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u/twalker294 · 3 pointsr/osmopocket

I've gone a bit accessory crazy but the latest one I've gotten and really like is the Smatree Power Stick:

That link is for the power stick and the accessory pack which gives you the cell phone holder and short USB cable. You can configure the stick so the OP either sits on top and charges when you turn the power stick on, or you can put the holder on top which holds your cell phone and the OP and you can connect the short USB cable to power the OP if necessary. If you want to use it for vlogging, I think this would be the perfect setup. It is quite well made as well.

u/incomn · 1 pointr/osmopocket

I have the same problem with my lifeproof case on my iphone.


I ended up buying a lightning extension cable, you should be able to find a USB-C one like this one here for less than the price of a case.


For me, it was the best workaround since my case is very effective at protecting and is pretty expensive, so i didn't want to put it to trash.


Hope that helps !

u/Plastic_Isotope · 3 pointsr/osmopocket

Video I did a two months ago I think these were 4-6 seconds of exposure I did, don't remember, but 10 second shots per frame.

I didn't use any night time specific filter, I do have a UV clear filter just for some protection. You'll need to use Pro Mode of course to change the settings to your likely. Though in the end, this depends if the quality is good enough for you.

Hope this helps.

u/Vapor069 · 1 pointr/osmopocket

Thank you very much! 😊I use the iMovie and DJI GO 4 app (DJI Spark drone app) to edit. The filter is a cheap one I found on Amazon...

Camera Lens Filter UV CPL Filters for DJI OSMO Pocket Camera Handheld Accessories

u/DublinItUp · 1 pointr/osmopocket

I just have a clip mount that was super cheap and it works great.


u/samuelk1 · 2 pointsr/osmopocket

Here is a video showing how the case opens.


And here are a couple of pictures showing the inside:

​ (Case open with the Pocket inside) (Case open showing storage)


The case has storage for two phone connectors, two micro SD cards and up to four* ND filters.

*I say "up to four ND filters" because the storage spaces are designed for the DJI branded filters. 3rd party filters may not fit properly. There are two storage slots for the filters, and each slot is deep enough for two DJI filters stacked on top of each other. The image above shows a single Haoun 12.5X Macro Lens Filter stored in the lower slot. They're held in place by the filter's magnets. This particular filter has to fit upside down because the storage slots also have magnets, and if I try storing this particular lens right side up, the magnets repel each other and it jumps out of the slot. I will probably not store this particular filter in the case, because the convex lens is thicker than the frame, so it touches the bottom of the storage slot. I would be worried about scratches from long-term storage. Normal 3rd party ND filters seem to fit just fine.

u/b_eth · 2 pointsr/osmopocket

A friend of mine has this mount from PolarPro and likes it a lot. It allows the wifi module to stay attached, gives threading for a tripod and also has cut outs for the wheel.

I don't know about GPS, but it does need bluetooth and wifi. Fun thing though, it can't connect via bluetooth only and will make its own wifi network to communicate through. Not my favorite thing.

u/terryeaves · 1 pointr/osmopocket

How is it different / better than this one?
Skyreat Aluminum Handheld Phone Holder Tripod Mount Stand for DJI Osmo Pocket Accessories,w/Cold Shoe Interface & 1/4” Thread Support External Microphone & LED Light

u/TokyoBenedict · 1 pointr/osmopocket

Smallrig came in handy for time lapses or just to record in awkward places where a tripod was required or somewhere or recording in a place where an extension rod would've come in handy but I didn't have it on me.

For example a railing or pillar with a nice view but it's too narrow to stick a tripod on. No problem. Clamp the rig on the railing or pillar.

I was at a restaurant where the railing and pillars were too thick for the clamp. Fortunately the outdoor chairs were narrow enough for the clamp and they were easy to move. There were tables but they were too low and I didn't have my tripod nor an extension rod around.

During a flight, I recorded video for the take off. I was able to clamp onto the window cover and sit back as the pocket was recording.

Kudos to Megatide for the suggestion

u/SuperRob · 1 pointr/osmopocket

I got a case from Smatree on Amazon that holds four ND filters, the entire original Accessory kit, the Microphone adapter, and slots for two SD cards, I can put my GorillaPod Magnetic in there, my Rode VideoMicro, it holds a lot! A bit on the bulky side, but puts everything in one place.

I have my most frequently used ND filters in the foam slots (for quick access), and the rest in their case in the zippered pouch.

u/TomEdison43050 · 2 pointsr/osmopocket

I just ordered this.

Arriving tomorrow. I'll try to remember to post my thoughts. If I forget feel free to respond to remind me.

u/vic06 · 2 pointsr/osmopocket

I use this strap mount with any mount that allows the screen to be facing towards me.

This one can be flipped by removing some of the rubber liner. If you already have mounts like DJI's own action mount, then the arm in this kit will do the trick.

If you prefer 1/4-20, then take a look at the buckle mount in the Joby action kit.

u/depicus · 1 pointr/osmopocket


Does it have a hotshoe or a place to add a rode mic that doesn't get into the shot ? I've got the PGYTECH holder but the Rode with a dead cat fitted shows up in the video :(