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u/ms_boogie · 8 pointsr/nothingeverhappens

These look like the cheap markers that come in packs with tons of colors. I used to get them for xmas and my bday for years because I LOVED art as a kid. I am almost sure I had a similar looking pack of markers as this kid. Not every family can afford Crayola all the time hahaha

u/redwineonice · 1 pointr/nothingeverhappens

They even have these little minis that are pretty cool and could keep a significant amount of cheese warm. Side note, now I want to buy one for on the go nachos

u/methyboy · 16 pointsr/nothingeverhappens

For those curious, the book does indeed exist. It's Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus by Axler. Here it is on Amazon, and you can even look inside it there.

Edit: Another one of his comments on the matter here.

u/SeattleBattles · 5 pointsr/nothingeverhappens

You still have the chance!

You can also by his other work, Understanding Wood, so you know what to do once you identify some.