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u/RobertMugabeIsACrook · 7 pointsr/opieandanthony

Still somehow 3.5 stars on Amazon.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #942 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

2 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Radio > General Broadcasting

28 in Books > Arts & Photography > Performing Arts

42 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Movies > Biographies

He must have bought a few himself.

u/NashuaDan · 4 pointsr/opieandanthony

Start with buying his fantastic new book: "Digging Up Mother: A Love Story". You can find his standup all over YouTube.

u/jaghutgathos · 2 pointsr/opieandanthony

Yo, dopey. Do some research. Believe it or not, languages are often related. Think of a set of grandparents. In Europe you might have two sets of grandparents and in Sub-Saharan Africa you might have 6 sets of grandparents. Even if Europe has more languages, if they are related (as they are) its easier to communicate than with fewer languages that are totally unrelated.

As to the animals - why do people not ride zebras? Do you think its from lack of trying? The domesticated animals that we have now were domesticated because they COULD be domesticated. Dummy.

Here is a good book related to the subject - its a wonderful read (seriously):

u/Djs3634 · 6 pointsr/opieandanthony

Hands down the greatest comedy special off all time.

Mistakes Were Made: The B Sides [Explicit] Joe DeRosa | Format: MP3 Music

u/dmix · 9 pointsr/opieandanthony

I just tried to read the first page of his book on Amazon. This is the analogy he used to describe a spacecraft:

> an inverted bell made of a giant dinner plate, drainage pipes, and an entire box of novelty bendy straws

That's some great writing right there. Really makes you think of space.

u/RamonFrunkis · 4 pointsr/opieandanthony

Holy shit.. can we PLEASE start a "shitty book drive" for Kuhn??

How to Send Books and Magazines to Pennsylvania Inmates

Friends and family members of Pennsylvania inmates can send books, magazines, and newspapers to an inmate. All publications must be ordered directly from a reputable vendor like No books, or magazines may contain nudity, maps, or describe the manufacture of drugs, alcohol, or weapons. All books should be new and paperback editions, hardcover books are prohibited. When ordering from Amazon be sure to mail to the inmate's name and ID number and send to the inmate's institutional mailing address. If you want to learn more about sending these items to an inmate read about it here.

Starting with this one because it's literal:

and somehow, searching for "Opie and Anthony" yields this...

u/heyitsbobby · 15 pointsr/opieandanthony

If you forgot about his comedy album reviews
"I work in a funeral home where customers often ask for audio to be played during the wake. So we play this album in the background because it does not contain any jokes. There were few instances where Joe DeRosa's "comedy" reanimated the corpses and made them cover their ears inside the caskets, but now we just tie their hands to prevent it."

u/JerkStoreJ · 18 pointsr/opieandanthony

$44.97 on Amazon

u/freedomrang · 1 pointr/opieandanthony

Listen to clips of Emily's album here. Fucking atrocious.

u/Hassan_iBlackSabbath · 4 pointsr/opieandanthony

It's in his Bio
>As a talk radio host for over twenty of “The Anthony Cumia Show,” an online broadcast delivered in video and audio formats to over 100,000 subscribers.

u/tgrokz · 7 pointsr/opieandanthony

Jacob Tomsky on 2012-11-21. book is called "Heads in Beds"

i only remember this because i had to find it last week for some advice.

u/Tom_Stall · 1 pointr/opieandanthony

The cover reminds me of this Richard Feynman book, and a few other of his books. Very similar style.

Here's another one

u/Really_Big_Dummy · 12 pointsr/opieandanthony

This definitely wouldn't be going too far so thank you for posting. My suggestion, leave a copy of [this book] ( at the crime scene.

u/dankfranklin · 12 pointsr/opieandanthony

Read the first few pages and then was forced to close it and start reading this

u/scotness · 4 pointsr/opieandanthony

Brother Joe gave it 5 stars:


5.0 out of 5 starsGREAT read!!!

November 20, 2018

Format: Hardcover

VERY good book frum a guy who’s funny and NOT a white supremacist. I love it so much I even ATTENDED his book signing but unfortunately it was cut short by RAVING LIBTARDS.

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u/brmlb · 23 pointsr/opieandanthony

By joseph Cumia on September 1, 2014
"They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry"

>"What day did the lord create Rotgut, and couldn't he have rested on that day too?"

>"Shit Sandwich"
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u/SHITLORD_CUNTDICK · 152 pointsr/opieandanthony

Oh, that is so awesome. For the folks at home who don't know who this is, he grandstanded a few days ago about how unfunny he thinks Norm is. He then proceeded to respond to everyone in Cumia-esque fashion by mocking their follower counts and doing the old PM/Block one-two shuffle. He also has Joe Cumia levels of self-delusion.

He's a terrible sci-fi writer as well.

edit: his personal bio is so cringey:

second edit: He responds to negative reviews of his books on Amazon. H-h-h-oly shit this guy is a potentially yuge source of comedy:

u/cadillo · 10 pointsr/opieandanthony

Off the top of my head:

  • He stipulated in his first contract that he would only be working 4 days weekly. He hides that fact until after he gets to Sirius, then announces it as if it's some organic Monday-Thursday trial run.

  • He promised his listeners Howard 101 would be a well-defined part of the enterprise staffed by radio professionals. It is currently staffed by semi-homeless people literally working for $200 per week.

  • Howard airbrushed Artie out of the show like Stalin. Years later, he finally claims that the reason Artie isn't back is because Sirius cut him out of the budget. (Not mentioning the fact that Sirius downsized Howard's worthless show and Artie's lousy $200k a year is now in Howard's pocket).

  • Howard built his empire on sexist, racist and homophobic humor. In the last 5-7 years, it's been completely removed from the show. The entire empire is now sanitized in a new political correctness, GLAAD-style.

  • His daughter released an album produced with his money and using the Stern Show's audio engineer, Scott Salem. Stern fans revolt, spamming every Howard-channel show with mentions of his daughter's single, "ZOOZAZOO" (ala Baba Booey mentions of the past). The channel never acknowledges why they have to censor the calls, they just pretend it isn't happening.

  • The show is now conducted in a lightless, musty, impenetrable cavern completely untouched by the outside world. In Sternland, it's still 1996. He's still the King of All Media and just as big as ever.

  • Last year, show's would commonly start with an unironic invocation of the phrase, "Oh, Robin, everyone is a buzz about last night's AGT." I shit you not.

    Recent one that no one noticed:

  • Howard did weeks of radio pretending that he was in a negotiation saga for a second year of AGT. Howie Mandell then appeared on the show and revealed that there was no negotiation: he had signed for 2 years up-front and pretended that NBC was pursuing him for a 2nd season.

    I could keep typing, but I've laundry-listed my grievances too many times.

    O&A fans have no idea how good they have it. There's no competition anymore.