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u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/nova

If you haven't fished with a fly rod before then going with a guide is a good idea, especially if you've got a buddy who wants to go and you can split the cost. It is not cheap but the guide will save you the headache of trying to find a place to get in and out of the water, can give you enough ideas to make your next few trips, and will save you the frustration of going out hoping to have a good time and not having any idea what the hell you are doing.

Especially fishing these little spring creeks you may wind up having to roll cast a lot (otherwise you will spend a lot of time trying to get your precious new flies out of the tree branches behind you), and that is one of those things that is a lot easier to do when you can watch somebody who knows what he or she is doing.

Finally, when I first started fishing with flies, I made the mistake of setting out on my own seeking out beautiful pristine new england creeks and ponds with native brook trout, and I didn't catch a god damned thing. Later I made a few outings with my uncle on a little pond full of bluegill. On the still water I could actually see what my casts were doing, and I was fishing little dries like red quills, so I got to have the whole experience of presenting the fly and seeing the fish come up and take it on top. I think it is much more gratifying to bring in a few really dopey fish with hapless technique than to go out and fail to catch any trout. Also a 1/2lb bluegill on a 3wt fly rod feels about like catching a 10lb striper.

After a few of those trips I was having fun again, I made some guided trips out west and didn't make an ass of myself.

Here are my two books I like:




good luck and report back!

u/BEARDR00L · 1 pointr/nova

Billy goat trails are nice and I believe there's a book that has a lot of good suggestions for this area in particular.

My typical stomping grounds that I usually hit after work in the evenings for the sake of going outside are nice little 2 milers at Difficult Run or Scott's Run. Neither of which are too far from the village of Great Falls. Plus you get to see water most of the time and the tree cover's nice. These are by no means challenging hikes, but the views are nice and the trails have many options/ routes.

I've also been looking to find a few new spots around the area. Do you have any particular hikes you could recommend to an avid trailblazer?

u/DestroyBoy · 2 pointsr/nova

Looks like a pretty straight forward swap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmJwXa9Bkgc

A quick google search and I found the adapters needed to it's plug and play, but do you own verification.
Speaker Mount: https://www.amazon.com/Mosuch-Plastic-Speaker-Adapter-Highlander/dp/B007ZQGZWO
Wire harness: https://www.amazon.com/Metra-72-8104-Speaker-Connector-Vehicles/dp/B0002BBP7Y

As for pro installers. I used to work for CarSpa like 15 years ago in Arlington. They were good back then, not sure about now. They used to do almost all the dealership installs around the area. The boss was a bit of a douche, Yelp agrees apparently.

u/InconvenientCheese · 2 pointsr/nova

I will say apex also has better beginner bikes then the Harley class in Fairfax. the apex, and while the Harley class is longer they both cover the same info , I'd recommend also getting and reading a copy of Proficient Motorcycling by David L. Hough

u/sushi-zen · 4 pointsr/nova

May I recommend a book? I've meditated for years and never really 'got it' until I read a book called "10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story" by Dan Harris

For some reason it clicked for me. I've been doing mindful meditation for a few years now and it's changed my life.

u/CircumcisedSpine · 3 pointsr/nova

I biffed at least one fact, as /u/jw12321 pointed out. It wasn't Jeffords' seat -- Jeffords didn't retire until 2007. I should have remembered that since I remember getting his book "My Declaration of Independence" signed and that was his book about leaving the Republican party in 2001. For regional points, I went to the book signing at the Barnes & Noble in DuPont Circle with a friend who was staffing for Leahy.

The Senate seat that McMullen was gunning for was Leahy's. Which my memory didn't even bother thinking of because that's fucking ludicrous given Leahy's popularity and incumbency. It made more sense to me that he'd run for an empty senate seat.

Goes to show how colossally stupid McMullen was. He horribly misjudged Vermont and Vermonters and blew over $220k of his own money on that race. And more googling turns up that he kept trying to run for office in and for Vermont... winning an uncontested GOP primary to go against Leahy again (lost; 24.7% to Leahy's 70.5%) and running for AG (lost; 33.3% to the incumbent's 57.9%).


Vermont doesn't like carpetbaggers.

u/od_9 · 3 pointsr/nova

Do it yourself, it's easy:


Just find the right battery and order it from Amazon, or spend more and get it from CVS.

u/Soylent_G · 10 pointsr/nova

Check out "This is Where You Belong : Finding Home Wherever You Are." - A lot of people seem to wait for a community to reach out to them and make them feel at home, but you've got to make the effort. Simple things like spending less time in your car and more time walking in your neighborhood will make you feel more connected to the place you live.

u/EpicMeatSpin · 3 pointsr/nova

Really interesting story. I’ve been by the house he lived in a few times since I lived in that area at one point.

There’s an old City Confidential (I think) episode about it and this book has some more information and photos about the case: https://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Burglar-Bernard-Ruthless-Cold-Blooded/dp/1886028958

u/TheVirginiaPeanut · 2 pointsr/nova

Page 62 of Falls Church: A Virginia Village Revisited https://www.amazon.com/dp/157864111X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HTaPCbK8G95XW

"A section of the town south of the thoroughfare then known as the Falls Church and Fairfax Courthouse Road was by a Virginia Act of Assembly returned to the jurisdiction of Fairfax County. This amendment, passed in 1887, directed the transfer of the boundary of the section of land then called "the colored settlement" to outside the corporate limits of the town.23 Since 26 percent of the black males voted Republican the boundary change gerrymandered the territory in favor of the remaining Town voters who were mainly Democrats.24"

Ref 23 is the law
Ref 24 is "Stepping Stones on the Trail Through Falls Church", Maurice Terman 1995

u/chewychubacca · 2 pointsr/nova

get a guidebook to the area, probably this one, though i haven't looked at it personally. But if it's anything like every other guidebook, it'll have some photos of each bouldering area, with lines drawn onto it showing each route and difficulty.

u/Dobard · 2 pointsr/nova

This book was written by a lady who lives in Loudoun. Might be up your alley.


u/foodie42 · 5 pointsr/nova

Five-foot-two reporting in. Don't be that person who makes dumb excuses and makes us look bad. I did three cars and two pickups with one of these in under an hour. I'm sure you can find one cheaper if $20 is too expensive to keep other drivers safe on the road.

u/ihavenopeopleskills · 9 pointsr/nova

>you can't refuse a sobriety test which may involve you speaking without being arrested.

AFAIK, in most states as long as it's an otherwise uneventful traffic stop (i.e., not a crash) you can refuse a roadside Preliminary Breath Test (little handheld box) and field sobriety tests (ABCs, walk-and-turn, etc.). All those do is give the police evidence and/or probable cause to arrest you. In Virginia, if you refuse a test at the station (breath - Intoxilyzer - big typewriter-looking thing with tube; blood draw, etc.) without a valid reason (i.e., medical) you will be charged with Unreasonable Refusal, one of several drunk driving charges.

Regarding searches and questions, unless your speech will give something away (i.e., your drunken state), these are lines you should use:

-I don't consent to any searches.
-I assert my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and to not answer that question.

ALWAYS be polite. Police have many ways they can make life very stupid for you if you piss them off. You can fight the charges later.

An actual DUI attorney weighs in in his eBook:

You can get it for free after punching your data into his website. He just sends you an e-mail or two; you won't get a barrage of messages:


Disclaimer: not a lawyer and not giving actual legal advice