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u/fiduke · 2 pointsr/nyjets

I mean, I totally understand what you are trying to say here, but the Saints have a fleur de lis which is commonly associated with saints. The Steelers symbol is based off a company logo. The Bears have a bear in the logo. The Giants and Packers are just letters, and the Browns are an orange-brown helmet.

I could easily get behind a simplistic logo. F-22 or F-35 could be a good fit. I think letters are not an option just because of the giants. We could go with a turbine logo. I'm not a fan of this one in particular, but I imagine you could design this to be simple yet stylish. I'm sure there are other 'jet' related things we could symbolize outside of a jet, but since there is no history for it, I think it would be hard for people to get behind. Of course if you have some outside the box ideas I'd be happy to entertain them.

u/editnonameedit · 2 pointsr/nyjets

Yea but aren't the Packers also in the top 5 most followed in /r/nfl. Seriously, does anyone think all those guys live in Wisconsin. Reference this book to all those NE fans for a good laugh.

When Brady retires so will that fan base, and the football world will return to normal.

u/Usrname52 · 19 pointsr/nyjets

NFL games have a very specific clear bag policy. You can buy a clear bag on amazon or you can put whatever you need in a gallon Ziploc. You can't carry a regular purse.

We have this one, I think:

u/sportstorture · 2 pointsr/nyjets

Can't wait for tomorrow. Will be there live. In Sam we trust! r/

u/z0rb0r · 2 pointsr/nyjets

Here ya go!

You can only basically catch whatever they broadcast in your local area. Which is pretty much very similar to basic cable. College football I don't know about.

u/wolvyberzerker · 1 pointr/nyjets

I owned this vhs growing up. It has, I would approximate, 80-90% of the actual game footage interspersed with interview and story setting segments. Really quality stuff. Not that I would pay 89 dollars for a VHS. But searching for this title could be a good place to start. I just did a quick search on amazon but I have to suspect that this tape is available for a more reasonable price somewhere on the internet. This is, of course, assuming you still own a vhs player. Hope this helps.

u/orangejoe_ · 3 pointsr/nyjets

This? '47 New York Jets Bravado Printed All Over Bucket Hat - NFL Gilligan Fishing Cap