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u/mrb11n · 2 pointsr/orioles

Welcome! Good job on choosing the best team in baseball! I'm a fan of all over (Steelers, FSU, Wizards/Thunder, Orioles) but we have a great community of people here! If you ever have any questions you can ask pretty much anyone! If you aren't that into baseball in general then I would recommend watching some movies about baseball (Sandlot, Moneyball, etc.) for the Orioles here there is so much History! /u/aresef has done a good job going over the biggest players in history. If you want to look at the Orioles World Series wins, I would check out this dvd which is only $10 on amazon. Once again, welcome! hope to see you a lot next season!

u/dwhite21787 · 4 pointsr/orioles

I own a few of these, read all but "Tales", and they're pretty good.

Orioles Encyclopedia

Baseball in Baltimore - photos

Pitching, defense and 3-run Homers - 1970 O's

The Earl of Baltimore

Baseball in Baltimore - 100 years

History of a Colorful Team - St. Louis & Baltimore

Four Decades of Magic

Tales from the Dugout

We should start a group on LibraryThing... edit: done.

u/ZackMorris78 · 1 pointr/orioles

Honestly this is the best cheapest highest rated radio. You can't go wrong with this. It's great to listen to games, have around the house, in case of storms etc.