ["spiral notebook binders"]( and I honestly hate them because it's twist to open and they kept opening >(

u/besna · 2 pointsr/notebooks

You could just buy your favorite one without perforations and buy something like this: amazon "wheel cutter perforation" and perhaps a metal ruler. With them you can make your own perforated pages.

u/SallyAmazeballs · 7 pointsr/notebooks

I've been using a Tekukor A5 for my bullet journal, and it's awesome. The paper is heavier than the Leuchtturm I used last year, and the only thing I've had bleed through is a really wide and wet fountain pen.

Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal

I've also heard good things about Scribbles That Matter, which uses 100 GSM paper. Dingbats journals also use 100 GSM paper, as does the Tekukor journal I linked. That seems to be the key for better paper.

I'm not sure what the Canadian prices will be, but they are all less than a Leuchtturm for me in the US.

u/arellano81366 · 1 pointr/notebooks

This fits all your requirements. This is grid square. It's A4 wirebound, perforated and paper is superb quality ( fountain pen friendly) 80 gsm paper. Has 80 sheets so 160 pages. It's within your budget too.
Rhodia Wirebound Notebook 8.8 X11.75 Inches Black Grid, Satin

u/amarylliseva · 8 pointsr/notebooks

Pretty sure this is the National Brand Rediform Chemistry Lab Notebook, narrow rule. Only confusion is the page count, as DFW's notebook seemed to go to 70-80 pages rather than 60. Maybe the company downsized the page count recently?


u/twinklekit · 2 pointsr/notebooks

I love the muji A5 notebooks that come in 5packs lined (6mm). They're pretty amazing...They're cardboard covers and not black, but they're really cheap so you can probably get a cover or something

Edit: Second link is a thicker notebook, first link is a 5pack of smaller notebooks

u/OdinW · 3 pointsr/notebooks

A couple of them were a gift from a friend that works as a contractor on an Air Force base. The rest I got as a 12 pack on eBay. I don't see any currently listed, but this one on Amazon is the same, just sold individually.

edit: Here is a 12 pack. I didn't pay nearly that much though.

u/PhilosopherAboutTown · 1 pointr/notebooks

I like Kokuyo notebook covers. This one is the better model (and cheaper) but I found it a bit too snug for the Crossfield, especially with a 60pp Muji book in it, too. So, I bought this other one which takes the Crossfield and the Muji just fine but is a bit more awkward to use, with the trifold structure.

u/stirwise · 2 pointsr/notebooks

My lab's standard notebook is pretty basic, but I like it a lot: National Brand Computation notebook. No table of contents, but it meets all your other criteria. I just use page flags to mark projects, but you could also dedicate the 1st page to a TOC, since the pages are numbered. Light yellow paper with green grid, handles every ink I've thrown at it.

u/SatanLuciferJones · 6 pointsr/notebooks

The smart ring binder is like a thin notebook and the pages can be rearranged.

u/stoutreader · 1 pointr/notebooks

Have you considered perforating the pages yourself with something like this?

u/271828182 · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Sure. Even in the case of this green notebook it can be hard to find the old school originals.

I buy these from Amazon regularly

The first two are just paper binding. That last one is the closest to the original but even that is noticeably different.

u/anthonygrimes · 3 pointsr/notebooks

I am a big fan of the Nitoms STALOGY 365Days. They use Tomoe River paper, or a close variant. They have a faint grid pattern, and day/month/week can be easily ignored if you so choose. Similar look and feel to the Hobonichi, with out any of the features.

u/apheresis · 1 pointr/notebooks

How many lines does the Leuchtturm have? The image on Amazon shows that it is 17 lines, that seems very little.

u/speech_acts · 2 pointsr/notebooks

These are the ones I've been ordering from Amazon.

u/JediJigglypuff · 2 pointsr/notebooks

They're the 5 pack of Muji notebooks. You can get them in stores if you live near them, on their website but that hasn't been working lately, and even on amazon.

u/shth0mas · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Tekukor, hard cover, A5, 100 gsm, dot grid, Amazon Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - 100gsm - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal - Black

Tekukor, hard cover, A5, 160 gsm, dot grid, amazon Tekukor A5 160gsm Dot Journal Hardcover Dotted Notebook Grid Pages Bullet Sketchbook - Navy

Walmart, Exceed brand, hard cover, 85 gsm, dot grid 5x8.25

Michaels, artists loft, 6x8, 80 gsm, dot, lines or plain, stiff soft cover or floppy hard cover, it’s kind of in between.

u/namesandfaces · 2 pointsr/notebooks

I've had a good experience with Tekukor, 100 GSM.

I've also had positive experiences with Muji; the paper isn't the best, it's like somewhere between 80 to 90 GSM, possibly a little better than Leuchtturm, but the pricing is killer ($3 for their A5), the binding is really lay-flat, the design is ultra-minimalist (there's zero branding). They're available over Amazon but in-store is often cheaper.

u/Ringwe · 1 pointr/notebooks

Only on Amazon marketplace.

Can't say I wasn't tempted, because the total was about 22 GBP, however I didn't want to take any chances with the stupid customs fees.

u/argentum42 · 1 pointr/notebooks

I picked up a piece of scrap leather off of Amazon. The description stated it was about 1/8 in. thick, so a little over 3 mm. I had to stick it under some heavy boxes for a few days to have it stay closed without the band around it.

It's stiff, but not terribly so. Definitely still relatively pliable. I wouldn't consider getting leather any thicker-- 3 mm was already a pain to cut (though I'm very inexperienced with leatherworking) and I suspect beyond that it would be much less pliable.