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u/irishninjachick · 3 pointsr/outside

Okay, to start with my ADD component. This component was not found in my character until level [Junior year] in [high school]. My grade levels were always pretty good, despite the lack of awareness of this component. I was doing more work than other players were doing without realizing it, which made the component invisible to the [education professionals] and [doctors] players. It was diagnosed when I was trying to learn the skill set [driving].

My ADD component might have made the game more difficult at certain parts, but while I grew throughout the game, it also made my character stronger. My [spacey-ness] kept me creative and allowed me to develop abstract thinking at a younger age. I was forced to try new approaches and techniques on [schoolwork] quests since the teachers were not helpful and I did not want to fail. Now the quests I do at [college] are a lot easier because of this gained skills from my character's earlier years. The players on my friends and family player lists like who my character is-including the ADD component. It is only a defect because the environment was not adaptable to my differentiating training style. It does not drag me down, but instead gives my character an edge other players without this component do not get.

Player Dr. Dale Archer wrote a tutorial on embracing your debuffs and turning it into buffs called Better Than Normal. I recommend you checking out this tutorial; it can be very helpful and positive.

With my learning disabilities, it is the same with my ADD component, except I had those diagnosed when I was at the level [Second Semester Senior] in [High School]. Talk about gaining a tool at the end of the quest... These components include a strong reading disability, a processing disability, an organizational disability, and short-term memory difficulty. May I point out, throughout [high school], I was in [honors english classes] among other advance quests. Give me one of those [ACT reading tests] and I tend to do horrible on them, but that isn't the point of [English classes]. I feel my reading disabilities made me a better [writer], among other skills. I have [hard working] as a strong skill set also. I feel disabilities is similar to combat: we all have different combat styles, but this does not mean one is always better than the other. Each combat style has it's strengths and weaknesses. We can work on strengthening the weaknesses while embracing the strengths to it. Just because it is different does not make it lesser.

My [Lack of finances] component allowed my character to grow up humble, hardworking, and self-aware. My character is now a lot better at being an independent [adult] than many other character at the same level. My character also knows how to appreciate the littlest things in the game.

My character's high levels of [anxiety] has allowed me to be prepared for any mishap that happens on a quest. I have a pretty awesome medical kit, one I carry in my [purse] and another I keep in my living quarters. My character can be pretty [paranoid] about a lot of things, but it allows me to prepare for possible outcomes. It gives me compassion for other players, allows me to strive above in my education by contacting the [education professors] players ahead of time and be aware of conflicts I am facing on a quest, among many other things. It helps be avoid certain tragedies and keep tragedies that have already happened from repeating. People may say I am a [worry-wort], but so far, I do not let my [worrying] skills get the best of me and instead allow it to help me.

If you want me to better describe or continue on, let me know!

u/Mr_Evil_MSc · 22 pointsr/outside

There are a number of useful guides available but they're all written by aficionados, or other successful players, though - not the designers.

This is the best guide for a high Int/Cha talkie game, I think.

This is well recommended for a more aggressive style of game, but a lot of people mistakenly misapply it to trade - it's really just for combat.

This is great for a sneakier game.

This is a badly written hack job that too many players put a lot of stock in; supposedly it was written by the designers, but it was actually written (and re-written) by a lot of different guys and is very contradictory - i'd avoid

Finally, this won't help you play, but it really explains the deeper mechanics.

And this goes into detail on the meta-game.

Hope that helps!

u/Jackpot777 · 3 pointsr/outside

There's a player on the game called [Player[Bill Bryson]], he wrote a funny user guide about the Appalachian Trail mission. It's more of a blog, really, but you may find it very helpful. I liked it.

Not many people that undertake the mission do it all in one go. But doing it as sectional quests is still great for [INT]. This is a good place to start.

u/All_Hail_Dionysus · 2 pointsr/outside

It's more of an accessory to leveling a skill faster but I love the book The Flavor Bible. It has almost every cooking-skill recipe component and lists what other components go well with it. I have leveled my cooking skill so quickly because it's helped me discover more flavors, especially those that are in regions other than mine, like India and Mexico.

u/tyroneking · 2 pointsr/outside
  1. Create a fake account in her name - I'm sure the mods won't notice if you use a fake IP address - and then you can send messages to her. You'll probably need to append additional characters to the name string because duplicate names are frowned upon - but not illegal.

  2. Conjure a familiar of compatible sex - will make it easier to cope without your guardian PC - usually costs a lot of Gold Pieces but worth it because will also help you level up faster

  3. Contact other members of her guild and try to re-create a facsimile of her character sheet on a regular basis. This will not resurrect her character (no magic in this MMORPG!) but it will remind you of her stats and key strengths and weaknesses - some of which you will also share.

  4. Unf. there is no undo in this (or any) MMORPG - but you should note down any mistakes you have made and use them to build a game map to use in the future.

    In addition, the user generated manuals section of the wiki has a helpful guides in this area - for example,
u/ludwigvonmises · 37 pointsr/outside

Yeah, sure thing. These were helpful for me. No doubt there are other, maybe even better resources out there.

  • Skill books on overcoming addiction
    • Recovery (Russell Brand's unique AA-style approach applicable to everything)
    • This Naked Mind (on alcohol)
    • Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (on tobacco)
    • These are willpower-free approaches, meaning they don't ask you to muscle through some tough initial period. They simply reorient your mind towards your desire for these things, so you never desire them again.
  • Online tutorials for understanding your psychology
  • Other resources
    • The X-Effect - a subreddit that uses a 50 day method to eliminate your association with an activity
    • Nightly journaling - Writing down your experiences with your issue, how you felt, how you overcame it, why you succumbed to it, what you plan to do next time, etc. Articulating yourself on it over and over.
u/mimbailey · 2 pointsr/outside

I have several translations of the game guide from party members who were in Clergy guilds and from my own pursuit of the Translation skill tree; my personal favorite is the New International Version. I highly recommend this edition, as it comes with tons of helpful commentary throughout the text.

u/mad_humanist · 5 pointsr/outside

You need to understand that this is fundamentally a role-playing game and most players adopt an in-depth multi-layered approach to their character and take on belief flaws for extra points else where in their build. In short much of what a character says to you is BS. So something like The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark might have been good.

u/Ralath0n · 3 pointsr/outside

(OOC: Learning quantum mechanics is rather difficult if you actually want to understand it. You need to know vector calculus to even begin on anything but the simplest problems. If you are serious about learning and you don't know much about math, start with Physics by Giancoli. That should take you from basic algebra to introductory quantum mechanics. From there (Or if you are math savvy) go with Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and applications. Once you finish those you'll have a good basic knowledge on quantum mechanics.

If that sounds like a lot of work and you're just looking for a 'laymans explanation' I can recommend the old Feynman lectures on QED. He explains this stuff pretty understandably without going heavy on the math.)

u/TriumphantGeorge · 3 pointsr/outside

Many helpful hints on this online tutorial and related pages.

Also, some techniques imported from the Japanese server have proved useful to players in other regions, plus enhanced character management strategies.

u/ccbeef · 4 pointsr/outside

It's a fascinating DLC. I'm currently reading Robot Ethics, which was compiled by a couple of my professors and has a section dedicated to discussing said DLC. Some people believe that it will add a lot of valuable gameplay mechanics, but others think that it will actually limit many players' overall experience.

u/roboticjanus · 2 pointsr/outside

This one is a good alternate for the meta-game/mechanical perspective, I've found. Really helps look at some of the underlying connections between different mechanics in-game, so things start to make sense on a broader scale.

Also, to add my own 2¢... If you get too caught up in grinding and the game starts to feel empty and boring, this essay on grinding and the idea of 'the endgame'/global goal conditions not really existing consistently across the playerbase was written by a last-gen player, whose other writings I also happen to like quite a bit.

u/el-toro-loco · 3 pointsr/outside

The Outsider is another classic book. It is about someone who plays the game differently than most players.

u/Metheor · 1 pointr/outside

I suggest reading this in-game book:
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
It increases my char [CHA] slightly and also unlocks extra dialog trees with opposite gender players.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/outside

It would destroy the game as we know it. The element of 'play' would be destroyed, as one of the key points is to get away from the boredom away from Outside. We come here to be immersed.

But if you're curious of the behind the scenes of Outside, checkout the book I am a strange loop (or GEB) and taking a trip can help to show it. Meditation allows for looking at the details like a microscope, but it is hard to tell what one is looking at without instruction.

u/Crazywilly333 · 0 pointsr/outside

What you're talking about is a real system error. The solution you're suggesting however, goes against some deep player made code (which would require a very damaging reboot to change and that might just make it worse). Most people think that re-distributing gold will work if we get high-level (aka. "Gov.") players to do it. However, this is actually what those same high-level players want us to believe so that they still have the power to control the gold.

I could go into allot more detail, but I think this The_Real_Ron_Paul guy says it better. He wrote a player guide book that essentially explained why the two major factions in the server are both abusing or misunderstanding the original code and that either methodology just kind of fucks things up.

You really need to look past the fact that he associates with certain clans, factions, and admin followings because, if you listen to him, he's kind of above it.

u/TwitchyFingers · 29 pointsr/outside

My lactose digestion skill dissapeared years ago, and I am only level 20 myself, and its not surprising actually, most people do lose that skill, just less severely. When our race classes were first developed, milk and lactose was only supposed to be used for nutrition buffs given by your mother when you were first spawned in, so losing the skill over time was built into our classes. People in the northern europe server somehow after years of updates began to keep their lactose digestion skill in their player code, but for most of us, our player code has not had the right updates to keep our lactose skill. Since i have a severe loss in my lactose digestion skill, i've begun using these lactose digestion buffs to try and buff up my lactose digestion back to what it was, though they are only temporary buffs sadly.